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iPad Event Recap

May 13, 2024 Tom Anderson & Jeff Battersby Episode 35
iPad Event Recap
Basic AF: a (mostly) tech podcast
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Basic AF: a (mostly) tech podcast
iPad Event Recap
May 13, 2024 Episode 35
Tom Anderson & Jeff Battersby

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Tom and Jeff unpack the latest Apple event!

  • New iPad Air and iPad Pro models: We're slicing through the details of the new iPad Air and iPad Pro models. Get the scoop on the M2 and M4 chips, color options, new display options, storage, and more.
  • Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro & Apple Pencil Pro
  • Apple Pencil Madness: Too many options? We're debating whether Apple's expanding Apple Pencil lineup is innovation or just plain confusing.
  • We take a critical look at Apple’s decisions that keep existing iPad users from upgrading to these new accessories without purchasing a new iPad.
  • What’s the future hold for the iPad that might justify all this power under the hood?
  • How much is a top of the line iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil Pro?

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Intro Music: Psychokinetics - The Chosen

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Question or Comment? Send us a Text Message!

Tom and Jeff unpack the latest Apple event!

  • New iPad Air and iPad Pro models: We're slicing through the details of the new iPad Air and iPad Pro models. Get the scoop on the M2 and M4 chips, color options, new display options, storage, and more.
  • Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro & Apple Pencil Pro
  • Apple Pencil Madness: Too many options? We're debating whether Apple's expanding Apple Pencil lineup is innovation or just plain confusing.
  • We take a critical look at Apple’s decisions that keep existing iPad users from upgrading to these new accessories without purchasing a new iPad.
  • What’s the future hold for the iPad that might justify all this power under the hood?
  • How much is a top of the line iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil Pro?

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Intro Music: Psychokinetics - The Chosen

Show transcripts and episode artwork are AI generated and likely contain errors and general silliness.


Jeff Battersby (0s)

Yeah, stickers all, all my stickers are in my drawers.

Jeff Battersby (3s)

So what am I drawers?

Jeff Battersby (4s)

That sounds like my pants.

Tom Anderson (5s)

Taking your fanboyism to a new level.

Intro music (8s)

♪ I don't wanna know about your imperfections ♪ ♪ I don't wanna know about your imperfections ♪ ♪ I don't prefer to leave you ♪

Tom Anderson (15s)

Hello and welcome back to Basic AF. Tom Anderson and Jeff Battersby together,

Tom Anderson (19s)

basking in the glory of the Apple event. And we're not going to let the complainers

Tom Anderson (25s)

whining about the Apple ad dull our shine today, baby. That ain't gonna happen. We got a show to do

Tom Anderson (33s)

and we're going to start with that. But before we get into it, Jeff, how are you, sir?

Jeff Battersby (39s)

I'm all right, man.

Jeff Battersby (40s)

I'm always happy to be, you know,

Jeff Battersby (42s)

back in Jeffrey Dahmer's basement with Oscar the Grouch in his trash can.

Tom Anderson (48s)

Did you get a new camera?

Jeff Battersby (50s)

No, why, does it look better?

Tom Anderson (51s)

Yeah, you look a little crisp today. Yeah. Yeah, looking good.

Jeff Battersby (54s)

I do, well, you know what it is.

Jeff Battersby (57s)

iPhone hanging

Jeff Battersby (59s)

on my display.

Tom Anderson (1m)

Okay, yeah, that usually gives you a pretty good picture. All right, so today we're going to talk about the Apple event.

Tom Anderson (1m 7s)

But before we get into that,

Jeff Battersby (1m 9s)


Tom Anderson (1m 10s)

we have a new way for you to contact us if you would like to do that.

Send Us A Text Message!

Jeff Battersby (1m 11s)

What is it Tom?

Tom Anderson (1m 16s)

So if you have

Tom Anderson (1m 18s)

feedback or a question, comment, complaint, whatever it is in the episode description,

Tom Anderson (1m 26s)

there will be a link question or contact, well, let's try that again, question or comment.

Tom Anderson (1m 33s)

Send us a text message is what it says. And when you tap on that, uh, it will go into the messages app and you can send us a text message. We don't yet have a way to reply.

Tom Anderson (1m 42s)

So don't be offended if you send us something and we don't get back to you, but we, um,

Tom Anderson (1m 48s)

the show, give you a shout out. We'd be happy to do that unless it's a, you know, I don't know. Love note from Jeff to me. We'll keep that private.

Jeff Battersby (1m 57s)

You can throw your email address in that response to us.

Jeff Battersby (2m 1s)

So if you do that, we can respond to you via email.

Jeff Battersby (2m 8s)

But as Tom says, presently there's no way for us to respond back to you directly.

Jeff Battersby (2m 15s)

But we're really excited to be able to have you do that.

Jeff Battersby (2m 18s)

Feel free to text us and tell us what dorks you think.

Tom Anderson (2m 20s)

yeah and we did want to distress that there's no way for us to do that we don't want you to think

Tom Anderson (2m 27s)

we're just going to ignore you so so if you do well you know you want us to contact you like jeff said give us a email address or something and we'd be happy to do that

Jeff Battersby (2m 28s)  

  • Yeah. (laughs)

Jeff Battersby (2m 36s)

Yeah, I ignore Tom, but we won't ignore you.

Tom Anderson (2m 37s)

well most people do and i'm okay with that they probably should because it's usually just craziness anyway all right so just this past week tuesday we had the apple event with new iPads about.

Jeff Battersby (2m 43s)

Of course, right?

Tom Anderson (2m 50s)

35 minutes in their now typical style of, uh, you know, cut scenes all across

Tom Anderson (2m 58s)

Apple park in the Bay area, blah, blah, blah.

Tom Anderson (3m 1s)

And, uh, so we did that for, I mentioned there in the open teasing a little bit, having a little fun that, uh, there was a little blowback and I don't want to spend a bunch of time on it, but the ad that kind of led the open to this with the hydraulic press, kind of compressing a whole bunch of things down into a super thin.

“Crushed” Ad Gets Crushed

Jeff Battersby (3m 17s)

Compressing being, uh, not necessarily what it did, it did compress it. It also destroyed a bunch of, uh, a bunch of stuff. Yeah, no doubt about it. Yeah, so there was blowback from that. And, and, you know, it's funny. I was when I saw that in the, uh, in the presentation, which by the way, I will say it

Tom Anderson (3m 20s)

pad, which yeah, um, which I think all that was CGI, but, um,

Tom Anderson (3m 35s)

so, but anyway, uh,

Jeff Battersby (3m 47s)

was very surprised that it was, uh, so early. My time here was 10 a.m. New York time, rather than the usual 10 a.m.

Jeff Battersby (3m 55s)

California time. Um, but when, when I saw that I was a little ambivalent, it was like, oh, really, we're going to crush all this stuff. Cool. Um, so it, it, and that was really the, the complaint that people had in this time said, we'll touch this briefly, but the complaint was we're destroying all this creative stuff to, uh, you know, and giving you an iPad instead.

Jeff Battersby (4m 17s)

You know, I wasn't, I wasn't in love with the ad. I think had they done something like, uh, dropped all those devices, you know, into a big compressor and squeezed it into the, uh, into the iPad, it might've been a little different. The idea of crushing all those things was, um, I don't know, a little dumb

Jeff Battersby (4m 37s)

and it appears that, and whether or not Apple had ever seen this,

Jeff Battersby (4m 41s)

I don't know, but there was an, was it LG or was it another,

Tom Anderson (4m 45s)


Jeff Battersby (4m 46s)

Yeah, LG did an ad.

Jeff Battersby (4m 47s)

A few years ago, with a different device that was basically the same thing.

Jeff Battersby (4m 51s)

I mean, including, you know, paint spilling and lenses cracking.

Jeff Battersby (4m 56s)

So, I don't know. Marketing team needs to up their game at that point, I think.

Tom Anderson (5m 2s)

Yeah. So anyway, uh, well, yes. Pretentious. Yeah. Um, well it kind of made me chuckle when the, at least on the story I saw about it, like the first person they had in the comments was Hugh Grant. And I'm like, Hmm. Okay. So I, and you know, I think it's because it's Apple it was right after.

Jeff Battersby (5m 4s)

No, I know you're happy, Tom, because it pissed off the Hollywood elites, so.

Jeff Battersby (5m 14s)

Caught you, pal.

