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WWDC Wishlists with Riley Hill

May 27, 2024 Tom Anderson & Jeff Battersby Episode 36
WWDC Wishlists with Riley Hill
Basic AF: a (mostly) tech podcast
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Basic AF: a (mostly) tech podcast
WWDC Wishlists with Riley Hill
May 27, 2024 Episode 36
Tom Anderson & Jeff Battersby

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Riley Hill is a software developer, Apple enthusiast, and YouTuber. He joins Tom and Jeff on this episode to discuss using the iPad Pro as his main computing platform, the new M4 iPad Pros, and his YouTube Channel. Then, the guys share their wishlists for the upcoming WWDC keynote on June 10th.

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Riley Hill is a software developer, Apple enthusiast, and YouTuber. He joins Tom and Jeff on this episode to discuss using the iPad Pro as his main computing platform, the new M4 iPad Pros, and his YouTube Channel. Then, the guys share their wishlists for the upcoming WWDC keynote on June 10th.

Links From the Show

Riley Hill on YouTube -

Riley Hill Website -

Riley Hill on Threads -


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Intro Music: Psychokinetics - The Chosen

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Riley Hill (0s)  
But yeah, you were honestly the first person who interacted with me on Threads, Tom.

Tom Anderson (4s)  
Oh wow. Nice.

Riley Hill (5s)  
So like, yeah, you've always been special to me in that way.

Tom Anderson (17s)  
Hello and welcome to Basic AF.

Tom Anderson (19s)  
Tom Anderson and Jeff Battersby together once again.

Tom Anderson (22s)  
Hello Jeff, how are you?

Jeff Battersby (24s)  
Good morning, Tom, on this brilliant Memorial Day weekend where my allergies are happy to kick my booty.

Jeff Battersby (33s)  
How are you?

Tom Anderson (34s)  
Yeah, it's been been thick here too, a bit of a struggle.

Jeff Battersby (34s)  
Oh, dude.

Jeff Battersby (35s)  
My car.

Jeff Battersby (36s)  
I had to get it washed on Tuesday and by the time I drove back home it was already covered in pollen.

Tom Anderson (46s)  
Yeah. Yeah. We're honored this go-round to have a guest with us.

Jeff Battersby (46s)  
So, good times.

Hello, Riley Hill!

Tom Anderson (53s)  
Please welcome to the show, Riley Hill. Good morning, Riley.

Riley Hill (57s)  
Hello and good morning

Tom Anderson (57s)  
Thank you so much for joining us today.

Tom Anderson (1m 2s)  
As some of you who have listened for a while will start to detect,

Tom Anderson (1m 6s)  
it's a bit of a theme, Riley and I connected on Threads.

Tom Anderson (1m 10s)  
That's become a thing, which I like.

Tom Anderson (1m 14s)  
threads has turned out to be pretty good.

Tom Anderson (1m 16s)  
I'm good so far, just worried that, yeah, but Meta will screw it up eventually, I'm

Jeff Battersby (1m 17s)  
Tom, Tom, putting the social into social media.

Riley Hill (1m 22s)  
Well, it's, yeah, they will, but yeah, you were honestly, yeah, the first person who interacted with me on Threads, Tom.

Tom Anderson (1m 28s)  
Oh, wow. Nice.

Jeff Battersby (1m 29s)  

Riley Hill (1m 30s)  
So like, yeah, always, you've always been special to me in that way.

Tom Anderson (1m 37s)  
I do appreciate that. I'm very needy, so I appreciate that.

Jeff Battersby (1m 37s)  
Riley's already in the game laughing

Tom Anderson (1m 43s)  
But, you know, Riley's a big Apple fan, has a YouTube channel, Slatepad,

Tom Anderson (1m 48s)  
there where he publishes videos on that, and has a lot of really good thoughts,

Tom Anderson (1m 54s)  
There's things that I really appreciate.

Tom Anderson (1m 58s)  
Not a ton of hot takes.

Tom Anderson (2m)  
I mean, they're balanced, well thought out videos that he does.

Tom Anderson (2m 3s)  
So I highly recommend the channel to go check it out.

Tom Anderson (2m 6s)  
We'll put links to that in the show notes, of course.

Jeff Battersby (2m 9s)  
And unlike the two of us goofballs, Riley actually has some new iPads.

Riley Hill (2m 17s)  
Yes, sir. Yes, sir. I ended up doing the most rational thing,

Riley Hill (2m 21s)  
of course, and buying both new iPad Pros, right? Because that makes sense.

Jeff Battersby (2m 25s)  
And you have money to burn, apparently.

Riley Hill (2m 31s)  
Honestly, it was either those or a Vision Pro, and I think I made the right choice.

Jeff Battersby (2m 37s)  
I think you did too.

