Basic AF: a (mostly) tech podcast

2024 Tips & Tricks Show with Gannon Nordberg

February 19, 2024 Tom Anderson & Jeff Battersby Episode 29
Basic AF: a (mostly) tech podcast
2024 Tips & Tricks Show with Gannon Nordberg
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Gannon Nordberg joins us again for the 2024 Tips & Tricks Show! Over a dozen new tips & tricks for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and more!

You can find Gannon’s work at - Simple tutorials to level up your Apple tech game, delivered straight to your inbox every 2 weeks for free. Go sign up for his newsletter!

Links from the show:

Use profiles in Safari on Mac
Turn off Listening History in Apple Music with a Focus Mode
Play music together in a car with SharePlay and Apple Music
Edit portraits on iPad
Make stickers from your photos on iPhone
Search in Messages on iPhone
Easily change photo aspect ratios
Change the color of links and highlights in Notes
See time spent in daylight
How to Automatically Change Your Apple Watch Face Based on Time or Location
Use the Smart Stack to show timely widgets on Apple Watch
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Welcome back, Gannon!
Tips & Tricks Show
Profiles in Safari
Ignore Apple Music Listening History
Apple Music SharePlay with CarPlay
Adjusting Portrait Photos
Easily Change Photo Aspect Ratios
Using Live Stickers
Searching in Messages
Changing Default Link & Highlight Colors in Notes
Apple Watch - Enough Time in Daylight?
Easily Change Watch Faces with Shortcuts Automations
Smart Stacks in watchOS
Managing Apps in Stage Manager
Stay Organized with Hazel
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