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The Big Tips & Tricks Show

March 20, 2023 Tom Anderson & Jeff Battersby Episode 5
Basic AF: a (mostly) tech podcast
The Big Tips & Tricks Show
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In this episode:

  • Jeff’s stuff gets stolen and Gannon Nordberg sits in
  • Yellow iPhone 14
  • New iPhone cases and Apple Watch Bands
  • Apple Maps expands city experience to Boston
  • How to set up Find My on your devices
  • 18 Tips & Tricks for iOS/iPadOS, Mac, and Apple Watch!

Links from the show:

Oops! There were so many tips we ran out of space for the links here! No worries, you can find them on Tom's site.

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Jeff's Stuff is Stolen!
Review Shout-out!
Yellow iPhone 14
Spring Bands For Apple Watch
Apple Maps - Boston Experience
Tips & Tricks Begin
Apple's Find My Service
Activation Lock
Text Replacement
Open Apps With Spotlight
Screen Recording
Location-based Reminders
Scanning Docs With
Health App's Medications
Level Up Text Selection
Improving Sound of AirPods
Back Tap
Mac Tips
Organizing With Stacks
Home Folder Shortcut
Managing Windows
Apple Watch Tips
Control Center Tools
Apple Watch Dock
Walkie Talkie
Workout App Tips
Sharing Watch Faces
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