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The WWDC Wishlist

May 29, 2023 Tom Anderson & Jeff Battersby Episode 10
Basic AF: a (mostly) tech podcast
The WWDC Wishlist
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In this episode:

  • Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad Reviews
  • Our WWDC Wishlist
  •  All Mac and No Play - new boygenius album

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 Tom: You know, just to tell you the kind of person I am, I'm too lazy to set that up. All right, welcome back to the Basic AF show. Tom Anderson, Jeff Battersby together once again for another episode. Jeff, how are you, sir? 
 Jeff: Reunited and it feels so good. 
 Tom: Are you feeling good? 
 Jeff: I'm feeling all right. You know, I think you and I are in the same, the same mess. That was horrible sounding, by the way, Not that that's not the norm. Yeah, I am good. I you know. You and I are both in the midst of the land of allergies, which is a good time for all. 
 Tom: Yeah, and I picked up a flu or something. A flu. Yeah, last chimney, I wish No woke up a couple weeks. It was right after we did the last episode. That Monday woke up sore throat, low fever and never really got too terribly miserable, just annoying. And still dealing with that, still a little nasally a little congested, but no sore throat or anything. So that's good news, good good. Happy to hear that Tom Yep Yep. So otherwise just springtime. 
 Jeff: Yeah soon to be some These are the worst weeks of the month, the end of May, and I am a hot mess Yeah but we've had some gorgeous weather here. 
 Tom: Like it's been like low humidity, upper 60s, low 70s, which means summers right around the corner, and high You and not too far off. We've had a couple of weeks of good weather, and we'll pay for that. 
 Jeff: Yeah, no, it's been good. My mom was in town and she and I did some gardening together, which is always a good time. 
 Tom: Good. 
 Jeff: She loves. She actually has done a lot of the landscape Lamscaping. Yes, that's what happens when you buy sheep and they mow your lawn And you don't have snot trailing down your face. No, she did a lot of landscaping. She's done a lot of what we have here and kind of given a lot of guidance on that. She's a therapeutic gardener, In other words, I go to real therapy. Well, real therapy Hers is probably realer, but she's really good at picking out colors and doing things like that. So she was here doing that and she was here for me to get a master's degree. 
 Tom: Nice, yeah, congratulations on that, yeah, thanks. 
 Jeff: Good stuff, i'm coming. I'm only 105 years old. 
 Tom: Well, you look good for it, thank you. 
 Jeff: Yeah, it was a master's in making yourself younger. 
 Tom: It worked. 
 Jeff: I should sign up for that, Yeah well, i wasn't going to say anything, but, tom, it's good. 
 Tom: All right. Well, before we jump into the meat of the show today, i want to thank everybody for being here again And for the ratings and reviews on Apple Podcasts. we're up to nine ratings. 
 Jeff: Nine ratings, and that was officially nine shows at that point in time. 
 Tom: So we're up to 10. Yeah, that's be number 10. So if we get one this week it will just kind of keep on that Right Cadence, that would be nice, But seriously yeah, so thanks, we do appreciate that That does help us out with the Apple stuff, with helping getting, hopefully, some more visibility for the show And yes we do appreciate you very much taking a couple of minutes to do that. 
 Tom: You don't have to do that, and it is very nice. We do appreciate that. So thank you very much. News wise this week So we're a week away, jeff, from the WWDC keynote. As we record this, it is about a week out, a week from tomorrow. A week from tomorrow, and so we've kind of gone back and forth a little bit on our plans for that. So what we'll probably do I think we finally got it locked in is we'll watch everything on Monday, rewatch it, rewatch it probably. 
 Tom: And then at some point we'll get together and record a show. But the plan right now is to go ahead and just publish on the regular every two weeks schedule So that that'll give us a little bit of time to think about it. So it's not going to be necessarily quite the hot takes show. There'll be plenty of those that folks will be doing if you want to check those out. So that's the plan for that. Yep, cold leftovers Yes, cold leftovers might even get them to lukewarm if you warm them up just a little bit or room temp, whichever you prefer, Oh temp sounds like bacterial stuff. 
 Jeff: It does Yeah. 
 Tom: Could be a rough week For news this week. Not too much. I mean some rumors and stuff which we won't get into that We'll just wait and see how things hash out at the keynote next week. But we did get our initial reviews for Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad, so that came out this past week. It's now available. If you haven't gotten that yet, it's on the App Store. Of course, it's a subscription based app $4.99 a month or $50 a year technically $49, but $50 is good enough. You can do a 30-day trial if you would like to do that, and that's what I'm doing. Are you doing that too? 
 Jeff: I am doing that. Well, I think that's the choice, isn't it? You download it, you choose your subscription path, and then you get 30 days. 
 Tom: Yeah, which did you do, the monthly or the? 
 Jeff: I did the yearly that I'll cancel straight away. I'm not gonna. I'm gonna play with it, but I'm gonna, frankly, final Cut's out of my league. 
 Tom: Yeah, me too. 
