Basic AF: a (mostly) tech podcast

Apple Event, the State of the iPad, and a Love of Photography with Chris Freitag

April 29, 2024 Tom Anderson & Jeff Battersby Episode 34
Apple Event, the State of the iPad, and a Love of Photography with Chris Freitag
Basic AF: a (mostly) tech podcast
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Basic AF: a (mostly) tech podcast
Apple Event, the State of the iPad, and a Love of Photography with Chris Freitag
Apr 29, 2024 Episode 34
Tom Anderson & Jeff Battersby

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Chris Freitag is a long-time Apple user, photographer, and YouTuber. He joins Tom and Jeff on this episode to talk about the upcoming Apple Event, potential new iPads, the current state of the iPad, his Apple gear, and shares his love of photography, which he documents on his excellent YouTube channel.

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Chris Freitag on YouTube
Chris Freitag Website
Apple Event May 7th
Apple Rivals Retool to Challenge the iPhone and Vision Pro
DJI Osmo Pocket 3
Chris Freitag: DJI Osmo Pocket 3 - The Multipurpose Tool for Creators

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Chris Freitag is a long-time Apple user, photographer, and YouTuber. He joins Tom and Jeff on this episode to talk about the upcoming Apple Event, potential new iPads, the current state of the iPad, his Apple gear, and shares his love of photography, which he documents on his excellent YouTube channel.

Links from the show

Chris Freitag on YouTube
Chris Freitag Website
Apple Event May 7th
Apple Rivals Retool to Challenge the iPhone and Vision Pro
DJI Osmo Pocket 3
Chris Freitag: DJI Osmo Pocket 3 - The Multipurpose Tool for Creators

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Intro Music: Psychokinetics - The Chosen

Show transcripts and episode artwork are AI generated and likely contain errors and general silliness.


Chris Freitag (0s)

Somebody took a picture of me and made a pin and uh it said like I was there or something like that it was it was really ultimate dork

Tom Anderson (0s)

I'm your co-host, Tom Anderson, joined by, as always, Jeff Battersby.

Tom Anderson (25s)

Hello, Jeff.

Jeff Battersby (27s)

Good afternoon, Tom. How are you, man?

Tom Anderson (28s)

I am doing.

Jeff Battersby (30s)

I'm all right. I'm sweaty.

Jeff Battersby (32s)

I just finished playing a game of soccer.

Jeff Battersby (34s)

Fortunately, nobody here can smell me, which is a plus.

Tom Anderson (38s)

It's good. Did you win?

Jeff Battersby (38s)

So, we did not, but I got a goal today,

Jeff Battersby (41s)

so I'm pleased with that.

Tom Anderson (41s)


Jeff Battersby (42s)

That's the first goal I've had in a while, so it felt good.

Jeff Battersby (45s)

We did not, we played, to give you an idea,

Jeff Battersby (47s)

the team we played, not that anybody cares,

Jeff Battersby (49s)

but the team we played, called Germania,

Jeff Battersby (53s)

from Poughkeepsie, New York.

Jeff Battersby (55s)

They, um...

Jeff Battersby (57s)

They, uh, are a very good team including, uh, they have a guy on the team today who scored two goals on us who in, uh, Major League Soccer was, uh, a three-time most goals guy, so we're playing, we're, you know, we're all old farts but, but, you know, he's still got some pretty good power.

Tom Anderson (1m 13s)


Jeff Battersby (1m 21s)

One goal was basically from, uh, probably from 35 yards out.

Jeff Battersby (1m 27s)

And he bended around like some guy and it went into the goal, you know.

Tom Anderson (1m 30s)


Jeff Battersby (1m 31s)

So it looked great, you know, you can loud that, so.

Tom Anderson (1m 32s)


Tom Anderson (1m 33s)

From his perspective.

Jeff Battersby (1m 34s)

Well, you know.

Tom Anderson (1m 34s)


Tom Anderson (1m 36s)

All right.

Tom Anderson (1m 36s)

And today we are very honored to have a guest with us, Chris Freitag.

Hello, Chris Freitag!

Tom Anderson (1m 41s)

Welcome to the show, Chris.

Chris Freitag (1m 43s)

Hey, thanks for having me.

Tom Anderson (1m 44s)


Tom Anderson (1m 45s)

We're glad you could join us.

Tom Anderson (1m 46s)

Chris and I connected on threads, probably

Tom Anderson (1m 49s)

last fall, give or take something like that.

Tom Anderson (1m 53s)

And, uh, I believe it was, we were lamenting Denver Broncos football, if I recall.

Tom Anderson (1m 58s)

It's kind of how we got started.

Chris Freitag (2m)


Tom Anderson (2m)

Misery loves company and everything.

Tom Anderson (2m 3s)

And, uh, so that's how we got started, but we've, we've kind of continued to have some conversations here and there.

Tom Anderson (2m 9s)

And, um, we've enjoyed those and, uh, a lot around Apple technology and photography.

Tom Anderson (2m 15s)

And so I thought it would be great to have Chris come on.

Tom Anderson (2m 18s)

Chris has a YouTube channel.

Tom Anderson (2m 19s)

So we're going to talk about that a little bit that is focused on his photography passion.

Tom Anderson (2m 23s)

And so we want to dig into that too.

Jeff Battersby (2m 25s)

Yeah, and I will say a great YouTube channel.

Jeff Battersby (2m 28s)

Tom turned me on to it just probably two or three weeks ago and we will talk in more detail about it and how you get started, but phenomenal channel, really appreciate the personal quality of it. You know, it's really, as Tom said, about your love of photography and your kit and what you're doing and kind of how you do it. Great stuff.

Tom Anderson (2m 56s)

Chris, do you want to give us a brief intro of you and your background and how you got

Chris Freitag (3m 1s)

Sure, sure, yeah.

Chris Freitag (3m 4s)

I've been doing photography my whole life, essentially.

Chris Freitag (3m 7s)

I got into it when I was 15 in high school,

Chris Freitag (3m 11s)

but it never seemed like something I could chase as a career, so I went to university,

Chris Freitag (3m 17s)

I was in a business school,

Chris Freitag (3m 19s)

and I somehow fell backwards into graphic design,

Chris Freitag (3m 22s)

and I've been doing design work ever since.

Chris Freitag (3m 25s)

I moved into web design and then information architecture and user experience design,

Chris Freitag (3m 32s)

and I've been doing that ever since as a professional career,

Chris Freitag (3m 33s)

but with the advent of YouTube and social media,

Chris Freitag (3m 38s)

all of a sudden, the reality around making photography a real income-earning profession, part two,

Chris Freitag (3m 48s)

seemed more realistic to me,

Chris Freitag (3m 50s)

so I started to poke that bear.

Tom Anderson (3m 54s)

Yeah, that is.

Tom Anderson (4m)

And I think that is kind of in line with, there's a lot of that today where people have these passions and through in particular, YouTube are able to really turn those into something significant.