Tom Anderson (5m 32s)

After the event, and it got a bunch of clicks, so it kind of it was blown out of proportion, of course, but they also said they wouldn't be putting stickers in the boxes anymore, which is what it is stickers have been in there forever.

Jeff Battersby (5m 37s)

Yeah. Yeah.

No More Stickers in the Box

Tom Anderson (5m 44s)

I haven't put a sticker on something and I couldn't tell you how long only rub I had with that as they said, well, you know, for the environment, man, and I was like, OK, and we're going to talk about that a little bit more as we get through the show.

Jeff Battersby (5m 56s)

Yes, we will. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Stickers. All my stickers are in my drawers.

Tom Anderson (5m 57s)

So anyway, no more stickers.

Jeff Battersby (6m 2s)

What in my drawers? That sounds like my pants. They're not in my pants.

Tom Anderson (6m 2s)

[LAUGH] Taking your fanboyism to a new level.

Jeff Battersby (6m 10s)

Running slip? I don't know.

Tom Anderson (6m 14s)

[LAUGH] All right, on to the next topic here.

Jeff Battersby (6m 18s)

Yep. Okay. TMI onward.

Tom Anderson (6m 21s)

[LAUGH] So speaking of the event, for the first time in a long time we had iPad long time. We had iPad updates. I think it had been over a year since they had

Jeff Battersby (6m 24s)  

  • Yes, sir.

Tom Anderson (6m 32s)

updated any of the iPads. And so, let's start. We'll kind of do it in order that they did.

New iPad Air Models

Tom Anderson (6m 37s)

We'll start with iPad Air, Jeff.

Jeff Battersby (6m 40s)

Yeah, so we got a new iPad Air, a couple of sizes. We got now an 11-inch and a 13-inch.

Jeff Battersby (6m 49s)

11-inch starts at $599, and the 13 starts at $799, both with the M2 chip, which, by the way,

Jeff Battersby (6m 57s)

is plenty juicy enough to do anything you need to do. So, comes in sizes from 128 gigs

Jeff Battersby (7m 6s)

through one terabyte of storage, which is a ton of.

Jeff Battersby (7m 11s)

I would say on an iPad, also 256 and 512 gigabyte models

Jeff Battersby (7m 16s)

and available in a couple of different colors,

Jeff Battersby (7m 19s)

which I know you're not thrilled with.

Jeff Battersby (7m 21s)

We've got space gray, starlight, purple, and blue.

Jeff Battersby (7m 24s)

I like the purple one in there, it's kind of fun,

Jeff Battersby (7m 26s)

but they're all of the new dull,

Jeff Battersby (7m 30s)

barely can tell that it's a color colors.

Jeff Battersby (7m 34s)

So that's a little interesting as far as that goes.

Jeff Battersby (7m 41s)

And other ad, and this is pretty big,

Jeff Battersby (7m 44s)

is that we now have a 12 megapixel landscape front camera.

Jeff Battersby (7m 49s)

So that's an about time feature,

Jeff Battersby (7m 57s)

or as is often said, finally,

Jeff Battersby (8m 1s)

Apple has a landscape camera.

Jeff Battersby (8m 4s)

I confess that 95% of the time,

Jeff Battersby (8m 10s)

when I'm using an iPad, it's in landscape mode.

Jeff Battersby (8m 14s)

So this is the right call for sure.

Jeff Battersby (8m 17s)

And happy to have that.

Jeff Battersby (8m 20s)

Has what they call landscape stereo audio,

Jeff Battersby (8m 24s)

which iPads, the sound coming out of those things has been great for some time now, really good quality.

Jeff Battersby (8m 31s)

And so it comes with upgraded Wi-Fi,

Jeff Battersby (8m 40s)

G, if you get the cellular model.

Jeff Battersby (8m 43s)

The one kind of downside,

Jeff Battersby (8m 45s)

and somebody said that this has to do with the electronics on the particular iPad Air, but it's still Touch ID.

Tom Anderson (8m 53s)

Hmm I was going to mention that too yeah I have been grouchy this week but I'm not going to be grouchy today it's the weekend I can't be grouchy on Saturdays and I slept pretty well last night so yeah yeah you know I was thinking about that and so I guess at this point the iPad mini the iPad 10th

Jeff Battersby (8m 53s)

So, well, see, I knew it.

Jeff Battersby (8m 57s)

So go ahead, Oscar, the grouch, complain.

Jeff Battersby (9m 2s)

Yeah, you have.

Jeff Battersby (9m 4s)

Talk about that a little bit.

Jeff Battersby (9m 6s)

I'm sure you are, 'cause. (laughs)

Jeff Battersby (9m 10s)

Oh, well, good for you. I didn't, but it's okay.

Jeff Battersby (9m 23s)

Hmm? Yes.

Tom Anderson (9m 23s)

and this one have touch ID it I had an iPad mini for a while this I guess the 6th gen that has the touch ID and the button up on the top and it worked okay it just it just seems to me in 2024 it's time to not do that like I like face ID now I know some people don't and they prefer touch ID and maybe Apple's got some, you know, customer information, feedback.

Tom Anderson (9m 53s)

That's driving them down this way, too, and then they can say, "Well, if you want Touch ID, just get that one," but if you want, you know, I don't know how they really determine these things, but, yeah, I think that would be nice to get rid of.

Tom Anderson (10m 6s)

The cynical part of me says it's probably cheaper for them to do that, so they'll week out a few more pennies to leave Touch ID on.

Jeff Battersby (10m 15s)

Yeah. And I, I did hear that the, uh, there's some about the electronics. I don't, it doesn't seem like it should be like a veteran on a phone. So you'd think that they could, that they could, uh, they, they could do it. So my guess is what your guess is that it's, it, it allows them to, uh, leave the profit margins a little higher in the price point a little lower for, uh, for those.

Tom Anderson (10m 37s)

right? And if you really want it, just a few hundred dollars more, you can get into iPad Pro

Jeff Battersby (10m 42s)

Yeah, we'll talk about that.

Tom Anderson (10m 43s)

and then we'll talk about that in a second. Yeah, you mentioned those colors. Yeah, I just wish they were a little more fun. Like, and I know if you go down to the 10th generation, they have the brighter colors. So you know how the iMac kind of has two different colors on it? Like it's got a flashy side and then more of a muted side. It's like they couldn't decide on the iPad. So they They said, "Okay, well, you're the front side of the IMAC and you're..."

Jeff Battersby (10m 45s)

Yeah, they're dull.

Tom Anderson (11m 7s)

the backside of the IMAC. But I'm looking at that image from the event, so that bento box really showed the features and everything. And you look at that one that says four colors, and those two in the middle, looking at them from two feet away now, like, I couldn't tell you what they are. I think the one second from the left is purple, but it's not much different than starlight, I guess that is.

Jeff Battersby (11m 19s)

Can't tell the difference

Jeff Battersby (11m 23s)


Jeff Battersby (11m 26s)

Yeah second from the left is purple, but it's it is a very vague purple

Tom Anderson (11m 32s)

Yeah, so, but why don't you slap it in?

Tom Anderson (11m 37s)

Yeah, we'll talk about the keyboards and stuff here in a little bit.

Jeff Battersby (11m 40s)

Yeah, exactly. Yeah. But nice, nice offerings, though. Nice to see that. Nice to have iPad airs with and frankly, as is the case with the MacBook Air for the majority of people. This is the ticket. I think this is the this is a sweet spot, especially now since there's a 13 inch model that that that puts that right where it belongs. I think and that's a that's a great thing.

Tom Anderson (11m 43s)

All right, so, go ahead.

Tom Anderson (11m 47s)


Tom Anderson (11m 58s)


Tom Anderson (12m 1s)


Tom Anderson (12m 6s)

Yeah, it's prior you had to spend way much, you know way more money to get a 13

Jeff Battersby (12m 8s)


Jeff Battersby (12m 11s)

Yeah, exactly.

Tom Anderson (12m 12s)

to get you had to go up to the pro which is a lot more so

Tom Anderson (12m 15s)

Glad to see that and I think that helps helps the product line a little bit because it had been a mess and it's better

Tom Anderson (12m 21s)

now I think than it was but

Tom Anderson (12m 23s)

Yeah, better ish all right, so

New iPad Pro Models

Tom Anderson (12m 28s)

also Jeff

Tom Anderson (12m 30s)

Introduced the thinnest Apple product ever thought it was kind of funny than when they showed it They put the old iPad nano next to it. So that was a throwback

Jeff Battersby (12m 38s)

Yeah, right, it's thinner than the nano.