 Jeff: I don't really need that And, honestly, logic Pro the same. What I'd really like is for Celcius7 to play with an iPad and see what he thinks of it on there. He's in the market for a. Celcius7. being Psychokinetics one of the front people, he's been doing almost all of his music which, by the way, his new album out will post it in the show notes. He's been doing almost all of his music of late in the very basic garage band. 
 Jeff: And he's gonna upgrade to a new Mac I think in the coming weeks He's gonna see if the rumored 15-inch MacBook Air comes out and put a dime down on that and then gonna get Logic Pro for the Mac. But I'd be interested to see what he thinks of it on the iPad. So I might get him in here and see Well, not necessarily in here, but might get him to play with it for a little bit. 
 Tom: So Yeah, that'd be good. I'd like to see what he thinks. Yeah, take away. I guess from the few that I've looked at, is that it's a pretty good start. It's definitely not the Mac versions ported over. They are like genuinely redone for touch, which I don't think is a surprise, but it's good to see that they've put some effort into it. Final Cut has some limitations that some people aren't crazy about at this point, but I think they'll be resolved through updates. Like, you can't edit directly off of an external drive, so that's problematic because that means you get into file management and you have to copy to the iPad. If you want to send it over to the Mac to finish up, you have to copy it back over that way, and so that's less than great. 
 Jeff: Yeah, you're talking large files, so you know how big an I am. 
 Tom: Right, yeah, so if you do a 4k and you know geez 8k, forget about it. So if you've got a one terabyte or two terabyte iPad and you're running it there, i mean you have the space to some degree, but it's just the hassle of having to move things back and forth. But if you're not doing that, like you know, if you're doing smaller projects, that's probably not as bad. 
 Tom: Logic Pro. I've only seen a couple of videos for that And same thing like it seems to be a good start. Reviews were fairly positive And I think that everyone's anticipating, or at least hoping, that this isn't a situation where it gets released and then it gets update. You know, updates once a year, like hopefully they're more frequent updates, especially early on right to kind of close some of the holes in the products But not using them. It's hard for me to speak, you know, informed on those too much because I just don't use them. 
 Jeff: Yep, yep, that's a hard thing for me too. I occasionally use iMovie for setting up. you know audition videos and things of that nature, and you know it's good enough for me. and Logic Pro, way out of my league. My son-in-law might be interesting to have him play with that. He is a film guy, movie guy, does a lot of that, and I'm not sure he uses a PC. so I'm not sure what he's editing. 
 Tom: And you let him in the family huh. 
 Jeff: You know he had to bump from an Android phone to an iPhone to marry my daughter. 
 Tom: Okay, so he's a work in progress. 
 Jeff: Right, we're gonna get him there, he actually had a Mac, but for a lot of the games that he plays and stuff like that he needs a PC, so which you know forgivable. 
 Tom: But yeah, he's a. 
 Jeff: PC guy. But he has some really nice video kit and he's actually filming locally with one of the chefs that he works with. He does a cooking show which is kind of cool. I don't know, i should probably get a link to it. It'd be kind of fun to see what he's talked about a lot. He's a local chef at a restaurant that he works at. He's quite good, quite a good chef, and so they're just doing kind of. it's almost like a gorilla cooking show. You know they have a couple people seated around. 
 Jeff: the guy talks about what he's gonna cook and then cooks it up and feeds it to everybody. So a lot of fun. But he's editing all of that in some PC apps. So I may have him give Final Cut play on my thank you Thebes brand new iPad and see what he thinks about it. It'd be kind of fun to figure that out or have him figure that out and tell me what he thinks. But I've got the feeling that if you can't do video off the device, that that's gonna be pain in the neck. So we'll see. We shall see. Good to ask him, yeah that'd be fun. 
 Tom: Yeah, yeah, we have done a couple of shows. Ago We did our airing of grievances episode where we whined and complained and talked about some things that Apple's put out that don't work quite as well as we hoped they would, that we'd like to see improved. We're gonna go the opposite direction today. 
 Tom: We're going to do some wish casting today as we are a week away from WWDC, as we said a couple minutes ago, so thought it'd be fun to just kind of talk a little bit about some things that we would like to see added to the next operating systems, which we'll get previews of here in about a week. So what we're planning to do here is we're going to go through the each operating system. We've got a couple of bonus items too. if time permits, we'll get to those. But we'll go through each of the operating systems, and Jeff and I have both put together a list basically one item per operating system where it's just an enhancement or a new feature or something that we're hoping to see. 
 Jeff: Yes, we have many wishes, many hopes, and kind of hoping that all of them come true. I don't expect most of them come true, but one can definitely dream. So there you have it, yep. 
 Tom: All right, would you like to get us started? Sure, why not? 
 Jeff: All right, so top of the list and we just show. Everybody knows how we're gonna play this. We're gonna go down the line. We're looking at basic wish lists for macOS, ipados, tvos, watchos, ios, macos, couple of bonus items, maybe some hardware and then a Hail Mary's, which I have. None Never was a good Catholic. So anyway, yeah, that's the line we're gonna go down. 