Tom Anderson (4m 17s)

And I think with the quality of yours, and we'll get into it some more as we go, but I think you're heading definitely in that direction.

Tom Anderson (4m 22s)

I know you've had some very solid

Tom Anderson (4m 24s)

on the channel which is great. So yeah, that's exciting.

Chris Freitag (4m 29s)

Yeah, it is, it's been a great journey.

Chris Freitag (4m 31s)

And I saw that I only started my channel about two or three months before you started this show.

Chris Freitag (4m 37s)

So, I mean, you're right, I see a lot of,

Chris Freitag (4m 40s)

it's just in general, I think we're all starting to see

Tom Anderson (4m 44s)

Yeah, and it's fun. I mean it, you know, there's the day job and then there's the

Tom Anderson (4m 50s)

The hobbies that can be monetized at some point

Chris Freitag (4m 53s)


Chris Freitag (4m 53s)


Tom Anderson (4m 54s)

And it doesn't have to be a lot. Right. Well, we're monetizing other people

Jeff Battersby (4m 54s)

Or, in our case, not monetized, but whatever.

Chris Freitag (4m 56s)


Tom Anderson (5m 1s)

So, all right

Chris Freitag (5m 2s)


Chris Freitag (5m 3s)

The, I just have to remember that it took 20 years to build where I am today.

Chris Freitag (5m 7s)

So, you know, like I have to temper my expectations.

Tom Anderson (5m 11s)

Well, we're going to do a little bit of Apple talk here with some new stuff that's going on and then we'll just kind of roll with it and see where we go.

Apple Event May 7th

Tom Anderson (5m 22s)

But big news this week was Apple sent invites to some in the media.

Tom Anderson (5m 29s)

They've got an event coming up on May 7th that they have kind of dubbed with the tagline of let loose.

Tom Anderson (5m 35s)

And by all of the artwork that's been accompanying those things, it looks like there's an Apple pencil in there.

Tom Anderson (5m 41s)

This is, this is a long awaited iPad pro and iPad air update.

Tom Anderson (5m 44s)

It seems it's been forever since they've updated.

Tom Anderson (5m 47s)

Um, so that is on May 7th.

Tom Anderson (5m 51s)

Um, yeah.

Jeff Battersby (5m 51s)

And you guys all got your plane tickets, right?

Jeff Battersby (5m 53s)

They sent you, Apple sent you tickets?

Chris Freitag (5m 54s)

Yeah, yeah, first-class, too Cupertino.

Jeff Battersby (5m 56s)


Tom Anderson (5m 57s)

Ooh, nice.

Jeff Battersby (5m 57s)

I get private jet, so.

Tom Anderson (5m 59s)

Well, I get YouTube.

Jeff Battersby (6m 4s)

Yeah, I'm gonna be sitting on my couch.

Chris Freitag (6m 6s)

Front row.

Jeff Battersby (6m 7s)

Yeah, that's exactly where it is, where I usually sit.

Tom Anderson (6m 11s)

Um, yeah.

Tom Anderson (6m 12s)

And it's weird.

Tom Anderson (6m 13s)

They send invites because this is just an online event.

Tom Anderson (6m 15s)

Like there's nothing in person.

Tom Anderson (6m 17s)

So I, you know, it's, it's for the hype machine.

Jeff Battersby (6m 18s)

They've been doing that though. Yeah, they've

Tom Anderson (6m 20s)

Um, like, I think the only thing they really have in person is what WWDC.

Tom Anderson (6m 25s)

Although lately they've had had people come out for like for the iPhone, they had people there so they could do the hands-on stuff and I think, you know, so anyway, so yeah, that'll be on YouTube, the Apple YouTube channel and on the Apple TV app.

Tom Anderson (6m 41s)

Chris, I know you had an iPad before,

Chris Freitag (6m 47s)

Yeah, I've had them all, I've had every single one of them.

Tom Anderson (6m 47s)

and I think you sold it, yeah?

Chris Freitag (6m 51s)

In fact, on the first day one, I was in line at the Apple store before they did the online orders and somebody took a picture of me and made a pin and it said like I was there or something like that.

Chris Freitag (7m 7s)

It was really ultimate dork.

Chris Freitag (7m 10s)

I still have it up on the...

Jeff Battersby (7m 12s)

That's all.

Chris Freitag (7m 15s)

So yeah.

Chris Freitag (7m 17s)

The iPad has been like, I see the value in it so much, you know, like I can see it.

Chris Freitag (7m 25s)

I know that that's the future of computing.

Chris Freitag (7m 29s)

And I don't know, I got to a frustration point that finally boiled over with my...

Chris Freitag (7m 35s)

When I got the M3 MacBook, the M3 Max, like I just realized that when I needed to get stuff done, I reached for my computer and that was that.

Jeff Battersby (7m 45s)

It's funny, we've talked about that a lot here and we even had an episode early on where we talked about actual work that you could get done with an iPad and I predominantly do writing and I still have never found anything quite as good as working on a Mac.

Jeff Battersby (8m 11s)

Although I am now editing drafts.

Jeff Battersby (8m 15s)

When I say editing drafts, what I normally would have printed out paper and, uh, you know, done line edits and looked at, you know, how sentences were going together and rearranging stuff in the past, you know, I would have printed out, printed out 20 pages and sat with those pages and used a pencil to knock it out.

Jeff Battersby (8m 33s)

I'm using an Apple pencil now for the most part.

Jeff Battersby (8m 35s)

Early drafts, not so much because early drafts require more brainpower than the iPad allows me.

Jeff Battersby (8m 41s)

allows me. I do find that for me iPad is...

Jeff Battersby (8m 45s)

watching a non-American football as I'm cooking dinner or doing stuff like that. It is really, for the most part, basically having a television where I don't normally have televisions.

Tom Anderson (9m 4s)


Chris Freitag (9m 4s)

Yeah, I was just about to say, that is where I miss it.

Tom Anderson (9m 5s)


Tom Anderson (9m 6s)

Now, do you miss—did you do a lot of that, Chris?

Chris Freitag (9m 14s)

It has a utility that's obvious.

Chris Freitag (9m 17s)

The utility of consuming is so very clear with that.

Chris Freitag (9m 21s)

But there was one other thing that I actually do miss quite a bit, and that's lightroom on the iPad with my pencil.

Chris Freitag (9m 29s)

Even though all I was doing was adjusting the same levers that I would on my desktop.

Chris Freitag (9m 34s)

The feeling of editing your photo on the iPad was just a little more intimate.

Chris Freitag (9m 39s)

You know, you felt like you were touching your photo.

Chris Freitag (9m 41s)

And when I started in photography, when you would work in the darkroom and you would dodge and burn,

Chris Freitag (9m 46s)

you know, you were doing that to the film, you were doing that to the print that you were working on in the chemicals.

