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Apple Services with Gannon Nordberg

February 20, 2023 Tom Anderson & Jeff Battersby Episode 3
Basic AF: a (mostly) tech podcast
Apple Services with Gannon Nordberg
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In this episode:

  • Apple security updates you should install
  • Thoughts on the rumored MacBook Air 15” 
  • Gannon’s Apple products and his wild keyboard
  • What we like about Apple Fitness+
  • Saving money with Apple One
  • Apple Pay, Apple Card, and Apple Cash
  • Is AppleCare worth it?

Guest - Gannon Nordberg

Gannon is a Google Certified Educator, Apple Teacher, and a Canvas Advocate who aims to create polished and user-friendly instructional support resources, including help guides, webinars, videos, and course design elements that are entirely free from confusing techie jargon.

He has spoken at several national conferences, and won the national award for outstanding support to faculty and students in 2019 through the Instructional Technology Council, and the 2022 Excellence in Education Award for Collaboration within the Virginia Community College System.

He also feeds off an endless pile of productivity and self-help books surrounding focus, building margin, minimalism, reducing digital distractions, and using time intentionally.

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Guest - Gannon Nordberg
Apple Security Updates
15” MacBook Air Rumors
Gannon’s Gear
Apple Services
Apple Fitness+
Other Apple Services
iCloud Drive
Apple Card, Apple Pay, Apple Cash