 Jeff: So macOS I have a simple wish for macOS. I want to be able to put a display menu in the menu bar man, without having to buy a utility. That used to be a feature and I bounce between my MacBook Pro and my beautiful studio display and also having the, you know having an iPad open on the side sometimes, which you know that can get a little sketchy with the new pass-through features. You know I put my dock on the left hand side of my screen and if my iPad is anywhere near the left hand side of my computer, which it usually is, then by default the Mac wants to slide through that side of the screen. You know the cursor wants to slide through that side of the screen. So I often find myself having to go into system settings and go to display and rearrange my displays. I would much prefer a feature that, let me do that from the menu bar. There are third party apps that I have used in the past which I may download if that doesn't show up. 
 Jeff: But that's a simple wish. I just want to be able to have a display menu in the menu bar. And I know, tom, i see you looking. You're probably trying to figure out whether or not I'm an idiot I am, if anybody's wondering and whether or not there's a checkbox that I have somehow missed. But I swear to the little baby Jesus, since we're talking Hail Marys earlier, that I did look. I did look for those things and didn't find them. 
 Jeff: Now Tom's going to tell me it's there. 
 Tom: No, I was looking in control center because it has the display thing there, but that's. there's some options there and you can move some things out of the control center into the menu bar, But that's not really what you're looking for. That's dark mode, night shift, true tone. And that's not really what you're talking about. 
 Jeff: No, i'm looking for something that's going to allow me to rearrange my display really quickly sets into faults and be able to click it without having to, and that used to be in the OS. That was a standard feature display menu in the menu bar when there was more than one display. It was like boop, but that ain't a thing anymore. Yeah, that would be good. Wish it were So simple. I'm a simple man, tom. 
 Tom: Yeah, cause I've got a utility or two that that I downloaded. For that too I was like this seems kind of silly, but yeah there's one, i think, called display menu. Very creative Almost like I named that, all right. 
 Jeff: How about you? 
 Tom: Tom. So for me, for Mac OS, i would like to see Apple redo widgets. Right now they're tucked away off to the right hand side of the screen. So if you click up at the top where the date and time are, then you get that little slide out drawer I guess you could call it that has your notifications and your widgets all kind of crammed in there. I've never really liked that. 
 Jeff: Cause, it's the point. 
 Tom: I mean they're, they're tucked away over there, they're out of sight, out of mind, as they say, and I'm not really sure how they should do it. But it would be nice Like I go back and forth, like remember dashboard where we had that And that was they were. I believe those were more interactive. They were like Web HTML, web Ginks right, yeah, yeah, yeah. I don't know, I like, I'm not sure about that. 
 Jeff: I wish they could well, not necessarily dashboard, but like. 
 Tom: I turned that thing off. Why can't I put widgets on the desktop? So it's just hanging out there. 
 Jeff: Oh right, like, so like. what you mean is yeah, like like the iPad. 
 Tom: So you know, I could do the keyboard shortcut, clear all the windows out of the way and I could see my widgets there. Also while we're talking about that. It'd be great if they were interactive again. 
 Jeff: They used to be. 
 Tom: And then they moved, i guess, to this new widgets model and they're not quite there. Like you tap it and it just goes into that app, which I don't really like. So that's what I have. Hopefully we'll we'll see some widget updates. That would be lovely. Yeah, simple little thing, but would be nice little touch to have. Yeah. 
 Jeff: I'm with you. I, you know I don't ever use the ones on the Mac, like right the widget, so I could see something that made it a little more valuable would be great. But yeah, let's, let's see what happens. All right, on the iPad OS, man, i'd like a little more desktop like experience, or the option to do that. You know the simplicity of little icons. You know little buttons that you tapped at open applications. I, like you, know it works nicely, but I would like something that's a little more, or the option for, in other words, goofy boys like me who want it, the option for a slightly more desktop like experience. That would be a great thing for me. I think in iPadOS I don't know that that's anything that's even remotely in the frame, but if it were, that would be something that I would really, really, can you elaborate on that a little Like do you have anything particular like that that you bump into? 
 Tom: You'd be like Oh yeah, if you're great at this. 
 Jeff: If there was an easier way to do file management, you know, rather than going to the files app and you have it. Like I said, i barely use Dropbox anymore, but I'm starting more and more to use Apple's iCloud file services. That's kind of being the way that. That's the way that I lean Right now. There are apps that I use that allow you to access that, but if I'm working on a document, say in Pages rarely am I on an iPad. There are other apps that I might use like this, but this would be a good example. I'd like to keep the document that I'm working on right on my home screen so I could tap it and it opens Pages and I go to it. I don't want to have to open Pages and then navigate to something. I would like an easier means of accessing those kinds of features. 
 Jeff: That would be a happy thing for me. There's a lot that I like about iPadOS. There are some things that drive me crazy, but being able to work with applications in that way makes a lot of sense to me. 
 Tom: Yeah, I could see that. I don't know if a desktop metaphor really applies, but some type of an easier way to get started. 