Chris Freitag (9m 53s)

So that's sort of what the Lightroom on the iPad gave me, so I miss that for sure.

Chris Freitag (9m 59s)

And I'm awaiting this event with bated breath.

Chris Freitag (10m 2s)

Okay, I want--

Chris Freitag (10m 4s)

I want back in, I'm just not going to go pro this time.

Tom Anderson (10m 7s)

Right, yeah.

Tom Anderson (10m 8s)

Well, there's that rumor too that in this,

Tom Anderson (10m 11s)

I don't know what size you like for your iPad,

Tom Anderson (10m 13s)

but it looks like the iPad Air may get the 12.9 inch model too,

Tom Anderson (10m 18s)

which should knock that down a little bit from where the Pro is.

Tom Anderson (10m 22s)

So the kind of like the big thing,

Tom Anderson (10m 24s)

the Pro models are looking at OLED displays.

Tom Anderson (10m 28s)

So that's probably going to be more money.

Tom Anderson (10m 31s)

And so they'll go up.

Tom Anderson (10m 33s)

But I saw Mark Gurman put in his newsletter or on Bloomberg today.

Tom Anderson (10m 37s)

This just came out today.

Tom Anderson (10m 39s)

Quote, "I'm hearing there's a strong possibility that the chip in the new iPad Pro will be the M4, not the M3.

Tom Anderson (10m 48s)

Better yet, I believe Apple will position the tablet as its first truly" -- get ready, Jeff --

Tom Anderson (10m 54s)

"AI-powered device,

Tom Anderson (10m 55s)

and that it will tout each new product from then on as an AI device.

Tom Anderson (10m 59s)

This, of course, is all in response to the AI craze

Tom Anderson (11m 3s)

in the tech industry over the last couple of years."

Tom Anderson (11m 4s)

And we'll put a link to that in the show notes.

Tom Anderson (11m 8s)

So that would be interesting if they just kind of leapfrogged the 3 and go to the 4.

Tom Anderson (11m 13s)

And I wonder, because they've always been kind of stingy on the RAM on their mobile devices,

Tom Anderson (11m 18s)

and I wonder, like, will this AI push change that?

Tom Anderson (11m 22s)

Like, will they have to beef those up,

Tom Anderson (11m 23s)

and maybe that's why they're going to the 4.

Tom Anderson (11m 25s)

Maybe it's more meaty than the 3 would have allowed.

Chris Freitag (11m 29s)

Yeah but that's a good point you know like one of the benefits of the the latest iOS releases was offline maps and I use offline maps all the time but Siri doesn't work with offline like I can't navigate when I have no cell connection which happens a lot when I'm in the Rockies so I have these offline maps but I can't navigate anywhere because Siri's not offline like it's not on your device. So an "on the device" would be huge for these.

Chris Freitag (12m)

I don't know how big it would be for the iPad, but for the phone it would be huge.

Jeff Battersby (12m 3s)

Are you talking about like hiking or are you talking about when you're in the weeds driving around?

Chris Freitag (12m 7s)

When I'm driving around, yeah, when you get out of the areas that are around the front range,

Jeff Battersby (12m 13s)

Mm-hmm got it

Chris Freitag (12m 13s)

you lose cell connection pretty fast. You know, the ski areas all have them,

Chris Freitag (12m 17s)

but there's a lot of rocky mountains.

Jeff Battersby (12m 19s)


Jeff Battersby (12m 23s)

It's a

Jeff Battersby (12m 25s)

That it I just sent a complaint to all trails and this is not obviously

Jeff Battersby (12m 31s)

Apple Maps But their their watch app that was using it to try to navigate

Jeff Battersby (12m 38s)

When I was hiking a couple times, I've been keeping the phone in my pocket

Jeff Battersby (12m 43s)

But the watch was not doing a very good job of that You could download the app, but it would you'd end up going someplace where it had you

Jeff Battersby (12m 52s)

You know, basically a half mile through three quarters of a mile in the wrong direction

Jeff Battersby (12m 56s)

Even though you had long ago made a left turn where the trail looked like it was going, right?

Jeff Battersby (13m)

So there's there's still stuff to be done done with that for sure. But no no cell definitely definitely

Chris Freitag (13m 4s)


Chris Freitag (13m 9s)


Chris Freitag (13m 11s)

Sorry, that was a little off topic.

Jeff Battersby (13m 13s)

No, no, no, there's no such thing as topic here.

Chris Freitag (13m 13s)

I apologize, but yeah, I mean,

Chris Freitag (13m 17s)

leapfrogging the M3 for the iPad, I don't know.

Chris Freitag (13m 22s)

If I had a topic on that,

Chris Freitag (13m 23s)

it would literally be why is the iPad line so convoluted?

Chris Freitag (13m 28s)

Like, why did they get away from themselves for the iPad?

Chris Freitag (13m 32s)

Every other line is so tight.

Chris Freitag (13m 34s)

They know who they are in all the other lines,

Chris Freitag (13m 37s)

but the iPad is this, is so messed up.

Chris Freitag (13m 41s)

And I think it's evidence that they don't know what it is.

Tom Anderson (13m 45s)

I agree.

Tom Anderson (13m 47s)

Yeah, 'cause it kind of ebbs and flows and floats and there's this device and that device.

Tom Anderson (13m 51s)

And, you know, I thought it was strange that the iPad 10th generation was the first one that got the landscape oriented front camera.

Chris Freitag (13m 56s)

And then some weird pencil because they had to do that engineering in it and so there's that pencil and then the USB-C pencil and right.

Tom Anderson (13m 59s)

I was like, okay.

Tom Anderson (14m 5s)


Tom Anderson (14m 8s)

And there's a new pencil coming in week after next.

Tom Anderson (14m 12s)

And supposedly a new Magic Keyboard 2.

Tom Anderson (14m 15s)

I forget who I was talking to about that, but I'm a little interested in that just to see what they do with it.

Tom Anderson (14m 20s)

I have an M2 iPad Pro, the 12.9.

Chris Freitag (14m 23s)

Yeah, that's what I had

Tom Anderson (14m 24s)

I kind of doubt that they'll make it compatible.

Chris Freitag (14m 27s)

It's not in their MO [laughs]

Tom Anderson (14m 30s)

No, except for watch bands.

Tom Anderson (14m 31s)

That seems to be the only thing they've really done an excellent job with compatibility on.

Jeff Battersby (14m 34s)

What watch bands? I haven't seen a new watch band for ages.

Tom Anderson (14m 39s)

They haven't done any new ones really well They've done a couple color variations of the existing types, but I'm not dropping a hundred bucks on any more bands

Jeff Battersby (14m 40s)

For the Ultras.

Tom Anderson (14m 49s)

I'll buy the cheapos So yeah, we'll see where that ends up. So that's on May 7th, and we'll do a follow-up of course on that

Tom Anderson (14m 57s)

So yeah, we talked a little bit there Chris about some of the devices that you have

Tom Anderson (15m 3s)

In the iPad and everything. So why don't you tell us a little bit about what your tech stack looks like?