Tom Anderson (12m 41s)

And it had a better and it had brighter colors, by the way

Jeff Battersby (12m 45s)

Yes, yes, they did, yep.

Tom Anderson (12m 48s)

Yes, so iPad Pro what do we have for the for the pro model now

Jeff Battersby (12m 52s)

So 11 and 13 inches, same kind of options there.

Jeff Battersby (12m 58s)

M4 chip, and this is the first device that we're seeing an M4 in, which the backend,

Jeff Battersby (13m 8s)

AppleTalk is, that there's gonna be some AI,

Jeff Battersby (13m 11s)

there are going to be some AI features in this,

Jeff Battersby (13m 14s)

that on-chip AI stuff that's, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Tom Anderson (13m 18s)

They mentioned AI even more in this presentation than they have.

Tom Anderson (13m 22s)


Jeff Battersby (13m 23s)

And they have been pretty quiet about it in the past,

Jeff Battersby (13m 27s)

and we all know Siri's not AI.

Tom Anderson (13m 29s)

Well apparently Apple execs just figured that out last year. Did you see that? New York Times said

Jeff Battersby (13m 33s)

I guess, yeah.

Tom Anderson (13m 37s)

Craig Federighi and, what's the AI guy they brought from Google, John somebody,

Tom Anderson (13m 43s)

were testing chat GPT last year. Last year,

Jeff Battersby (13m 47s)

Yeah, good idea.

Tom Anderson (13m 48s)

mind you. And that led them to realize Siri felt antiquated.

Jeff Battersby (13m 54s)

Yeah, well, and one of my brothers,

Jeff Battersby (13m 58s)

we think it was yesterday,

Jeff Battersby (13m 59s)

was using Siri to send something.

Jeff Battersby (14m 2s)

Of course, he's trying to crack some joke on it,

Jeff Battersby (14m 4s)

and Siri jacked up the joke.

Tom Anderson (14m 7s)

What do you want me to do?

Jeff Battersby (14m 9s)

And his, you know, he's asking me like I have some power over this.

Jeff Battersby (14m 13s)

How come Apple doesn't get this right?

Jeff Battersby (14m 14s)

I don't know.

Jeff Battersby (14m 15s)

I wish they could.

Jeff Battersby (14m 17s)

We've been bitching about Siri here for about a hundred years.

Tom Anderson (14m 23s)

And so that, yeah, that, I read that article and I sent it to you, Gannon.

Tom Anderson (14m 28s)

And I was like, I don't know, they said they just realized, I mean, they had to know.

Tom Anderson (14m 33s)

But then you go a little bit farther, like in the second paragraph, and that's where

Tom Anderson (14m 37s)

it said, "It made them realize Syria was antiquated," and I'm like, "I got it, that can't be true.

Jeff Battersby (14m 40s)

Oh, good for them.

Jeff Battersby (14m 44s)

Yeah, they're using it, aren't they?

Tom Anderson (14m 44s)

They had to know this."

Tom Anderson (14m 45s)

Right, you would think.

Tom Anderson (14m 49s)

And so my suspicion is they have known it, it hasn't necessarily been a priority, and I do think they got caught somewhat flat-footed with the generative AI, you know, rush we've seen here in the last 18, 24 months, and they're trying to catch up, and I think that's kind

Tom Anderson (15m 7s)

of reflective.

Tom Anderson (15m 8s)

Mark Gurman did another story yesterday, and it's kind of rehashing some of these at dawn,

Tom Anderson (15m 12s)

but it sounds like Apple's very close to signing an agreement with OpenAI to use ChatGPT with some of their stuff, which says to me, too, that, yeah, we're trying to catch up here.

Jeff Battersby (15m 24s)

Yeah, Ned says they're not doing it in-house.

Tom Anderson (15m 25s)

So anyway, we digress.

Jeff Battersby (15m 27s)

Yes, we do.

Jeff Battersby (15m 28s)

So this has also, in addition to the M4 chip,

Jeff Battersby (15m 31s)

something called a tandem OLED display.

Jeff Battersby (15m 35s)

We kind of knew that OLED displays were gonna be coming out.

Jeff Battersby (15m 37s)

That was the thing that was gonna be taking place.

Jeff Battersby (15m 40s)

And according to what we saw in the presentation,

Jeff Battersby (15m 47s)

OLED maybe not quite as bright as they wanted it to be and able to do the kind of color scheme that they wanted it to be.

Jeff Battersby (15m 54s)

So they invented tandem OLED display engine,

Jeff Battersby (15m 56s)

which basically means an OLED display on top of an OLED display that allows for much brighter display

Jeff Battersby (16m 9s)

and higher quality in OLED.

Tom Anderson (16m 10s)

Yeah, I think they said a thousand nits, uh, when you're HDR stuff.

Jeff Battersby (16m 12s)


Jeff Battersby (16m 14s)

Yeah, so pretty crazy.

Jeff Battersby (16m 16s)

Um, and.

Tom Anderson (16m 17s)

Which should be fun.

Tom Anderson (16m 18s)

If you're, if you're using that thing in your bed, right.

Tom Anderson (16m 21s)

You know, the room's dark and you hit some random HDR content on Instagram or something, it'll blind you.

Tom Anderson (16m 29s)

So yeah, that ought to be good.

Jeff Battersby (16m 30s)

Yeah, woo, can't see for the next three days.

Jeff Battersby (16m 32s)

It's like looking at a solar eclipse with no glasses on.

Jeff Battersby (16m 38s)

So that's kind of interesting.

Jeff Battersby (16m 43s)

It does require to be able to drive that.

Jeff Battersby (16m 46s)

That's one of the features of the M4 chip is that that chip is able to handle that.

Jeff Battersby (16m 54s)

We have the option of a nano.

Jeff Battersby (16m 57s)

Texture display and we'll get into that a little bit too when we start talking about how much these crazy things cost and and what you have to do to be able to get that.

Jeff Battersby (17m 7s)

But that's a nice feature that you do get a nano texture display.

Jeff Battersby (17m 11s)

I that is what I have on my Apple studio display upstairs and it's great other than the cleaning it part.

Jeff Battersby (17m 17s)

The cleaning it part is to say problematic.

Jeff Battersby (17m 22s)

I feel like I'm polishing silver back in the old days.

Jeff Battersby (17m 28s)

That's what it feels like, you know, getting every little,

Jeff Battersby (17m 30s)

every little, I don't know.

Jeff Battersby (17m 32s)

I think I need to wear a mask when I'm using that upstairs because if I'm speaking to anybody and spitting as one does when one speaks,

Jeff Battersby (17m 41s)

it ends up, you know, when the screen's off,

Jeff Battersby (17m 45s)

it looks like a splatter test on there.

Tom Anderson (17m 47s)

Oh god, you're full of great visuals today.

Jeff Battersby (17m 47s)

So, yeah, right.

Jeff Battersby (17m 50s)

You know, I'm nothing if not creatively capable of explaining. (laughs)

Jeff Battersby (17m 57s)  

  • What it is that I think I see.

Jeff Battersby (17m 59s)

But that is a nice feature, the cleaning of it,

Jeff Battersby (18m 2s)

I think is gonna drive some people crazy.

Jeff Battersby (18m 4s)

But it is the reflective, or the lack of reflection off of those things is amazing, it really is.

Jeff Battersby (18m 11s)

And I would suspect that unlike the covers that we both have on our current iPad Pros, which I love,

Jeff Battersby (18m 20s)

you're not gonna have the, you know,

Jeff Battersby (18m 24s)

the brightness of the display gets faded

Jeff Battersby (18m 27s)

that we've put on, but this is not gonna do that.

Jeff Battersby (18m 30s)

This is gonna be utterly brilliant.

Jeff Battersby (18m 32s)

Also, landscape front camera.

Jeff Battersby (18m 34s)

So again, we've done that here.

Jeff Battersby (18m 39s)

And then this one comes in 256 gigabyte, 512 gigabyte,

Jeff Battersby (18m 44s)

one terabyte and two terabyte options.

Jeff Battersby (18m 48s)

Those nanotexture displays only available

Jeff Battersby (18m 53s)

on the one terabyte and two terabyte models.

Jeff Battersby (18m 55s)

So you have to forecast them.