 Jeff: Correct Or to open up the last thing you're working on or the thing that you're working on currently. that would be a good thing. 
 Tom: Maybe that's just better widgets there too, because there's a files widget. so maybe if they were to build the functionality out of some of these things a little more would close some of those usability gaps. I think It's some kind of crossover. 
 Jeff: Again, that might be a nerdy bird thing for me. It might be the kind of thing that I'm pining for that nobody else on the planet wants in an iPad, but that would for me at least in the way that I work on things it would make it easier for me to use the iPad in situations where I'm using the Mac. 
 Tom: Yeah, and I wonder how much of this is just the friction of going between the two user interfaces that have different ways of doing things. Oh yeah, and that ties into what I have too for iPadOS, which is for stage manager. I tried it again yesterday, knowing I was going to talk about it today, just to kind of reinforce some things or just double check, and I really want to like it. I do, i really do. It just seems fidgety. So a couple of things. I'm hoping because we're not doing the grievance of this show, so this is positive, so we're going to be positive today. 
 Tom: I would like to see improvements on the windowing in stage manager, because right now it's kind of built on the existing size classes for applications And you can put it in the windows into different shapes, but it's not really a free form window sizing like you have with Mac OS. It's a you move it and then it kind of snaps to the next size class And then it's kind of funky. And I get why they did it, because it was it just made all of the applications that were already out kind of work with it. Right, it was. We've already got all of these built in. Let's use it, it'll make it, you know, seamless as we can for version one of it. So I hope that we get some free form window sizing. 
 Tom: I would like to see something changed with the way that it works when you are moving around between applications. So, for example, yesterday I was working in craft, so I had the iPad hooked up to the external display, i've got my track pad there and I'm ready to go. So I've got craft up and I wanted to switch over to I believe it was Safari to. It was doing some research for something And so I wanted to take some notes, drop some links in that kind of thing. So I've got craft open. 
 Tom: It's up on the display dead center, because that's where it opens up, and you can't move it to the left or to the right until you have some other windows or applications open. And so hit Safari, craft rotates out and Safari comes to the front. That's not what I wanted. 
 Jeff: Right And. 
 Tom: I get it. I know there's a way to do it, which is where I get this kind of clunky and it's a little confusing. I could take the Safari icon from the dock, drag it into the space where craft is and it would open a new Safari window right there with craft. But that's so counter to how I've always done it and how you do it with Mac OS. And, again, that's why I think some of this friction is because of these. I mean, you and I are old dogs, right, And we've been using Macs for a long time. 
 Tom: Oh, you know you like it when I talk rough to you, you know. So we've got all of these habits ingrained for decades of computer work And I don't know that maybe the younger generations is quite as bad for them. I don't know, i'd have to have to talk to some people just to see. But so anyway, that's what I'm hoping for, just some stage manager improvements. Like I say, i do want to like it. I think the concept of windowing on iPad was overdue. I think they've just fallen a little bit short. I hope they continue to improve it. 
 Tom: I hope it's not one of those things, like they do sometimes, where they'll put a feature out And then it just kind of stagnates for two or three years And then they update it. I hope this is one that they update on quickly. 
 Jeff: Do you stage manager on Mac OS? No, okay, so I use it on neither, because it drives me nuts. But yeah, i don't, and I wonder maybe that's the crossover we're looking for is that you're going to? be all stage manager on Mac OS and stage manager on iPad OS, and that works Right, i do know some people that work, that do Really. Yeah. 
 Tom: And there are a couple of people on my team that do it. They've only been Mac users for a few years, And so when it came out, they turned it on. At first they were like I don't know if I like it, But now they like it. Interesting. 
 Jeff: So I think it's. Maybe I have to give that a go and see. Maybe that's a piece. I feel you on the let's do this better. But it was an annoyance for me on Mac OS and iPad OS. As soon as that, lots of times when you open up a new application for the first time, it goes hey, we're stage manager And I supersize that window straight away and go about it in the same old way. I've used an iPad, So maybe a better version of that with better windowing And that's maybe, by the way, what I'm talking about when I say more desktop-like experience That's probably part of what I'm saying as well is that I'd like to be able to see things a little differently than iPad OS requires you to. 
 Tom: All right. 
 Jeff: I'm with you, Tom. I might like to see something different And I'm willing to do a little research and maybe play with it a little more than I have. That's the thing. Maybe there's something there that I'm just not. I'm old, okay, you said it first. 
 Jeff: Yeah, me too, and I want to do the same things the same way. I've always done them All right onward. I think we've wished on iPad OS. Let's talk a little bit about TVOS. I know, tom, you don't do anything with Apple TV. I do almost everything with Apple TV And, baby, it needs a better UI. It really does. It's a pain in the neck to manage and use and change applications And I always forget which button I'm supposed to click to do what There's. Sometimes this is an issue between the apps that are on iPad OS. Sorry, ipad, good God TVOS. See, i am old because I can't remember what I'm talking about in the present TVOS. For example and this is not necessarily a TVOS problem But if you're using various applications for watching movies, which is mostly what I do on TVOS, it has become my television, so to speak. That's upstream, pretty much everything. The interfaces are different on every single one. For example, HBO Max It used to be this week came out with Max. 