Chris Freitag (15m 7s)

Yeah, I have a work computer that's a M1 Max and I bought myself a Space Black 14-inch M3 Max and I could be perfectly honest, there's no difference working between these two devices.

Chris’ Gear

Chris Freitag (15m 25s)

I've seen that as a negative on YouTube where some people are saying this isn't a big enough improvement.

Chris Freitag (15m 33s)

But I think it's the inline really introduced a whole new way of.

Chris Freitag (15m 38s)

where you get the one that's right at the time that you get it.

Chris Freitag (15m 42s)

Like, I don't think that this is where it used to be like, wow,

Chris Freitag (15m 45s)

the new G4 is really that significantly better than the old G4, you know?

Chris Freitag (15m 50s)

And it, it, it felt compelling to upgrade.

Chris Freitag (15m 54s)

I don't think that you need to upgrade like that with these computers.

Chris Freitag (15m 57s)

So, um, that's sort of where I I've landed is this in three max should be my computer for a while because the M one max is not, I don't see a difference.

Chris Freitag (16m 7s)

I can't notice anything on any benchmarks I do or any real world tasks.

Jeff Battersby (16m 12s)

Yeah, I think that's been the case for a while now, too, because most of us are not using the computational power that's there.

Jeff Battersby (16m 23s)

I think people that are doing programming maybe see a big difference when they're, you know, compiling.

Jeff Battersby (16m 27s)

I would wonder, do you do a lot of rendering in your work?

Chris Freitag (16m 28s)


Chris Freitag (16m 31s)

I would say the heaviest load is DaVinci Resolve.

Chris Freitag (16m 35s)

You know, I do all of my work in DaVinci Resolve.

Chris Freitag (16m 37s)

And so where you get to the speed ramp,

Chris Freitag (16m 41s)

where things really help,

Chris Freitag (16m 43s)

is when you render out your video and upload it.

Chris Freitag (16m 46s)

And the M3 Max does render slightly faster.

Chris Freitag (16m 52s)

If I were an editor doing this all day,

Chris Freitag (16m 54s)

then that slightly faster would add up over time,

Chris Freitag (16m 56s)

like any task.

Chris Freitag (16m 58s)

Most of my work is in Figma,

Chris Freitag (16m 59s)

which I work in on an app that's called Electron,

Chris Freitag (17m 4s)

which is just a wrapper around Chrome, I think.

Chris Freitag (17m 9s)

So it's just a web app, you know?

Chris Freitag (17m 10s)

And that, like you said,

Chris Freitag (17m 12s)

I don't even scratch the surface,

Chris Freitag (17m 14s)

other than DaVinci Resolve.

Chris Freitag (17m 15s)

That's the heavy hitter that I have.

Jeff Battersby (17m 18s)

I mean, with writing for me, you know, not right. And I can't type that fast. So it doesn't run across the screen that quickly. So yeah, it's a day. I don't know if you've listened much to the show, but I upgraded to an M three after somebody stole all my gear. And yeah, yeah, right. Well, they closed that In-N-Out burger.

Tom Anderson (17m 20s)

The cursor is only going to blink so quickly.

Tom Anderson (17m 42s)

You're about due for another one, right?

Jeff Battersby (17m 48s)

I can no longer go to In-N-Out in Oakland and get new gear.

Jeff Battersby (17m 53s)

But, yeah, I had an M1 and upgraded as a result of that to an M3.

Jeff Battersby (18m 1s)

And for me, again, I love the computer.

Jeff Battersby (18m 4s)

I think it's a tight computer.

Jeff Battersby (18m 5s)

It works really well.

Jeff Battersby (18m 6s)

It does everything I need it to do in a very good fashion.

Jeff Battersby (18m 10s)

But yeah, for the stuff that I'm doing,

Jeff Battersby (18m 13s)

especially since I'm probably not doing a lot of AI,

Jeff Battersby (18m 17s)

although I am sticking my nose.

Jeff Battersby (18m 19s)

I don't see, you know, I don't see the big jump, you know, it doesn't do anything for me either.

Chris Freitag (18m 29s)


Chris Freitag (18m 30s)


Chris Freitag (18m 31s)

Um, as far as like the rest of this stuff, I have a Apple watch ultra that I did end up breaking down and getting this as the first generation one, um, right.

Chris Freitag (18m 39s)

We're not on camera.

Chris Freitag (18m 41s)

I have a Apple watch ultra.

Chris Freitag (18m 44s)

Um, and, and the reason I got it was specifically because, uh, I love street photography, I love doing that kind of photography, but I wanted to get better at landscapes and I live right here and I've been a hiker and everything my whole life but I...

Chris Freitag (18m 59s)

want to get better at photography in the mountains so one of the things the ultra does that I really like is tracks my steps as far as getting back like it's leaving breadcrumbs for me I have really started adventuring because of it like I've gone places with it that I didn't think I'd go you know I wouldn't have gone prior because I would have been too afraid of not being able to get back and it has got me back so it does work it has that SOS feature which is now in the iPhone as well, but I have the iPhone 15 Pro.

Chris Freitag (19m 29s)

And yeah, that's most of my stuff.

Chris Freitag (19m 33s)

I mean, I have a whole other problem when it comes to YouTube and gear and tech stack.

Chris Freitag (19m 40s)

I won't list all of that.

Tom Anderson (19m 42s)

Now you can never have too much.

Jeff Battersby (19m 44s)

Well, apparently you can, because he sold his iPad, so I guess you can have a little too much.

Tom Anderson (19m 49s)

Well, yeah.

Chris Freitag (19m 51s)

Well, that was me predicting what was coming.

Jeff Battersby (19m 53s)

Got it, okay.

Chris Freitag (19m 56s)

So I got rid of it while it still had.

Jeff Battersby (19m 58s)

Good call.

Chris Freitag (19m 59s)

I will. I mean I miss the the feeling of the iPad. The only question mark in my mind is will a mini be too small for me? Because that's kind of what I'm eyeing right now.

Tom Anderson (20m 1s)

Yeah, I'll be interested to see if you jump back in in a couple of weeks.

Tom Anderson (20m 15s)

Yeah, I wonder if they'll update that next,

Chris Freitag (20m 18s)

That's what I hope.

Tom Anderson (20m 19s)

well, not next week, week after.

Tom Anderson (20m 20s)

Yeah, 'cause that thing is, it's the Mini 6,

Chris Freitag (20m 22s)


Tom Anderson (20m 23s)

I think it's still on.

Tom Anderson (20m 23s)

And I had one of those and I was really excited when I got it because I thought,

Tom Anderson (20m 28s)

man, that's a nice little form factor.

Tom Anderson (20m 30s)

I can carry it around easily.

Tom Anderson (20m 31s)

It supported the pencil,

Tom Anderson (20m 34s)

but the display on it just wasn't very good in my opinion.