Jeff Battersby (18m 57s)

It's a significant pocket change to be able to get this battery life remains the same.

Jeff Battersby (19m 4s)

So 10 hours is is the battery life, which is interesting.

Jeff Battersby (19m 9s)

You did say shortly after shortly after the event ended that it might have been nice.

Jeff Battersby (19m 16s)

They kept the same thickness and made the battery life a little longer, you know, thin.

Jeff Battersby (19m 22s)

You know, we saw how that worked out for supermodels, not not so great.

Tom Anderson (19m 28s)

Man, we're on our game this morning.

Jeff Battersby (19m 28s)

We there I am with the visuals.

Jeff Battersby (19m 30s)

That's right, right.

Tom Anderson (19m 37s)

Must be that solar flare and all that extra energy in the air.

Jeff Battersby (19m 39s)

I did try to stay up.

Jeff Battersby (19m 41s)

I stayed up until about 2 a.m. last night trying to see the Aurora Borealis.

Jeff Battersby (19m 45s)

I got a really nice photos of the stars, but I think I was a little too late.

Jeff Battersby (19m 50s)

We had a show last night.

Tom Anderson (19m 53s)

Yeah, we had heavy cloud coverage.

Tom Anderson (19m 54s)

So, so we may have a chance again tonight.

Jeff Battersby (19m 54s)

Yeah, so it was.

Tom Anderson (19m 56s)

So we're gonna take a, another look, another gander.

Jeff Battersby (19m 57s)

Another gander. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Tom Anderson (20m)


Tom Anderson (20m)

Um, yeah, I mentioned that with the battery.

Tom Anderson (20m 3s)

I just don't know how many people say, man, I wish this iPad was just.

Tom Anderson (20m 8s)

You know, 4/10 of a millimeter thinner or whatever it was.

Tom Anderson (20m 11s)

Um, but I think everyone would appreciate another hour or two of battery life,

Tom Anderson (20m 17s)

but you know, all trade-offs and I saw some renders people did too, that if

Tom Anderson (20m 23s)

you had the same thickness and condensed everything else, then maybe they could have even gotten rid of that stupid camera bump, but, um, you know, and again,

Tom Anderson (20m 32s)

I, I preface that even when I posted it on threads, I practice that, you know,

Tom Anderson (20m 35s)

I might feel different once I get my hands on one and be like, wow, this really is noticeably different.

Tom Anderson (20m 40s)

Um, and, and something that you appreciate, I do wonder too.

Tom Anderson (20m 44s)

Um, and when I first got mine years back of that new design that, you know,

Tom Anderson (20m 49s)

You know, they're so thin, they bend, and they...

Tom Anderson (20m 53s)

And I have seen some that have warped a little bit, and I think, but, you know, whatever, but cue that rage.

Jeff Battersby (20m 59s)

Yeah, right.

Tom Anderson (21m 1s)

That'll be next weekend's rage.

Tom Anderson (21m 4s)

So that's coming up.

Tom Anderson (21m 5s)

So just get ready for that.

Jeff Battersby (21m 7s)

Somebody is going to put it in the seat of their car and sit on it and be disappointed that, right.

Tom Anderson (21m 9s)


Tom Anderson (21m 9s)

And then somebody will do it just to get, you know, Karma on Reddit or something, and then, you know, they'll be on YouTube and everything.

Tom Anderson (21m 15s)

So just prepare yourself for that, if you even care.

Tom Anderson (21m 18s)

Performance wise though, the M4 did have a big jump, 50% faster

Jeff Battersby (21m 21s)

Yes. Yeah.

Tom Anderson (21m 23s)

M2 which was the previous model so that's pretty big, 4 times faster GPU than M2 and then they mentioned the neural engine, 38 trillion ops a second, I saw somewhere Microsoft considered 40 trillion to be kind of their standard for qualifying a PC as an AI PC or something so that's right in the ballpark so you can see where all this is heading.

Jeff Battersby (21m 47s)

Well, yeah, yeah.

Tom Anderson (21m 51s)

Colors, same old boring.

Tom Anderson (21m 53s)

Although I guess it's Space Black now is the one they have, not just Space Gray.

Jeff Battersby (21m 54s)

Yeah. Which I do like that. There's that's a that's a pretty nice color. In fact, that's the same one that they're doing with the with the MacBook Air 2, right? Is that the color or is it the MacBook Pro? Right. Yeah. So it's it's definitely a you know, I like that option. I like my BMWs black and I like my my computers.

Tom Anderson (22m 9s)

Yes, yeah.

Tom Anderson (22m 18s)

Yeah, I think it looks pretty good

Jeff Battersby (22m 24s)

Black. Although everything I have is silver because you had to pay extra.

Jeff Battersby (22m 30s)

Space gray. Sorry.

Tom Anderson (22m 31s)

Yeah, space gray.

Tom Anderson (22m 33s)

Let's see.

Tom Anderson (22m 34s)

Although they did not update it,

iPad 10th-Gen Price Drop

Tom Anderson (22m 36s)

the iPad 10th generation got a price drop down to 349,

Jeff Battersby (22m 39s)

Guest, great price.

Tom Anderson (22m 41s)

which I think before was 429, I think it was.

Tom Anderson (22m 45s)

So that's a nice little drop for that one.

Tom Anderson (22m 47s)

I suspect we'll start to get those at work for students.

Tom Anderson (22m 50s)

The iPad 9th generation off the store,

Tom Anderson (22m 55s)

but is still available.

Tom Anderson (22m 59s)

Direct to education.

Jeff Battersby (23m)

Okay, and what does that cost for education do you know?

Tom Anderson (23m)

So if, so that one's, I'm not sure.

Tom Anderson (23m 3s)

It was 329, but I don't know what it would be now.

Jeff Battersby (23m 6s)


Jeff Battersby (23m 7s)

Got it.

Tom Anderson (23m 8s)

It might still be the same,

Jeff Battersby (23m 8s)

Thank you.

Tom Anderson (23m 10s)

but I didn't see the pricing on that one.

Tom Anderson (23m 12s)

Okay, so we have covered iPad Air, iPad Pro.

Tom Anderson (23m 17s)

Now let's get to the accessories.

Jeff Battersby (23m 19s)

Okay, magic keyboard for iPad Pro

Jeff Battersby (23m 24s)

aluminum palm rest

New Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro

Jeff Battersby (23m 26s)

Glass trackpad that's larger than the previous version, which by the way, I I have the magic keyboard. I love that thing really do

Jeff Battersby (23m 34s)

We've added a function row with an escape key. So it's now more equivalent to what you would find on a

Jeff Battersby (23m 42s)

you know your MacBook Pro or your MacBook Air any of those things so it's pretty much the same size

Jeff Battersby (23m 49s)


Jeff Battersby (23m 51s)

It comes in a white or black it's only for the new iPad Pro So you not not something you can get for one of the previous versions

Jeff Battersby (24m 3s)

It's expensive

Jeff Battersby (24m 8s)

299 I presume for the 11-inch

Jeff Battersby (24m 12s)

349 for the for the 13-inch one of the things

Tom Anderson (24m 16s)

Which I think is what it was before, right?

Jeff Battersby (24m 18s)

Yeah, it's their

Tom Anderson (24m 18s)

I don't think they jacked that up.

Jeff Battersby (24m 20s)

And frankly, you know you want to talk about weight and size those things add significant weight to the to the iPads I like them. I really the the quality on it. Like I said if I could

Jeff Battersby (24m 33s)

Use the writing app that I'm using on the iPad Pro. I would I would do that So that's a nice feature. The only thing I'm curious about and they did not make mention of this

Jeff Battersby (24m 44s)

Apple for a million years has had palm detection

Jeff Battersby (24m 49s)

On their keyboards, you know So when you're using your MacBook Pro and you have your palm on the palm rest and they're typing it doesn't

Jeff Battersby (24m 58s)

It is able to

Jeff Battersby (25m 1s)

ignore accidental touches on the trackpad

Jeff Battersby (25m 4s)

that has not been the case on the

Jeff Battersby (25m 8s)

On the magic keyboards for iPad Pro. I would love to know that that is a feature that they've added to

Jeff Battersby (25m 17s)

Added to this that is the one

Jeff Battersby (25m 20s)

Because I'm a crappy typist and you know touch my thumbs on the keypad all the time

Jeff Battersby (25m 26s)

Or on the trackpad all the time. I would love to know that that's a thing that they've that they've added to this but

Jeff Battersby (25m 33s)

We'll talk about the the entire package price

Jeff Battersby (25m 37s)

Just for you

Jeff Battersby (25m 39s)

Feeling like I'm doing something

Jeff Battersby (25m 42s)

from Fargo

Tom Anderson (25m 44s)

That's the aluminum palm rest, the undercoating of the iPad family.