 Jeff: That's terrible by the way The heck is Max. I don't know. Max is my therapist. 
 Tom: You have such a brand recognition with HBO and you just toss it to the side. Yeah, that was dumb, but who are we? 
 Jeff: We're in a couple of schmucks doing a podcast, talking to a few people a week, every other week, but the way that video is controlled between, say, amazon Prime and the new Max app and Hulu, everything is different And I realize that that part is related to companies deciding that they know best how it is that video needs to be handled or how it is that they want to control your experience. 
 Jeff: So the uniformity there is a problem. But when it comes to rearranging applications, give me a Mac app that I can use to drag and drop those things instead of having to use the video playback device to do it. It's kind of senseless to me. This is, by the way, tvos, an interface where it's kind of like a hybrid of the iPadOS, where you're tapping something and it opens it up. I get that, and the metaphor of clicking an application and dragging it into some folder is, again, that's playing with that metaphor. But, baby, it does not work really well with that Apple remote. I would love to see some type of UI change that makes it easier for me, even if it's just something on my Mac where I can go on, hop on, make those changes. I would love that I could use MDM When I get my MDM out. That doesn't make any sense either For me. A better way of being able to manage the many applications that I have. 
 Jeff: How many apps do you have? I've downloaded a bunch of games that I've never deleted. I have a bunch of video apps and things like that. There are things on there. It is primarily a watch TV kind of thing for me, for example, the HBO Max to Max Jump. You open up the HBO Max app and it goes. You can't use this anymore. We're Max. I have a button to download it. It puts it at the very end of my collection of applications. Maybe I had it up in a folder up near the top that says you know television and sports or whatever it is that I've got organized up there. It dropped it all the way to the end. Now I've got to drag that thing back up. 
 Tom: It's a little tedious. 
 Jeff: Yeah, it is. How often does it happen? Not very, but when it happens, come on, i would like something different. There's some better way to manage that. Preferably, if it needs to be done this way, give me a little Mac app that lets me open it up and rearrange it, do that kind of stuff with a mouse, so I can be done with it, and that would be a happy thing for me. Yeah, i can see that being a better user experience. 
 Tom: When you need to do it, like I said, it's not something you do all the time, but when you need to do it it's super annoying. Yeah, so for TVOS, i didn't put anything like. I have a couple Apple TVs. I use them here and there. I have one in my office at work because we use the AirPlay for meetings and things like that. So hopefully they will have even more of those beautiful screensavers. I do love those. In fact that's usually what's on the TV in my office If there's not a meeting going on, it's just the screensavers rotating through. So I do like those. Hopefully we'll get some more of those. But for content-wise, i don't use it a lot. If I do, it's typically Amazon, netflix, youtube and the TV app, so it's fairly limited. So I don't get into the app shuffle or the app dance like you sometimes run into there. So how do you watch the Denver Broncos Tom, The football that I watch? I use the NFL app on my 12.9 inch iPad. 
 Jeff: Oh, football is greater than iPad. 
 Tom: Yeah, i set it up at the desk so I can do other things while it's on, but what I like about it is it's only $5 a month. 
 Jeff: Oh. 
 Tom: And I only get the national games. So whatever CBS, fox and so forth have. I think the Amazon Thursday night games are on there too, so whatever those are, i get. 
 Jeff: So it's not like a Sunday ticket type thing where you get to all the games and choose whichever one you want, it's whatever is the national game, but that's good. 
 Tom: I usually anyway only watch like the Sunday night game typically. I'm too busy during the day on Sunday to spend the whole day watching football. I used to do that and it was glorious, but I just can't squeeze that in as much, so that's how I've been doing it. I figure $5 a month That's pretty good deal. 
 Jeff: Yeah. That's really good. There's not a lot of money at all. Nope, Onward to WatchOS. Yeah, So you know I'm the newbie in the room here And I am still wearing this. 
 Tom: Good, good And happy with it. 
 Jeff: It's weird to me because, like I said, i never want to watch, but I will tell you. A thing that drives me absolutely crazy, though, is if I want to use the keyboard on there. Have you tried that? Yes, i'm not a fan of the response. Yeah Right, great, my fingers are fat. I'm a fat finger. Fat won't say the other word, and that doesn't work for me at all. And then you get that little pop up on your phone that says Hey, i see you're trying to type text. Have you ever used that thing? 
 Tom: No. 
 Jeff: It's horrible. It is horrible. It spreads all the way across your phone. It's a single line of text. It's ridiculous. Sorry, i'm not crazy about it And you know I couldn't tell Nope, nope, i keep my emotions tucked inside. That's what my therapist tells me to do. Tamp it down. Don't tell anybody your feelings. That way we can, you know, give you more anti-depressants. It's just, i don't understand. It should be a normal text editing field. Thank you very much. So if I pick it up on my phone, i should be able to move the cursor. It's disgusting. I don't understand why we even have it. 