Tom Anderson (20m 37s)

I know some people didn't care, like it was fine.

Tom Anderson (20m 39s)

And so it really just depends on what you're looking for,

Tom Anderson (20m 40s)

but it had like that jelly scroll and the UI elements.

Tom Anderson (20m 45s)

It didn't seem like Apple cared a whole lot about it because there was overlap on some of the widgets and it wasn't scaled really well.

Tom Anderson (20m 51s)

So I was kind of like, well, if they don't care,

Tom Anderson (20m 53s)

why should I care?

Tom Anderson (20m 54s)

So I got rid of it.

Tom Anderson (20m 56s)

But I would like to see it get a nice update 'cause I'm not opposed to maybe going back to it,

Tom Anderson (21m 2s)

but 'cause I do like the size.

Jeff Battersby (21m 4s)

Cool cool. So what else? What else is in your stack?

Chris Freitag (21m 8s)

Well, I mean, my latest obsession is this thing called a DJI Osmo Pocket 3.

Chris Freitag (21m 14s)

It is this little handheld recorder that's on a little tiny gimbal.

Chris Freitag (21m 21s)

It makes the act of walking around and vlogging and doing things for your channel like a million times easier.

Chris Freitag (21m 28s)

I posted a video of me using it and just gushing about it because so much of video has been this horrible trial and error.

Chris Freitag (21m 39s)

a bunch of things and then you find out you did it all wrong,

Chris Freitag (21m 42s)

where this little device just does it like pretty much right out of the box.

Chris Freitag (21m 45s)

You get it right almost 100% of the time.

Chris Freitag (21m 48s)

So it's really changed things for me. Um,

Chris Freitag (21m 51s)

as far as using it, I like, I'll just,

Chris Freitag (21m 54s)

I'll just stand it up somewhere and record myself doing something.

Chris Freitag (21m 57s)

Even if I never use that footage, it's like no loss to me. So, um,

Chris Freitag (22m 2s)

it didn't, it didn't require a bunch of effort.

Jeff Battersby (22m 5s)

And do you hook one of your normal cameras to that or is it a camera all by itself?

Chris Freitag (22m 10s)

It's a camera all by itself, in the YouTube world it's hit that status of like the x100 where nobody can find it anymore because everybody's gushing about it so yeah but that's the other nice thing is I think if I were walking in front of you and I had it on if I wasn't talking to it or anything I don't think you'd know that I had a camera in my hand yeah

Jeff Battersby (22m 33s)

Wow. Very cool.

Tom Anderson (22m 34s)

Then do you do primarily video for that or is the audio capture decent quality too as like a little mic?

Chris Freitag (22m 38s)


Chris Freitag (22m 41s)

Yeah, it's got a, it's got a little wireless mic and I usually clip it underneath my shirt so you can't even see it on. And, um, yeah, you can just at any moment, you literally flip your thumb and the screen turns on and you can start recording. It's super fast. It immediately locks onto your face.

Chris Freitag (23m)

Um, so you don't have to do any of that. And it's pretty nice. It's one of the best things I got for my channel by a long shot.

Tom Anderson (23m 10s)

Nice, and you know, you mentioned a good point there and I deal with this because before we started recording I was telling you that I'm you know set up in the closet because it's just a quiet spot in the house and

Tom Anderson (23m 22s)

Oftentimes I'll have ideas and things like I should do a quick little thing about you know, whatever it is and

Tom Anderson (23m 29s)

but that friction of having to

Tom Anderson (23m 31s)

Go set up Because when I set up I've got to take stuff out of the closet because it's in use as a closet And so I've got to take all that out and then to set up.

Chris Freitag (23m 36s)

It's pretty cool.

Tom Anderson (23m 40s)

And then I'm like, I forget it.

Tom Anderson (23m 41s)

It's not worth it.

Tom Anderson (23m 43s)

So that, uh, yeah, that's interesting.

Tom Anderson (23m 45s)

Might have to look at that.

Tom Anderson (23m 48s)

And what are those go for?

Chris Freitag (23m 51s)

I think if you just get it alone, it's $550, but if you get the Creator Combo, it's $630 and the part about that that's the worst is you kind of need the Creator Combo.

Chris Freitag (24m 5s)

We need that wireless mic.

Chris Freitag (24m 6s)

You need the extra battery.

Chris Freitag (24m 8s)

So I don't even know why.

Chris Freitag (24m 10s)

I mean, I guess you could buy a second one.

Chris Freitag (24m 13s)

Like there's some YouTubers that are like, you should have a backup.

Chris Freitag (24m 16s)

Um, but yeah, it's a, it's a pretty cool device.

Chris Freitag (24m 20s)

I, I would say that most people could start a YouTube channel with their phone, a light and a microphone.

Chris Freitag (24m 29s)

Um, and this is an easier version of that.

Tom Anderson (24m 32s)


Jeff Battersby (24m 33s)

Very cool.

Tom Anderson (24m 33s)

We'll check it out.

Jeff Battersby (24m 36s)

Awesome, and on your desktop, what are you using?

Jeff Battersby (24m 39s)

Like, what are you, for editing, film editing?

Chris Freitag (24m 43s)

So, I use my Macs connected to a studio display, that's why I didn't mind getting a personal 14" laptop because I'd rather have the portability, I use my studio display for everything else.

Chris Freitag (24m 59s)

And then I have like a Thunderbolt Pro dock that has a CFexpress card and SD card reader on the front, so that's pretty important for my cameras.

Chris Freitag (25m 8s)

And then on the back, I have an Ethernet so I can plug directly into it.

Chris Freitag (25m 13s)

I have a Ting Internet which is one gigabit and it's been great to not have to worry about Wi-Fi connection issues. Yeah, and then I use DaVinci Resolve,

Chris Freitag (25m 26s)

Lightroom, for work I use Figma and those are my main apps that I use day in day out.

Jeff Battersby (25m 34s)

And at home for your photography using any kind of specialized storage or you doing?

Chris Freitag (25m 39s)

Yeah, I have a Synology NAS, and they're the best, but I did the two bay because I thought,

Jeff Battersby (25m 41s)

Yeah, the best. Those things are the best.

Chris Freitag (25m 49s)

"No way I'm going to need 12 terabytes of storage."

Chris Freitag (25m 53s)

So that wasn't even eight months ago, and I'm already like, "Well, dang it."

Jeff Battersby (25m 58s)

Time to upgrade.

Chris Freitag (25m 59s)

I did not save myself any money here.

Chris Freitag (26m 4s)

So I'm going to have to go at least four bays, but yeah.

Chris Freitag (26m 9s)

I have two 12 terabyte, but it's just 12 terabytes because they're on a RAID.

Jeff Battersby (26m 14s)

Got it, yep.