Jeff Battersby (25m 45s)

where we can give you the undercoat.

Jeff Battersby (25m 47s)

The undercoat comes from the factory.

Jeff Battersby (25m 49s)

It's the Illumina Paul.

Jeff Battersby (25m 55s)

Yes, exactly.

Tom Anderson (25m 56s)

(laughs) Yeah.

Jeff Battersby (25m 59s)

Previous Magic Keyboard still available.

Jeff Battersby (26m 3s)

And that's good to know.

Jeff Battersby (26m 5s)

But no function, row or escape keys on those things.

Jeff Battersby (26m 9s)

So that's only available.

Jeff Battersby (26m 11s)

The new Magic Keyboard only available.

Jeff Battersby (26m 13s)

One time deal.

Jeff Battersby (26m 17s)

300 or three.

Jeff Battersby (26m 19s)

50 for, uh, for the pleasure of you.

Tom Anderson (26m 26s)

Yeah, and that's that's one of my complaints is

Tom Anderson (26m 30s)

You know I have an m2 iPad Pro, and I've got the magic keyboard which I like I do wish the trackpad was bigger

Jeff Battersby (26m 32s)


Jeff Battersby (26m 36s)

Mm-hmm mm-hmm

Tom Anderson (26m 37s)

And I wish it had the function row

Tom Anderson (26m 40s)

Almost to the point where I could see

Tom Anderson (26m 43s)

I'm gonna keep this iPad for several more years, so it's like

Tom Anderson (26m 48s)

You know wouldn't mind that function row and the the larger trackpad sucks It's 350, but I could probably deal with it and upgrade to it

Jeff Battersby (26m 56s)

Sure, no, nope, yeah, yep.

Tom Anderson (26m 56s)

But I can't Which is dumb

Tom Anderson (27m 1s)

And just wait till we get to the Apple pencil, and then we got a whole mess of there

Jeff Battersby (27m 4s)

Oh my God.

Tom Anderson (27m 7s)

Something also ironic for some reason the magic keyboard folio where we're talking about keyboards for iPads is also available

Jeff Battersby (27m 8s)


Tom Anderson (27m 15s)

For the 10th generation iPad. It's a different design. It's just the folio so

Tom Anderson (27m 20s)

Magnetically attaches to the back you get the flat keyboard doesn't have that hinge where you can adjust the viewing angle and stuff

Tom Anderson (27m 26s)

But much like the 10th gen iPad was first with the landscape camera

Tom Anderson (27m 33s)

It has a function row with an escape key

Tom Anderson (27m 36s)

So this is where we get back to the the iPad line is still somewhat of a mess like I just don't

Tom Anderson (27m 42s)

Well, here's what we're doing for this one, and there's like no idea what they're doing for the next one

Tom Anderson (27m 46s)

It's like other than you know forcing people to upgrade to get other keyboards

Jeff Battersby (27m 49s)

Yeah, it would be...

Tom Anderson (27m 52s)

But it does have that it's two hundred and forty nine dollars, which is a steal

Tom Anderson (27m 57s)

But this isn't the one you want you want to upgrade to that other one But you're gonna have to buy an iPad Pro to do it, but that's okay It's better which is almost as much as the iPad is I?

Jeff Battersby (28m 6s)

You read it like you wrote it, Tom.

Tom Anderson (28m 8s)

Said it's two hundred and forty nine dollars, which is almost as much as the damn iPad

Jeff Battersby (28m 14s)

Three hundred and forty nine.

Jeff Battersby (28m 16s)


Tom Anderson (28m 17s)

Yeah, yeah, I don't know what they're doing

Jeff Battersby (28m 17s)

Yeah, yeah.

Jeff Battersby (28m 19s)

It would make sense to me, which maybe doesn't make sense to anybody else, that you are you are getting all the same keyboard features on all of those devices all the way up the line.

Jeff Battersby (28m 35s)

That makes the--

Jeff Battersby (28m 36s)

It would feel more unified to me, if that was the case, and as we get to Apple Pencil, as you said, we'll talk about unification and what's not very unified up the line there as well.

Jeff Battersby (28m 52s)

I don't know. Again, I'm happy with what I have. I like the idea of being able to buy that keyboard with the escape keys, although, again, I'm not doing the majority of my work on an iPad.

Jeff Battersby (29m 3s)

on an iPad, using it in most cases.

Jeff Battersby (29m 6s)

as a secondary display, or using it, you know, to go on the web or in the event that I have to do something in Google Docs or Microsoft Word, it's something that I can use for that.

Jeff Battersby (29m 17s)

But the majority of my writing, as I've said a million times here, is in Highland Pro.

Jeff Battersby (29m 22s)

And Highland Pro does not yet have an app that is out of beta for the iPad.

Jeff Battersby (29m 30s)

And you know, so it just makes no sense.

Jeff Battersby (29m 32s)

That's not what I'm going to be doing.

Tom Anderson (29m 33s)

right. I need an escape hatch, not an escape key. Right. And speaking of being, it would be nice to be able to upgrade to would be the new Apple Pencil Pro. Yeah, it's like there's

Jeff Battersby (29m 33s)

So I would--

Jeff Battersby (29m 37s)

I don't need the escape keys, I guess is what I'm saying.

Jeff Battersby (29m 39s)

It's a very, very long way of saying, yeah, yeah.

Jeff Battersby (29m 44s)

I don't need that extra layer.

Apple Pencil Pro

Jeff Battersby (29m 54s)

Oh, dude. I like it so much.

Tom Anderson (29m 58s)

there's things there that if you would use those things, like if

Tom Anderson (30m 2s)

That's what you use the Apple.

Tom Anderson (30m 4s)

It would be nice to have and would be nice to be able to upgrade to without having to buy a whole new iPad to do it.

Jeff Battersby (30m 13s)

Yeah, so there are a couple of things that are taking place on these new Apple Pencils.

Jeff Battersby (30m 18s)

Apple Pencil Pro, as it is being referred to, it is able to sense squeezing, which makes a difference.

Jeff Battersby (30m 28s)

You have a barrel roll, which for artists is really good because if you're a real artist,

Jeff Battersby (30m 34s)

you're used to being able to turn a brush a little sideways and have that brush tip change according to what it is or the way it is that you're turning it.

Jeff Battersby (30m 43s)

So it has barrel roll, which actually makes a difference in the way the brush on the iPad is working.

Jeff Battersby (30m 48s)

It has some haptic feedback.

Jeff Battersby (30m 50s)

I love this one.

Jeff Battersby (30m 51s)

Find my support.

Tom Anderson (30m 52s)

Hey Bye bye.

Jeff Battersby (30m 54s)

You know, I've lost a pencil or two over the years.

Jeff Battersby (30m 59s)

And one was because somebody was kind enough to steal it.

Jeff Battersby (31m 6s)

But the you know, you have you have now find my support only in the Apple Pencil Pro.

Jeff Battersby (31m 14s)

And by the way, and here's the kicker, boys and girls, it only works with the new iPad Air M2 models and the iPad Pro M4 models.

Tom Anderson (31m 24s)

Hmm. Yeah.

Jeff Battersby (31m 27s)

So no backward compatibility, no ability to, you know, use that with my M2.

Jeff Battersby (31m 31s)

Not that I, you know, if anybody saw my art, you would know that it doesn't matter what kind of pencil I have.

Jeff Battersby (31m 44s)

Look, that's about this.

Tom Anderson (31m 44s)  

  • Rock painting.

Tom Anderson (31m 46s)

No, we're not painting rocks.

Jeff Battersby (31m 46s)

Yeah, that's a yeah, that's what's, you know, that's wall scratching.

Tom Anderson (31m 47s)

We're painting with rocks.

Jeff Battersby (31m 53s)

That's about what I'm good for.

Jeff Battersby (31m 56s)

But man, the Apple Pencil line.

Jeff Battersby (31m 59s)

Now, let's talk about this Apple Pencil Pro for our iPad Airs and our and our iPad Pros.