 Tom: So have you tried the swipe on the watch keyboard? 
 Jeff: Like swiping my fingers over. I haven't, because I can't even do it on the phone. I would recommend. 
 Tom: I suggest giving that a go. 
 Jeff: Okay. 
 Tom: Like swipe over letters and it actually works, yep, surprisingly well. Really Like blew me away. 
 Tom: when I did that, I was like because I remember when the keyboard debuted right And I was like this has to be terrible, Like this just cannot be good. But even then I was like this is actually not bad to type, but the swipe, somehow like it's one of the best bits of software they've done I found works pretty well, Like it's not a not 100%, of course, but most of the time does the job for me anyway. Just try it, It worked. 
 Jeff: There you go. Tom has notifications silenced. 
 Tom: A little busy Anyway. 
 Jeff: Yeah, i just want to, just between you and me, tom, just to tell you the kind of relationship we have. You're the only one I'll receive text messages from while we're recording these. You know my focus says, tom, only you can do that for me. 
 Tom: You know, just to tell you the kind of person I am, i'm too lazy to set that up, so it's not a slight in any way. Oh sure, it's more a reflection of. 
 Jeff: We were taking this relationship to the next level. Well, we do every every other week. 
 Tom: So, yeah, i would give that a try. I think that, like I said, for me it's been surprisingly good not perfect, but surprisingly good, so maybe that that that'll. 
 Jeff: All right, i'll do that. It did just work just now when I sent you a text message that you won't see until. 
 Tom: I've found, yeah, and I have found, even if it's off a little bit like the suggested text that it'll show above the keyboard is like the auto correct or auto fill, whatever you want to call it, the suggestions, those, if it misses, those 5050 seem to be closer or what I was looking for, but overall, I'll give it a go. 
 Jeff: But in the meantime, if you're going to recommend like, buzz my phone and tell me to use my phone to type text, make it. So the interface works reasonably well, not some like, at the very least, open up messages and put it in the messages screen. Let me do it there. But whatever, yep, sorry. Sorry for yelling. 
 Tom: That's okay, that's what we're here for. 
 Jeff: So my wish, That was, by the way. that was a gripe, it was not a wish. 
 Tom: It was a combo, so two for one is the shell for you. Okay, it was a grish, we could go with that, okay, yep, so my wish is for faster software updates By that. So the software updates for watch OS are painstakingly slow. 
 Jeff: You mean to actually run the updates on the devices. Okay, gotcha, gotcha Yeah. 
 Tom: Like, once it starts you could turn off Bluetooth and then it will transfer the update to the watch over wireless, which speeds it up. I don't want to do that. It's like that's a hassle And I usually just let it run, but I just hope they come up with the way to make those faster, like they've made Mac OS updates faster in Ventura Super fast now. 
 Tom: Yeah. So I'm hoping that this kind of falls in line with and gets some work done on it, because it's the same way it's been since the watch came out. Now, in fairness, sometimes it doesn't even matter, because if you have your watch on the charger overnight, it'll update overnight. But me, being a dork, i like to do the updates when they first come out. I don't want to wait a couple of days for it to hit overnight. I need to test these things For myself, no one else, and so you know I'll update it and let it go. And again, it's just not going to really complain about it, because it's just software update takes as long as it takes, but it would be nice if they were a little quicker. 
 Jeff: All right, ios Yes, please, please, please, give me more options for choosing the applications that I want. For example, i am now using Halide as my standard camera, which I couldn't do until I saw a. Really or maybe it was something that somebody said here, but it was something that I couldn't do because you had to swipe over here, swipe over there, tap this I mean photos being accessible from from Control Center. You tap it, go, it just works. I've gone to for Halide, adding the two tap feature to the back of the phone, so I tap it twice and it runs a shortcut that opens up Halide and I can use Halide for that. But I would love to be able to choose Halide as my default photo application so that whatever I'm doing, it brings up Halide to be able to take, to take those pictures. 
 Jeff: And one of the things that annoys me about that double tap. And maybe, tom, since you use a lot, of, a lot of the shortcuts, you might be able to tell me there's a way to do this. But I do not like the fact that I get a notification that says Halide opened, with a little check in green. Say that it's like I know Halide's open. I see it, you don't need to be told. Please tell me that there's a way to do that, that I'm just an idiot and didn't turn off that notification, but I would like more default applications. You just like little checkboxes, as you did, good Done. 
 Tom: Halide open. 
 Jeff: Done. You're a third grader at hard Tom, but that's it. I would like default more to be able to select default applications for things that I'm doing. 
 Tom: Yeah, i think that would be great. I think it's past due, past due. I would like to have, for iOS, some better data visualization for the information in the Health App, especially being watch wearers as we are. It is gathering data all the time, dropping it into the Health App And you can go in and look at it, send it to the NSA. 