Jeff Battersby (26m 15s)

Yeah, I've got, actually, behind me,

Jeff Battersby (26m 19s)

in a little closet, basically,

Jeff Battersby (26m 23s)

I've got two Synology NASs, both five-base.

Jeff Battersby (26m 28s)

One is for media, and then the other one is for everything else, and they're great.

Jeff Battersby (26m 33s)

They're, I reviewed those for Macworld a couple years ago,

Jeff Battersby (26m 38s)

and I was sold the moment I fired it up.

Jeff Battersby (26m 42s)

probably one of the best NASs.

Jeff Battersby (26m 45s)

I've put those in a lot of my clients' places.

Chris Freitag (26m 49s)

Yeah, and then I use their website to tell me which UPS backup to get.

Chris Freitag (26m 57s)

So I got an APC, a giant thing with an LED on the front.

Chris Freitag (27m 1s)

Essentially, my computer and backup system can work when my power goes out for about,

Chris Freitag (27m 8s)

I don't know, four or five hours or something like that.

Jeff Battersby (27m 10s)

Wow, okay

Chris Freitag (27m 11s)

Yeah, it's a big one.

Jeff Battersby (27m 13s)

Very good, and then as far as cameras

Chris Freitag (27m 13s)


Chris Freitag (27m 15s)

Yeah, uh, I like...

Chris Freitag (27m 19s)

Fujifilm system. I did a YouTube video about why I ultimately, you know, through time landed back on Fujifilm and it's my my camera of choice right now. So I'm using a Fujifilm X-H2 which came out... I want to say it's been a year now? Maybe a little more than a year. And it's a 40 megapixel sensor. It's got a faster processor than the previous one. So it's really good for both hot, you know,

Chris Freitag (27m 49s)

and video. And that's really why I wanted it was because of that video. It's got that flip screen that flips out so you can see yourself. And then I have a old-fashioned-looking X-Pro3. I mean, it's a professional-grade camera. People bought it for their, you know, photography profession. So it's not a toy by any means, but it is definitely the more fun form factor. It's got all the dials and everything that's really photography first. And so I use that strictly for photography. And I.

Chris Freitag (28m 19s)

Just use manual lenses on it and it's a real throwback to the old.

Jeff Battersby (28m 27s)

Yeah, good. What made you? Um, I'm curious. And I like I said,

Jeff Battersby (28m 31s)

I've started looking at Fuji cameras since since I've been paying attention to your channel. I shot Nikon for a long time. And believe it or not, I I because it's always in my pocket. You know, that's the old adage. What's the best camera to get? It's the one that's with you. I have I do a ton of iPhone photography. Sometimes, probably to my detriment.

Jeff Battersby (28m 57s)

because I'm not, you know, no lenses to throw on or anything like that.

Jeff Battersby (29m 2s)

But what was it about Fuji that kind of moved you

Chris Freitag (29m 7s)

Yeah, my original digital camera,

Chris Freitag (29m 10s)

the OG that I got as a gift for Christmas in 2001 was a Fujifilm.

Chris Freitag (29m 16s)

At that time, I had no brand loyalty at all,

Chris Freitag (29m 19s)

but I did like some of the photography I got from it.

Chris Freitag (29m 22s)

In fact, some of it was so good that I thought,

Chris Freitag (29m 25s)

hmm, maybe I'm better at this than I thought I was.

Chris Freitag (29m 30s)

And then I kind of went out into the world.

Chris Freitag (29m 33s)

I started trying out all kinds of different cameras,

Chris Freitag (29m 35s)

but then eventually, you know.

Chris Freitag (29m 37s)

through time and everything else, something brought me back to Fuji.

Chris Freitag (29m 41s)

And in 2011, it was a Fujifilm X10, and that was actually when they introduced their line of X.

Chris Freitag (29m 47s)

So that was the X100, the X10, and the X-Pro.

Chris Freitag (29m 50s)

That was actually the three cameras that they introduced.

Chris Freitag (29m 53s)

The X10 was this fun little camera.

Chris Freitag (29m 56s)

So cool.

Chris Freitag (29m 57s)

But, you know, for a family, a person who needed his camera for things that weren't just for, you know, photography fun.

Chris Freitag (30m 5s)


Chris Freitag (30m 7s)

It was a little slow, the autofocus was pretty bad,

Chris Freitag (30m 10s)

it was hard to turn on.

Chris Freitag (30m 12s)

So I left again, and then I came back to the X100,

Chris Freitag (30m 16s)

which was the X100V, and actually,

Chris Freitag (30m 18s)

when I came back to that, this is really interesting.

Chris Freitag (30m 21s)

I didn't know anything about Fujifilm,

Chris Freitag (30m 23s)

YouTube, TikTok, any of that.

Chris Freitag (30m 26s)

I didn't know any of those things were happening in the world,

Chris Freitag (30m 29s)

and I just went to the camera store,

Chris Freitag (30m 31s)

and I got one, and I found out later how lucky I was to get that camera.

Chris Freitag (30m 37s)

And then ever since then, what has happened was I got a camera that brought me back to photography, it made me feel like doing photography again.

Chris Freitag (30m 47s)

And my relationship with it became such that I didn't want to use anything else.

Chris Freitag (30m 52s)

I just wanted to use that X100V.

Chris Freitag (30m 54s)

And I started looking at YouTube videos about how other people are using it.

Chris Freitag (30m 59s)

And that's when I discovered that there was this world of YouTube that I had not considered before, like I knew about the tech reviews.

Chris Freitag (31m 7s)

I knew that you could go to YouTube and get a how-to, but I didn't realize that you could go to YouTube for entertainment, like turn it on as a channel, like you would your television or a streaming app.

Chris Freitag (31m 19s)

You know, I just never made that connection before.

Chris Freitag (31m 23s)

So it was in that Fujifilm, YouTube, like all of this stuff just kind of coalesced into this.

Chris Freitag (31m 30s)

Oh, I, you can create a channel, you can actually do these things.

Chris Freitag (31m 37s)

Yeah, that's, yeah, that's it.

Jeff Battersby (31m 37s)

So that's what led you to actually set up your own channel.

Jeff Battersby (31m 42s)

Wow, very cool.

Tom Anderson (31m 45s)


Jeff Battersby (31m 45s)

And so as far as those cameras, sorry, Tom,

Tom Anderson (31m 46s)


Jeff Battersby (31m 47s)

as far as those cameras are concerned,

Jeff Battersby (31m 49s)

bayonets are the same across them,

Jeff Battersby (31m 50s)

so you can, lenses are interchangeable, okay.

Chris Freitag (31m 52s)

Yep, yep, that's the X mount, you know, like any other camera system has a mount

Chris Freitag (31m 57s)

so I can use X mount lenses or I can get adapters and I can get like

Chris Freitag (32m 2s)

M mount lenses if I wanted to use like a

Chris Freitag (32m 5s)

lens on my camera

Jeff Battersby (32m 6s)

Okay. Yep. Yeah, which you've been able to do for a long time.