Tom Anderson (32m 1s)


Jeff Battersby (32m 11s)

pencil second generation.

Jeff Battersby (32m 13s)

iPad Air 4th and 5th generation iPad mini 6th generation.

Jeff Battersby (32m 16s)

Compatible with and by the way,

Jeff Battersby (32m 18s)

if you go on Apple's website,

Jeff Battersby (32m 20s)

you can see all the all the details here.

Jeff Battersby (32m 23s)

Compatible with iPad Pro 12.9 inch 3rd,

Jeff Battersby (32m 25s)

4th, 5th and 6th generations.

Jeff Battersby (32m 27s)

iPad Pro 11 inch 1st,

Jeff Battersby (32m 29s)

2nd, 3rd and 4th generations.

Jeff Battersby (32m 31s)

iPad Air 4th and 5th generation iPad mini 6th generation.

Jeff Battersby (32m 34s)

So that's the 2nd generation Apple Pencil.

Jeff Battersby (32m 37s)

That's actually the one that I currently have.

Jeff Battersby (32m 40s)

What the actual frig?

Jeff Battersby (32m 43s)

Notice I said a nicer word there.

Tom Anderson (32m 44s)

Good. Didn't have to edit that out or beep it.

Jeff Battersby (32m 46s)

Yeah, yeah.

Jeff Battersby (32m 50s)

Dude, I do not understand this one.

Jeff Battersby (32m 53s)

This one is still dorky.

Tom Anderson (32m 54s)

Yeah. So that's the one that debuted with the 10th gen.

Jeff Battersby (32m 55s)

I mean, yes, exactly right.

Jeff Battersby (32m 58s)

So that.

Tom Anderson (32m 58s)

And people were like, that's kind of weird.

Jeff Battersby (33m)

So that.

Jeff Battersby (33m 3s)

I don't know.

Tom Anderson (33m 6s)

So the funny thing is it's the cheapest and it looks to be the most compatible.

Jeff Battersby (33m 7s)

It is. It's $79.

Jeff Battersby (33m 13s)

Yeah, it covers every single one, you can pretty much use it.

Jeff Battersby (33m 19s)

You can use it with your M4 iPad Pros, your M2 iPad Airs,

Jeff Battersby (33m 25s)

your iPad Pro 12.9 inch, 11 inch iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad.

Jeff Battersby (33m 33s)

So it's for everyone, it is the everyone pencil.

Tom Anderson (33m 33s)

Mm-hmm, right, it's the pencil for the people.

Jeff Battersby (33m 39s)

does not charge in any other way but being plugged into USBs.

Jeff Battersby (33m 43s)

That's as good as charging your wireless mouse underneath so you can't use this stupid thing.

Tom Anderson (33m 52s)

Yes, yes, it is right.

Jeff Battersby (33m 56s)

So, you know, I don't know.

Jeff Battersby (33m 59s)

There are genius engineers at Apple's, in Apple's back end, and then there's some people that you just want to kick.

Jeff Battersby (34m 7s)

And then we have the first generation.

Jeff Battersby (34m 9s)

So there are four Apple Pencils.

Tom Anderson (34m 9s)

Right, which has been around forever now, which has the lightning connector.

Tom Anderson (34m 13s)

And that one got picked on too, when it first came out, because you had to plug it into the lightning port at the bottom of the iPad and it would stick out like a spear and, uh, so, but that was still around $99 for that one though.

Jeff Battersby (34m 19s)


Jeff Battersby (34m 26s)

Yeah, yes

Tom Anderson (34m 28s)

Um, yeah.

Tom Anderson (34m 29s)

And the story apparently is the.

Tom Anderson (34m 33s)

Because they moved the cameras to be landscape and it's at.

Tom Anderson (34m 39s)

The top when it's hooked up to the keyboard or attached to the keyboard and the pencils wouldn't be placed up there to charge that they had to redesign the interior of the pencil to work around the components for the cameras.

Jeff Battersby (34m 55s)

The charger's probably on either side. There's probably a little gap in the middle.

Tom Anderson (34m 55s)

I get it.

Tom Anderson (34m 58s)


Tom Anderson (35m)


Tom Anderson (35m)

And, uh, but again, it's like, I don't know.

Jeff Battersby (35m 4s)  

  • Yeah, so let's talk about this

Tom Anderson (35m 4s)

It's just, it's, it's what it's been.

Jeff Battersby (35m 9s)

in a little bit of context here.

Jeff Battersby (35m 12s)

So Apple has removed a thin piece of plastic

Jeff Battersby (35m 18s)

from their packaging,

Jeff Battersby (35m 19s)

which has cute little Apple logos on it for the sake of saving the environment.

Jeff Battersby (35m 26s)

Sorry, I just banged my mic to put air quotes,

Jeff Battersby (35m 29s)

scare quotes up in the air.

Jeff Battersby (35m 32s)

And yet we had four.

Jeff Battersby (35m 34s)

Frigging different types of Apple pencils that are plasticky, that you're going to have to toss in a couple of years, you know, because incompatible keyboard.

Tom Anderson (35m 42s)

incompatible keyboards

Jeff Battersby (35m 46s)

So there's a lot of, you know, on the surface, we're very environmentally friendly and we're carbon free.

Jeff Battersby (35m 53s)


Jeff Battersby (35m 53s)

I appreciate that.

Jeff Battersby (35m 54s)

You know, I'm grateful for those kinds of things.

Tom Anderson (35m 56s)

And I think they mean it when they say that.

Jeff Battersby (35m 56s)

Uh, I, there's no doubt about it, but, but when it comes to.

Jeff Battersby (36m 4s)

When it comes to the actual broader details,

Jeff Battersby (36m 9s)

that you cannot interchange keyboards.

Jeff Battersby (36m 15s)

You cannot, there's a way of thinking that is not as environmentally friendly as it could possibly be.

Tom Anderson (36m 24s)


Jeff Battersby (36m 24s)

And these are throwaway pencils, that's the reality.

Tom Anderson (36m 25s)

Oh yeah.

Tom Anderson (36m 26s)


Jeff Battersby (36m 29s)

if you either upgrade or you, you know, the battery die.

Jeff Battersby (36m 35s)

There's no battery replacement program that I'm aware of for the, for the pencils.

Jeff Battersby (36m 40s)

So you're talking,

Jeff Battersby (36m 44s)

I wish it was a more unified environment.

Jeff Battersby (36m 47s)

I get what, you know, what you're saying that the design of the new,

Jeff Battersby (36m 51s)

of the new iPads with landscape camera determines a little bit of,

Jeff Battersby (36m 56s)

about how these things are gonna work.

Jeff Battersby (36m 58s)

But man, I mean, I'm looking at four pencils here, four.

Jeff Battersby (37m 4s)

I said two, okay, great.

Jeff Battersby (37m 5s)

I, you know, you have one for the new,

Jeff Battersby (37m 7s)

the new gizmo that has all sorts of features,

Jeff Battersby (37m 9s)

but I just wish that there was some way

Jeff Battersby (37m 15s)

for them to, to think about this in those, in those terms.

Jeff Battersby (37m 21s)

That would be a much better, much better way of thinking.

Tom Anderson (37m 22s)

right? Yeah. And it, yeah. And, and again, the stickers, I don't care if they get rid of the stickers. I haven't done anything with the stickers. And I think that the thing with that was just, just that statement was like, as the kids would say, and I don't really like this word, but cringy. Um, cause it's just like, Oh, look at us. Look how good we are because you know, we care so much. And it's like, well, just get rid of the stickers.

Jeff Battersby (37m 24s)

And, and more environment.

Tom Anderson (37m 48s)

You don't even have to say anything about it. Just get rid of them.

Jeff Battersby (37m 50s)

Right, and you know what the other thing that they did a couple years ago is they got rid of chargers in the which is

Tom Anderson (37m 52s)

Right. Well, and the other thing they did is they went to that crappy fine woven stuff and they touted that too. And that doesn't seem to be holding up too well. And it sounds like they're going to get rid of that. But I don't care that they try. I think it's great they tried other things. And again, like we said, I think they're sincere in wanting to be as gentle on the environment as they can be. And I think that's great.

Jeff Battersby (38m 3s)


Tom Anderson (38m 19s)

But it's just some of those silly statements.

Tom Anderson (38m 22s)

"Well, we're taking the stickers out and look at us, how noble we are."