 Tom: I'm sorry, but I do wish that it was easier to kind of interpret once you get in there. A lot of it's just numbers And I wish they had. And that's not to say there aren't any charts and anything like that, and maybe it's not even just data visualization, but maybe it's some just I don't know, coaching doesn't seem the right word for it, but like I saw an app yesterday I think it was. It was in the, i think it was the Apple subreddit on Saturdays. I think they do self promo Saturday or something, and you can push like you know, tell people about apps you're developing and things like that. 
 Tom: So, there was a doctor who posted and they are creating an app. They've got a developer or two they're working with that basically does this It takes the information in the Health App, looks at it and says, okay, your heart rate variability for today is this For someone, your age, the standard range is this, or your heart rate is this, or your blood oxygen or your fitness numbers, right, you've exercised, you've hit your fitness or your exercise goal for the last 62 days, whatever the case is, and Apple's got some of that stuff sprinkled in there. But with the emphasis that they've made and I think it's a good thing that they've done with Apple Watch and everything I would like to see just some better information to, i guess, to a common person to say what's all that mean And I know it's a fine line because they don't want to get in This is not medical advice, but just some ways to look at it so that I can kind of make some conclusions. 
 Tom: Or if I go to the doctor, I can show it to them in an easy to do way. 
 Jeff: I like that. I will say to that end, the Health App could use a little retooling overall to make it so it's easier to get your information or to add information as needed. When I play soccer you're not allowed to have watches on, so I can't collect that data. But I know that I've played poorly for 30 minutes. I've had 30 minutes on the field or 40 minutes on the field, depending on its old man's soccer. So we basically have a lot of guys playing and we zoom in and out as we run out of breath and strength on the field, so all of us end up playing about a half a game. We only get to play 80 minutes too, because we're too old to play 90. But adding, like I played, i was on the field for 40 minutes is a pain in the neck. 
 Jeff: It's possible, but it's like finding how to do that is really hard. I would like to just be able to enter that information. for the most part, if I'm hiking, if I'm riding a bike, if I'm obviously doing anything with fitness plus, that all gets collected. But there's a lot of really good data in there. I agree with you. But accessing that data, being able to add information that you need to add manually, it would be much better for me if I could just have a soccer button, tap it, open it up or at least, at the very least, add a workout easily, without having to find my way through. Remember where the heck it is is actually what it is, and what is it I need to do? 
 Jeff: So I'm kind of with you on that. I would like better options altogether and help that. Bonus items A lot of the bonus round Correct Bonus round And this is going to be the end for me. You've got a couple of other things beyond that, but these are three things that I really like. More obvious keychain password utility I like what Apple has done. I'm used to using the keychain to be able to search and find passwords and things like that that are stored in the keychain. I'm using the keychain almost exclusively. Now One password is a done thing for me. I don't use that anymore. It's funny. I went the opposite way. Okay, well, good for you. To each his own. That's why we have choices. 
 Tom: Yeah, no, that's good. 
 Jeff: Yeah, so you know, there are a couple of other apps that I could recommend for you, some of them that'll give your data away. 
 Tom: So you like that Yeah? 
 Jeff: Let me like a rate, let me, let me recommend LastPass to you, that sweet last pass. 
 Tom: Come on. 
 Jeff: Place. They have added a password feature both in iOS and iPad OS and Mac OS to the to system settings, so you can get there now. But I just kind of want to something that is about time for, just like a password, more face forward. Great, that makes it easier. I really would love something like that. So that's that. 
 Jeff: For me is number one, okay. Number two turn off over processing in the photo app. That is why I've gone to Halide. Yes, okay, halide takes great photos that I can fool with, takes them in raw and JPEG and, you know, does a number of other things. Anymore, when I, when I open up a photo that I've taken in in the photos app, it looks great And then I tap it, goes in and over process, is the heck out of it and then shuts it back. I would like to see I know there's a lot of genius technology built into the phone that it is able to do a lot of things, but I just, you know, i just want to be able to say take a picture and let me decide. You know how, how it is that I want to want to play with it. And finally and this is a big thing for me and I was saying I didn't initially have this on here. 
 Jeff: I use carplay often Yep, it is the only interface that I use, and there are two things that drive me crazy. For example, dropping my mom off at the airport yesterday and you know I don't often go to the airport. She flew into And I just needed her, you know, guidance out of the, out of the airport, to the road I need to get on to get home. You know, because me and her and hither and yon, and one of the things that happens when you get a phone call while you're in CarPlay or when you need to send a text message, is that the entire screen gets taken over either by the phone call or by the Siri interface. There's no reason why I can't still have a map up when you're doing that. 
 Jeff: There should be a feature that makes it so that does not hide everything on the screen, cause if I get a phone call and I maybe need to answer it, i don't want to have to tap the screen three times to get back to the map to. You know, take me to where I need to be. So something that makes it so, you know, in the bottom right-hand corner, like where it's showing you your podcast is playing or showing you what music you're listening to. That becomes a little Siri interface. Let it do that, you know, and let the phone call just pop up there and keep me on the screen. Don't take over my whole screen, for so I have to, you know, take my eyes off the road and tap the screen to be able to get back. 