Jeff Battersby (32m 10s)

I started on Konicas a million years ago, when I was in high school.

Chris Freitag (32m 10s)


Chris Freitag (32m 12s)


Jeff Battersby (32m 13s)

And, you know, a lot of the lenses I wanted, you had to get a special mount to mount it to the Konica.

Jeff Battersby (32m 18s)

But, alright, cool. Tom, sorry.

Tom Anderson (32m 20s)

No, I was just gonna say, so the YouTube channel.

Chris’ YouTube Channel

Tom Anderson (32m 26s)

So you've started that.

Tom Anderson (32m 27s)

And how many videos have you done?

Tom Anderson (32m 29s)

I know you've really jumped into it pretty heavily in the last year or so.

Tom Anderson (32m 32s)

So how many videos are you up to at this point?

Chris Freitag (32m 35s)

I think it's 60, or maybe more than 60, so it's about two to three videos a month.

Chris Freitag (32m 43s)

It's really around when I have the time to do it.

Jeff Battersby (32m 47s)

And how many followers? How many subscribers do you have?

Chris Freitag (32m 48s)

I just surpassed 1,000, which is a big milestone on YouTube because you need 4,000 watch hours,

Chris Freitag (32m 57s)

meaning people have watched your stuff for 4,000 hours,

Chris Freitag (33m 1s)

and you need 1,000 subscribers before you can monetize.

Chris Freitag (33m 5s)

I actually surpassed 4,000 watch hours in October of 2023,

Chris Freitag (33m 10s)

so I was just waiting for more subscribers.

Jeff Battersby (33m 13s)

I was one of those, so you're welcome.

Tom Anderson (33m 15s)

Yeah, well, congratulations on that.

Chris Freitag (33m 15s)

Thank you, yeah.

Tom Anderson (33m 19s)

That's great and love to see it.

Tom Anderson (33m 22s)

And so when you do a video, so one of the things that I've often wondered and has been a mental barrier somewhat for me to get into it is, as you had mentioned, it's something you do, you know, in your spare time.

Tom Anderson (33m 36s)

So how long on average, I know it'll vary depending on the video, but like the process from start to finish.

Tom Anderson (33m 45s)

for an average video, as best you can guess.

Tom Anderson (33m 47s)

Like, how long do you think that takes?

Chris Freitag (33m 49s)

Well, it has been a learning curve too.

Chris Freitag (33m 53s)

So that's something that you have to calculate.

Chris Freitag (33m 57s)

I would say I'm getting to the point now where recording the video is the shortest amount of time.

Chris Freitag (34m 2s)

So maybe 20 to 30 minutes of recording where I'll just one record, I'll just start talking.

Chris Freitag (34m 8s)

And if I wanna restart, I'll just start over again.

Chris Freitag (34m 11s)

And just one long, big video file.

Chris Freitag (34m 14s)

And then when I get that file,

Chris Freitag (34m 15s)

I bring it into DaVinci Resolve And that's really like the heavy lifting.

Chris Freitag (34m 19s)

You know, adding secret sauce stuff like, you know, clips of other things, B-roll, all of that is what really takes the time I've I've probably would say I'm maybe anywhere from four to eight hours on a typical video of, of editing, so it's a full day worth of work for editing.

Chris Freitag (34m 27s)

And then, you know, adding secret sauce stuff like, you know, clips of other things, B-roll, all of that is what really takes the time I've I've probably would say I'm maybe anywhere from four to eight hours on a typical video of, of editing, so it's a full day worth of work for editing.

Chris Freitag (34m 39s)

And then, you know, adding secret sauce stuff like, you know, clips of other things, B-roll, all of that is what really takes the time I've I've I've probably would say I'm maybe anywhere from four to eight hours on a typical video of, of editing, so it's a full day worth of work for editing.

Chris Freitag (34m 49s)

But that has gotten better, it used to be much, much longer than that, it was it was a lot harder.

Tom Anderson (34m 57s)

I mean, that's, I mean, that's, that's not an insignificant amount of time, but it's not, not terrible.

Tom Anderson (35m 2s)

Cause like the newsletter that I do, like I sent one out yesterday and between Friday night and yesterday was probably four or five hours for that.

Tom Anderson (35m 11s)

By the time I, you know, get all of my links and double check it and triple check it and send the tests messages and make sure that the links work and everything.

Tom Anderson (35m 19s)

So I mean, it's just a different type, but time-wise about the same, so.

Tom Anderson (35m 23s)

But like you said, though, it doesn't start there.

Tom Anderson (35m 26s)


Tom Anderson (35m 27s)

You know, curve where initially it's significantly more because you're still learning like the same thing with the podcasting when I was editing the first time, it's like, man, this is taking forever. But, uh, but you get used to it with practice, right? And as with everything.

Chris Freitag (35m 38s)


Chris Freitag (35m 42s)

Yeah, yeah, you know, that's actually what this video that I'm working on is about, is about that process.

Chris Freitag (35m 49s)

Like, why am I doing this to myself?

Chris Freitag (35m 51s)

You know, is it to be rich?

Chris Freitag (35m 52s)

'Cause the answer's no.

Chris Freitag (35m 55s)

If you saw this monetization, you would laugh.

Chris Freitag (35m 58s)

I mean, it's like 50 cents a day.

Chris Freitag (36m)

It's really low.

Chris Freitag (36m 2s)

This isn't replacing any salaries anytime soon.

Chris Freitag (36m 4s)

So it has nothing to do with monetary gain.

Chris Freitag (36m 8s)

And it's like, well, you know,

Chris Freitag (36m 10s)

I could just go on social media and talk about photography.

Chris Freitag (36m 13s)

So why, why am I doing this?

Chris Freitag (36m 14s)

And really it's about learning all this stuff.

Chris Freitag (36m 17s)

I feel invigorated.

Chris Freitag (36m 19s)

I'm like excited to be learning new software and learning new tech.

Chris Freitag (36m 24s)

And, you know, like all of these things are fun.

Chris Freitag (36m 26s)

I'm having fun again.

Chris Freitag (36m 28s)

And so that's, that's probably the big takeaway is this has been a fun process.

Tom Anderson (36m 33s)

Yep, and it's like they say, everything is training for something.

Tom Anderson (36m 36s)

And, um, and I, and I believe that, and then Jeff and I've talked about that too, with this podcast that, you know, we're nowhere close to trying to monetize anything, but our favorite shows are when we have guests.

Jeff Battersby (36m 49s)

Yeah, exactly. Because we're sick of looking at each other.

Jeff Battersby (36m 56s)

No, and I think I think, you know, there's monetization is such a hard thing, because everybody, you know, got the sidekick, I gotta make the money, you know, I'm gonna be a millionaire. I think it misses the point of the joy of doing things. I, you know, I played soccer today. Am I good? No. And

Jeff Battersby (37m 15s)

Did I score a goal?