Tom Anderson (38m 25s)

And I'm like, "Get out of here with that noise."

Jeff Battersby (38m 25s)

It's a little bit of, you know, patting your own back on stuff that could be,

Tom Anderson (38m 28s)


Jeff Battersby (38m 33s)

you know, you can think a little deeper about it.

Tom Anderson (38m 33s)

"Now, you can send your pencil back to them and they'll recycle it, I'm sure."

Jeff Battersby (38m 37s)

I they will do all that with all their devices, which is lovely, free of charge, by the way, they'll make it so you can send that stuff down.

Tom Anderson (38m 39s)


Tom Anderson (38m 42s)


Tom Anderson (38m 43s)

And so some of that, you know, in full context.

Tom Anderson (38m 45s)

Is it a super big deal?

Tom Anderson (38m 47s)

No, I think from a consumer side, it's annoying.

Tom Anderson (38m 50s)

that you know.

Jeff Battersby (38m 51s)

Oh, good. Okay. So, I'm going to switch. Alrighty. So, Tom, I want a new iPad Pro. I want nanotexture. I want it in space black that doesn't cost me anything extra.

Tom Anderson (38m 52s)

You can't upgrade one component without having to upgrade them all.

Tom Anderson (38m 55s)

If I want to go to the new stuff.

Tom Anderson (38m 57s)

And how much is the new stuff, Jeff, if you decide to load up?

How Much We Talkin’?

Tom Anderson (39m 4s)

I say we weren't going to be cranky today.

Tom Anderson (39m 6s)

Look at us.

Tom Anderson (39m 12s)


Tom Anderson (39m 14s)


Jeff Battersby (39m 22s)

I want only Wi-Fi.

Jeff Battersby (39m 25s)

I don't need cellular.

Jeff Battersby (39m 26s)

I got one with cellular once a while ago and it was absolutely, uh, uh, absolutely useless.

Jeff Battersby (39m 33s)

Don't need it engraved.

Jeff Battersby (39m 34s)

Those things are free.

Jeff Battersby (39m 35s)

Uh, I want the new Apple pencil pro.

Jeff Battersby (39m 39s)

Um, and again, no engraving.

Jeff Battersby (39m 41s)

And I want to add the new magic keyboard in black.

Jeff Battersby (39m 46s)

Uh, by the way, reminder that you can only get the nanotexture.

Jeff Battersby (39m 52s)

with a device that has a terabyte of storage.

Jeff Battersby (39m 57s)

Tom, how much am I paying for this or to write in a minimum?

Tom Anderson (39m 58s)

or two. Go, go big. Quote, quote yours out with two terabyte.

Jeff Battersby (40m 1s)

I'm sorry.

Jeff Battersby (40m 2s)

I should have said that a minimum.

Tom Anderson (40m 5s)

Let's go. Well, you're a professional. You should have

Jeff Battersby (40m 5s)

Oh, you want me to you want me to get

Tom Anderson (40m 8s)

the very top of the line.

Jeff Battersby (40m 9s)

I'm a professional who doesn't use any of the storage on his iPad.

Jeff Battersby (40m 14s)


Jeff Battersby (40m 14s)

I just did it.

Jeff Battersby (40m 15s)

I just bumped it up to two terabytes two terabytes of storage. Tom, how much am I?

Jeff Battersby (40m 21s)

I'm paying for the pleasure. Any idea?

Tom Anderson (40m 24s)

I am going to estimate that you are paying somewhere around four-fifths of a Vision Pro.

Jeff Battersby (40m 32s)

How much was the Vision Pro again? Okay, great. The price is, Tom, I can have all of this for the very, very low price with undercoating of $2,877. That's with the new pencil, Tom.

Tom Anderson (40m 35s)

Oh God, I don't want to talk about it. Thanks, $3,500.

Tom Anderson (40m 51s)

And was that with the new Pencil 2?

Jeff Battersby (40m 56s)

$2,877. Now listen, I'm not using this iPad.

Jeff Battersby (41m 2s)

For anything professional, there are a lot of things that you can do with this now. You've got the ability to do Final Cut Pro and a number of other things. And Apple is actually,

Jeff Battersby (41m 21s)

we didn't even touch any of that stuff. But to that kind of software, they have added a number of really interesting things that make it, you know, make it possible.

Jeff Battersby (41m 32s)

for those kinds of creative people to do some say that, yeah, a lot of really good stuff there.

Tom Anderson (41m 35s)

Nice updates for Final Cut and Logic they talked about.

Tom Anderson (41m 39s)


Jeff Battersby (41m 40s)

I'm not that guy, you know, I'm not, I'm not doing any of those kinds of things.

Jeff Battersby (41m 45s)

So I definitely don't need this.

Jeff Battersby (41m 56s)

Um, that's, that's a lot of money.

Tom Anderson (42m)

And I feel like we are once again at the point where we say,

What’s In The Future?

Tom Anderson (42m 5s)

they've got to be putting all of this horsepower into it for something.

Tom Anderson (42m 9s)

And I feel like we've said this for five years, at least, um, particularly since they put the M1 in for the first time, right?

Tom Anderson (42m 17s)

Because they did that and we're like, wow, that means, man, they're really going to beef up iPadOS and it's going to be whatever.

Tom Anderson (42m 24s)

Uh, and so now we've went M1, M2, skipped M3, went to M4, which is a

Tom Anderson (42m 30s)

over M2.

Tom Anderson (42m 32s)

So I feel like we're at that point again, where it's, I don't know.

Tom Anderson (42m 37s)

I watched MKBHD's recap video last night and he's like, so yet again, we've got a spec bump and at the end of the day, it's still an iPad.

Tom Anderson (42m 51s)

And I think we're waiting again to see what comes in June with

Jeff Battersby (42m 59s)

Telling you, if, and it feels like there's no reason that this could not be done, in some fashion, I'd love to see some version of Mac OS on those iPads.

Jeff Battersby (43m 16s)

That would be, that would be kind of a game changer for me in terms of.

Tom Anderson (43m 20s)

Of course, the push there is people say, well, if you want a Mac, get a Mac.

Tom Anderson (43m 24s)

It's like, well, I understand that.

Tom Anderson (43m 26s)

But friction comes with that for me.

Tom Anderson (43m 28s)

And I think in our last episode, we had Chris Freitag on and he mentioned the same thing because it's like, well, do I want to use this device or go to that device?

Tom Anderson (43m 36s)

And it was just, well, I'm just going to get rid of it.

Jeff Battersby (43m 37s)

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jeff Battersby (43m 38s)


Jeff Battersby (43m 38s)


Tom Anderson (43m 39s)

I'm just going to use my Mac.

Tom Anderson (43m 40s)

And I think he is getting a new one, but, uh, and I agree with that.

Tom Anderson (43m 44s)

And I think the other thing that comes with that is like, well, they do, they lose Mac sales.

Tom Anderson (43m 48s)

And I think that

Tom Anderson (43m 50s)

Maybe probably I think I think you say it's almost definite that would happen to what degree is hard to say. I

Tom Anderson (43m 57s)

Pitched an idea to you this week

Tom Anderson (44m)

That sounds like you hated

Jeff Battersby (44m 3s)

Well, I hated a part of it. Go ahead.

Tom Anderson (44m 4s)

Right That Apple being a services company and that seems to be the fastest growing section of the business

Tom Anderson (44m 12s)

Should have Mac OS as a service you make it an app you run it It comes up in some type of virtualized environment.

Jeff Battersby (44m 16s)


Tom Anderson (44m 21s)

for it. I put that on threads too and nobody really ripped me so I don't think it was a terrible idea.

Jeff Battersby (44m 25s)

I ripped you in my head.

Tom Anderson (44m 26s)

Well, you did. But I said there I would pay a not insignificant amount of money per month for that.

Tom Anderson (44m 34s)

Honestly, if I could do that, and if it worked, and I could have just the one device, because think about that, you put your iPad up to your external display, you've got your keyboard, your trackpad,

Jeff Battersby (44m 42s)


Tom Anderson (44m 42s)

you've got macOS running as an app, we'll say, to simplify it, and then swipe back and forth between

Tom Anderson (44m 50s)

So if you want to get out of that, so it's not like a boot camp situation on the Macs for a number of years where you could run one or the other, you can just switch back and forth.