 Tom: Yeah, it feels like that's a holdover from old iOS way of doing it. Remember that when, like phone calls, if you were using the phone and the phone call would come in and it would just take over. 
 Jeff: Right And they'd be like and now in iOS you have that little pop over or you tap, boom and you're in business. I would love that in complex Same thing with Siri. 
 Tom: It just drops down in the corner there. 
 Jeff: Yeah, love that. 
 Tom: Yeah, that's good stuff For me. I'm looking. I feel like this is probably something that may be difficult to do, but I would like to see some more granular options with backup iCloud backup on iOS and iPadOS More on. I guess the restore part of that, like the backup. That's pretty straightforward, you hit, slider back's up, you get a few options there. But I would like to see like and this came up, i think right, we were talking about final cut earlier. So if you move your content over to the iPad, you're working on your project. It's on the iPad, because you can't work off of the drive but say, somehow the file gets corrupted three days after you've had a iCloud backup in between. Well, how do you get it back? So some more options around that would be good. The other thing I have is a bit of a hardware thing, and you mentioned Jeff before we started recording. This feels like it's almost certain at this point, but that 15 inch MacBook Air would be nice. 
 Tom: I really like the 13 inch that I have through work. I think it's a great laptop and I do think it would be nice from the consumer side of things for Apple to have a big screen laptop that wasn't as expensive as the 16 inch MacBook Pro. Because if you want a big screen laptop, that's about your only choice, or it is your only choice at this point. So I think, like that 15 inch would slide in there, a little less expensive. You don't get as many as the. You know the ports and everything, but I think if you just really want the bigger screen, i think that would be a sweet spot to fill. So hopefully we'll see that sounds like we will. 
 Tom: And then the Hail Mary ding, ding ding yes, I think it would be great if the Apple apps that are usually or to date are updated as part of the. 
 Tom: OS updates. So calendar messages, reminders, notes, those types of things. it'd be swell if those would break free from the OS update schedule and just get more frequent updates through the app store. Numbers pages, keynote. I'll do that now And I have done that for some time, so I think that would be nice again. How difficult or not that is to do, i can tell you, but from a user's perspective I think it would be great if they would do that. It feels like they could update maybe more frequently then. But I know a lot of those updates are tied to OS underpinnings And I'm sure this is not as simple as Tom likes to make it sound. 
 Jeff: Yeah, alrighty, i think we've nailed it all, tom, we did. We've not ruined an entire afternoon or morning or walk or something for somebody, so congratulations to us. We have one last thing as always, we have all Mac and no play, or whatever we're gonna call this. That's at least what I used to call it when I wrote for a Mac on Journal. Have a record for you. Not that it's really a record, but an album called The Record by Boy Genius. Boy Genius consists of Julian Baker, phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus. Brilliant album Highly highly recommend. Each of these artists on their own are pretty amazing and they've written a variety of these songs together. They front each of these songs differently, but I would highly highly recommend downloading a copy of The Record by Boy Genius. 
 Tom: All right, i'll check that out. Not familiar with it or them. 
 Jeff: No, they're great, i'll check it out A couple of really great cuts on there too, alrighty, so we're about to close this show out, tom. We need to say a couple of things. First of all, watch me do this. You have a question or we have an idea for something we should talk about? You can get us at feedback at basicafshowcom. Thanks for putting that in the notes, tom. Now I remember what it is. 
 Tom: Also our website basicafshowcom. 
 Jeff: Tom, where can we find you? 
 Tom: You can find me on Twitter. Tomfanderson Website is the same thing, tomfandersoncom, if you wanna do that as well. 
 Jeff: Yeah, and make sure to tell all your friends about us. Did we give away all our stickers, Tom? 
 Tom: We gave away two more. 
 Jeff: Okay, so we have one set of sticker and magnet left. If anybody wants to email Tom again, feedback at basicafshowcom, you'd be happy to put a stamp on an envelope and stuff like that with those things in there and send them to you. But like us on particularly Apple podcasts, but any of the other places that you're listening to us, please be sure to like, subscribe, dance, whatever it is that they tell you that you're supposed to do. Theme music, as always by Psychokinetics. There's a link to that in the show notes in our podcast artwork, which we love. We love it, randall. We just wanna say we love our podcast artwork Even your mom likes it. 
 Jeff: Even my mom likes it. I think that was an easy sell, though, By Randall Martin Design. there'll be a link to Randall's brilliant work in the show notes. Tom, anything else before we close the show? 
 Tom: That is it All right. So thanks again for being here for this show. We'll wrap this one up, wwdc, of course, a week from today. As we record. We'll have our thoughts on it in the next episode, and so, until then, enjoy the rest of your day, rest of your night, and thanks again for joining us. 
 Jeff: And a reminder that I am a master of nothing, including my domain. I'm not a master of nothing, but I'm a master of nothing. 

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