Jeff Battersby (37m 16s)


Jeff Battersby (37m 17s)

Was that great?

Jeff Battersby (37m 19s)

I do a ton of theater.

Jeff Battersby (37m 20s)

I'm going to leave this recording today, and at 2 o'clock we start tech for Ragtime, which is a huge show.

Jeff Battersby (37m 29s)

I am not in the show.

Jeff Battersby (37m 30s)

I'm running the back end part of it, but there's something absolutely glorious about just being in something that you love.

Jeff Battersby (37m 41s)

This is even the podcast for us.

Jeff Battersby (37m 44s)

much as Tom and I don't like to look at each other we enjoy each other's company.

Jeff Battersby (37m 49s)

And we have a good time and I think that's the, man there's so much value in that.

Jeff Battersby (37m 56s)

And you get, you know, a lot of people kind of go, "Why, why are you doing it?"

Jeff Battersby (38m 2s)

Well, it's just fun.

Jeff Battersby (38m 3s)

I like it.

Jeff Battersby (38m 4s)

I'm having a good conversation and I think out of that joy comes.

Chris Freitag (38m 13s)

You know, it's really interesting that you touched on that.

Chris Freitag (38m 15s)

Um, I, I was very into theater when I was in high school.

Chris Freitag (38m 19s)

I w I worked, um, I liked helped design sets and create sets.

Chris Freitag (38m 24s)

I worked the soundboard.

Chris Freitag (38m 26s)

I worked the lights.

Chris Freitag (38m 27s)

Um, we had a pretty sophisticated system in the new high school that we moved into.

Chris Freitag (38m 32s)

And I was part of the, uh, I guess I was a band nerd.

Chris Freitag (38m 36s)

I was really in line with the, the people in the art department.

Chris Freitag (38m 39s)

Like I had this, this in with art.

Chris Freitag (38m 43s)

Theater band, all this stuff.

Chris Freitag (38m 45s)

And I let all of that go, right.

Chris Freitag (38m 48s)

Because I had a career and life and family.

Chris Freitag (38m 51s)

And I think a lot of what you're seeing now is some, you know,

Chris Freitag (38m 55s)

Gen Xers who thought they loved that stuff.

Chris Freitag (38m 59s)

Like there, I see them coming back to it.

Chris Freitag (39m)

I think that's what this is.

Chris Freitag (39m 2s)

I think that's the essence of what this is.

Jeff Battersby (39m 2s)

Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Tom Anderson (39m 3s)


Tom Anderson (39m 5s)

Yeah, and I think somewhere somewhere along the way and I don't know if you know it's what combination of events occurred to it, but I

Tom Anderson (39m 13s)

Think there was some thought there that everything had to be a side hustle and it couldn't just be a hobby

Tom Anderson (39m 19s)

We used to have hobbies, right?

Tom Anderson (39m 20s)

He's like used to go fishing and now people are trying to monetize their fishing expeditions And you know, and there's nothing wrong with making some money on a side hustle if that's what you want to do I'm certainly not condemning that I'm trying to do that myself

Tom Anderson (39m 33s)

But I think it's it's a healthier mindset I think if you look at it as a hobby first if I make a few bucks, that's great And if it blows up, that's fine, too If that's what you know, really what you want where you want it to go and that leads you to a path of more happiness

Chris Freitag (39m 49s)

Yeah, I agree.

Jeff Battersby (39m 51s)

Very Zen Tom

Tom Anderson (39m 52s)

Hey, it is that's all I got [laughs]

Jeff Battersby (39m 56s)

That's same that's why we're standing here the three of us and having a conversation oh

Tom Anderson (40m 4s)

Yep, so Chris, as we wind up here,

Jeff Battersby (40m 4s)


Where to Find Chris

Tom Anderson (40m 8s)

where should people go to connect with you?

Tom Anderson (40m 10s)

Obviously, there's the YouTube channel,

Tom Anderson (40m 12s)

and we'll put links to the show notes in for all these too, but where would you like

Chris Freitag (40m 15s)

Well, the YouTube channel is probably the best place.

Chris Freitag (40m 20s)

I also have, which is just my first and last

Chris Freitag (40m 26s)

And that is where I have my photography.

Chris Freitag (40m 29s)

I don't have anything for sale yet, but it is a plan to sell some of my photo prints on there.

Chris Freitag (40m 36s)

And there's also all my links to all my social networks is on Chris Freytag.

Jeff Battersby (40m 42s)

Very cool. Yeah, and I will again highly recommend your YouTube channel

Jeff Battersby (40m 47s)

it I Have watched several of them several of your videos very fun very low-key like, you know

Jeff Battersby (40m 56s)

Low barrier to entry, you know A lot of times you get people that are really into technical stuff and have no ability to kind of make it personal But you do a very good job of making it just that you know, it's a it's

Jeff Battersby (41m 10s)

your excitement and your enjoyment.

Jeff Battersby (41m 12s)

Your craft really comes through and I appreciate that. I really do.

Chris Freitag (41m 17s)

That's amazing feedback. I really appreciate that.

Jeff Battersby (41m 20s)

Yeah, you're welcome. No lies.

Tom Anderson (41m 23s)

He saves, he saves those for me.

Jeff Battersby (41m 24s)


Chris Freitag (41m 27s)


Tom Anderson (41m 31s)

All right, well, Chris, thank you so much for taking some time to join us today.

Jeff Battersby (41m 33s)

Yeah, thanks for coming on.

Chris Freitag (41m 34s)

Yeah, I'm really glad I did this.

Chris Freitag (41m 37s)

Thanks for inviting me.

Jeff Battersby (41m 39s)

Yeah, good to have you aboard.

Jeff Battersby (41m 42s)

You can get to us at


Jeff Battersby (41m 45s)

Feedback at if you want to send us a little note.

Jeff Battersby (41m 49s)

We're always happy to have those.

Jeff Battersby (41m 52s)

You can get us on various social media sites as the same thing,

Jeff Battersby (41m 59s)

Show music, Psychokinetics, highly recommend you check Psychokinetics out and Celsius 7 who has a new album out that you can check into.

Jeff Battersby (42m 9s)

And then Randall Martin Design, Randall Martin.

Jeff Battersby (42m 12s) for our main show logo, which is still the best logo on any of the podcast platforms, as far as we're concerned.

Tom Anderson (42m 21s)

That's right. Okay, so that is going to wrap it up. Once again, Chris, thank you so much. Jeff,

Tom Anderson (42m 26s)

thank you. And we thank you for being here with us. As always, we do greatly appreciate you spending some time with us. And until next time, do have a great day and a great evening.

Outro Music (42m 37s)

I don't wanna know about your imperfections, dude Prefer to leave you on a pedestal so I'll improve 'Cause if I'm finding out you're normal, then I'm just like you That gon' smash my whole world, lost in illusion

Jeff Battersby (42m 38s)

See ya.

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