Tom Anderson (44m 59s)

I'd pay for that each month. And again, it wouldn't have to be five bucks. I'd,

Tom Anderson (45m 6s)

heck, I don't know, I think I'd said to you, I'd pay 50.

Tom Anderson (45m 12s)

Well, I do.

Tom Anderson (45m 15s)

But just to have that, and even if it's something I didn't need all the time,

Tom Anderson (45m 20s)

closes that gap. I don't think they're ever going to do it. I mean, even with the iPad sales down,

Tom Anderson (45m 26s)

it was still what $8 billion. I mean, that's a lot of money. And then, you know, the Mac,

Jeff Battersby (45m 29s)


Tom Anderson (45m 32s)

you know, being what it is, but I don't know, there's, there's still, and I love my iPad,

Tom Anderson (45m 37s)

I'm not gonna pretend I don't like it's the thing I grab at the end of the day when I'm on bed,

Jeff Battersby (45m 39s)

It's very versatile for that kind of stuff, but as I've told you, I don't want a real TV in my kitchen or anywhere near my kitchen or really anywhere downstairs, but I do like I like the idea of being able to watch, you know, soccer a lot.

Tom Anderson (45m 41s)

I'm reading, harassing you through messages, whatever it is. Just because it's more comfortable to use like I can take it off.

Tom Anderson (45m 50s)

Magic Keyboard and I'm just holding the tablet.

Jeff Battersby (46m 7s)  

  • Thank you a lot.

Jeff Battersby (46m 9s)

While I'm cooking something at night or to be able to have it nearby,

Jeff Battersby (46m 14s)

to be able to look at a recipe or something like that.

Jeff Battersby (46m 15s)

You know, those are good and that's an absolutely great use for me for the iPad.

Jeff Battersby (46m 21s)

I use it for that all the time.

Jeff Battersby (46m 24s)

As again, as we said with Chris last week or two weeks ago,

Jeff Battersby (46m 31s)

it's still for me a consumption device.

Jeff Battersby (46m 35s)

I occasionally edit photos on it.

Jeff Battersby (46m 39s)

I occasionally, you know, do some other stuff,

Jeff Battersby (46m 42s)

but presently it is a consumption device.

Jeff Battersby (46m 45s)

I use it to play Radio Paradise in my, you know,

Jeff Battersby (46m 48s)

out of my HomePods while I'm writing.

Jeff Battersby (46m 53s)

That's a thing I do.

Jeff Battersby (46m 57s)

But yeah, I would love,

Jeff Battersby (47m)

I would love to see some kind of crossover.

Jeff Battersby (47m 3s)

I agree with you,

Jeff Battersby (47m 4s)

whether or not I want to pay 50 bucks for it.

Tom Anderson (47m 6s)

Well, maybe, here you go, maybe they could treat it like the pencil line and have multiple tiers.

Tom Anderson (47m 13s)

You could have, here's a Mac that will run like a MacBook Air, here's one that will run like a MacStudio.

Tom Anderson (47m 17s)

Pay $50, $79, whatever you want.

Tom Anderson (47m 19s)

And we'll add it to your Apple One Bundle.

Tom Anderson (47m 21s)

See, I'm a services guy, J.B.

Jeff Battersby (47m 22s)

And I, yes, apparently now, um, the, uh, the other thing that,

Jeff Battersby (47m 29s)

that I think Apple is reticent to do is they've always been a little rest resident, resident reticent, um, to have, uh, a

Jeff Battersby (47m 45s)

touchscreen Mac. And I think there's something somewhere in the, you know, the Apple backend engineering universe and

Jeff Battersby (47m 55s)

principles put that in scare quotes to, um, that, you know,

Jeff Battersby (48m)

we just not going to have a, uh, not going to have a touchscreen Mac. I I'd like.

Tom Anderson (48m 10s)

Yep. Okay. So I think take away, you know, we've discussed the pencil situation, which is a little confusing. We've complained about the upgrade path, which is expensive. The products themselves, thankfully, I think are going to be great. Right? I mean, I think that M4 is going to scream in that thing. The OLED display is going to be fantastic.

All Griping Aside…Great Products!

Jeff Battersby (48m 25s)

Oh, they're brilliant, they're brilliant, there's no question.

Tom Anderson (48m 33s)

So that that that's the best news is that the products are still still very.

Jeff Battersby (48m 39s)

Yeah, they are. There's there's no question about that. And we confess wholeheartedly that, you know, this is an Oscar the Grouch session. There's there's much to be pleased about those new iPad airs kill. And frankly, I don't know that I need an iPad Pro. And I could have the Apple Pencil Pro with, you know, with that. So so there's there's definitely that's, that's It's definitely there.

Tom Anderson (48m 54s)

Right. Right. Yep.

Tom Anderson (49m 7s)

To their credit, they put pearl on the end of the pencil and didn't increase the price.

Jeff Battersby (49m 9s)

And so, you know, again, I'm not going to be using it for anything other than having it.

Jeff Battersby (49m 17s)

Yes, so it's really, really great products really something to be pleased about and I would say, you know, a Celsius seven you were thinking about using a, you know, a upgrading that iPad Pro might be right up your alley for what it is that you want to do.

Jeff Battersby (49m 35s)

So that's a thing to think about rather than getting a.

Jeff Battersby (49m 39s)

So there's a lot you can do music-wise.

Jeff Battersby (49m 42s)

So yeah, there's there's the brilliant devices we've been bitching sorry.

Tom Anderson (49m 49s)

Well, I think it's been balanced.

Jeff Battersby (49m 51s)

It's a cranky old man clip in which we're.

Jeff Battersby (49m 55s)

Yeah, 100% buried the lead we buried the lead Tom.

Tom Anderson (49m 55s)

I think there are some legitimate complaints, but I think at the end of the day, they're great.

Tom Anderson (49m 59s)

Albeit quite pricey, but it's Apple.

Jeff Battersby (50m 2s)

We buried the lead Tom that's okay the reasons reasons to run.

Tom Anderson (50m 2s)

When hasn't it been?

Tom Anderson (50m 5s)

And I think that's it.

Tom Anderson (50m 6s)

We ran long on this one, but I think it was worth it.


Jeff Battersby (50m 9s)

So, you know, we and we appreciate you guys hanging out having a nice conversation with us, or at least listening to us converse with each other reminder that there is the new feature that you can if you look at the show notes, you can send us a text message that we can't respond to directly.

Jeff Battersby (50m 27s)

But if you put an email address in there, we can email you back as always feedback at basic af

Jeff Battersby (50m 34s)

You can always get us there.

Jeff Battersby (50m 35s)

We're always happy to hear from you and we do respond.

Jeff Battersby (50m 40s)

We also noticed this last week that we didn't know that there were people saying nice things about us on Spotify that Spotify didn't notify us.

Tom Anderson (50m 47s)

Yep, yeah, so we apologize for the super long delay in response on that.

Jeff Battersby (50m 50s)

So, yeah, but grateful grateful for that response and we will we'll pay attention to us as always show music by psychokinetics funded by Celsius seven highly recommend that you check out that music.

Jeff Battersby (51m 10s)

And Randall Martin design for our artwork our main artwork and we are grateful to both for all the awesome work that they've done for us.

Tom Anderson (51m 20s)

Yes, very much.

Jeff Battersby (51m 20s)

So please check them out and we'll go from there.

Tom Anderson (51m 24s)

All right, I think 50, about 50, 50 minutes is like old days when we first started the show.

Jeff Battersby (51m 25s)

Tom we tore up another I don't know how long did we actually go today 15 minutes.

Jeff Battersby (51m 31s)


Jeff Battersby (51m 32s)


Tom Anderson (51m 35s)

But yes, so we do, as always, we sincerely do appreciate you hanging out with us, spending time.

Tom Anderson (51m 42s)

I know there's lots of options for these types of things and that you'd want to spend some time with us.

Tom Anderson (51m 46s)

It means a lot and we do appreciate it.

Tom Anderson (51m 48s)

So thank you yet again.

Tom Anderson (51m 50s)

Until next time, hope you have a great rest of your day, rest of your night, and we will

Jeff Battersby (51m 54s)

See ya

Outro Music (51m 55s)

♪ I don't wanna know about your imperfections ♪ ♪ Dude, prefer to leave you on a pedestal ♪ ♪ So I'll improve ♪ ♪ 'Cause if I'm finding out you know more ♪ ♪ That I'm just like you ♪ ♪ That gon' smash my whole world ♪

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