Tom Anderson (2m 38s)  
Yeah, you might have.

Jeff Battersby (2m 38s)  
Tom probably does as well.

Riley Hill (2m 41s)  
And I still really want a Vision Pro, but I can't.

Riley Hill (2m 47s)  
I can take it outside, but I'm realistically never going to use this outside of the house,

Riley Hill (2m 51s)  
so it's like the iPads I will take with me and use productively versus...

Riley Hill (2m 56s)  
That's a whole thing, anyway.

Jeff Battersby (2m 58s)  
And actually you're recording right now using your iPad.

Riley Hill (3m 1s)  
Using the 13-inch M4 iPad Pro.

Jeff Battersby (3m 2s)  

Jeff Battersby (3m 3s)  

Jeff Battersby (3m 4s)  

Jeff Battersby (3m 5s)  
That's uh...

Jeff Battersby (3m 6s)  
And you're using the Riverside app with that or are you going through browser?

Riley Hill (3m 9s)  
Using the Riverside app, connected to my Thunderbolt dock,

Riley Hill (3m 12s)  
connected to my audio interface so using it like a computer.

Jeff Battersby (3m 16s)  
Awesome, yeah, which is actually, we'd like to, so before we get into the bulk of what this show is going to be, which is something we did last year as well, a WWC wish list.

Tom Anderson (3m 17s)  You can't do that.

Jeff Battersby (3m 35s)  
You actually do use your iPads to do real work.

Jeff Battersby (3m 39s)  
So why don't you tell us a little bit about what you're doing with that and the why and the how of it because we just in the last.

iPad as Main Computer

Jeff Battersby (3m 46s)  
I won't say we trashed the iPad.

Jeff Battersby (3m 48s)  
Actually, it was two episodes ago.

Jeff Battersby (3m 49s)  
It was like, uh, yeah, iPad, maybe not anything more than a, for us, a consumer device, but you're definitely using it for more than that.

Riley Hill (3m 49s)  
Yeah, so the way I look at the iPad, it is my personal computer, right?

Jeff Battersby (3m 58s)  
So, uh, tell us.

Riley Hill (4m 8s)  
And it is my side hustle machine, it's my creative computer.

Riley Hill (4m 13s)  
So I use it for everything, all the things most people use their Macs for.

Riley Hill (4m 19s)  
And I can preface that because for my day job, I am a software developer, and I do use a MacBook for that.

Riley Hill (4m 26s)  
And that's even mostly just because company policy, right?

Riley Hill (4m 29s)  
You have to use a company-owned device, can't have client data on personal devices, so not even a consideration there.

Jeff Battersby (4m 30s)  
Mm-hmm, sure.

Riley Hill (4m 35s)  
But for everything else, you know, I have a MacBook Air and a 14-inch MacBook Pro sitting here that at least the Pro is probably going to get sold soon.

Riley Hill (4m 45s)  
I use my iPad for YouTube, everything YouTube related.

Riley Hill (4m 49s)  
I edit to my editing machine.

Riley Hill (4m 52s)  
I dabble in music creation.

Riley Hill (4m 55s)  
I work with some local artists here and occasionally contribute vocals,

Riley Hill (4m 59s)  
so that's all recorded on the iPad.

Riley Hill (5m 1s)  
All my writing's on the iPad and just living my life, man.

Riley Hill (5m 5s)  
You know, just the normal things of like, you know, balancing my budget and in general,

Riley Hill (5m 11s)  
just that stuff you use your laptop, most people use their laptop for.

Riley Hill (5m 15s)  
I just choose to use the iPad.

Jeff Battersby (5m 17s)  
All right, cool. So are you using like logic pro on it for music in and okay

Riley Hill (5m 19s)  
Yep, I've done some GarageBand and now in Logic Pro.

Riley Hill (5m 26s)  
I guess I should, I always like to plug Swift Playgrounds for coding on iPad.

Riley Hill (5m 31s)  
Because technically, by and large, right, you can't do development on iPad.

Riley Hill (5m 36s)  
But Swift Playgrounds does allow you to develop iOS and iPadOS apps within some restraints.

Riley Hill (5m 46s)  
But you can build full apps.

Riley Hill (5m 49s)  
A lot of people miss that, just I do occasionally dabble on some side projects in that as well.

Jeff Battersby (5m 54s)  
Okay, very cool. And as far as editing your YouTube channel content, what are you doing that with on your iPad?

Riley Hill (6m 3s)  
I'm right now using Final Cut. I did just download DaVinci the other day. I kind of want to give that a shot

Jeff Battersby (6m 3s)  

Riley Hill (6m 10s)  
But right now everything's been in Final Cut and I've been learning both Final Cut and learning how to make YouTube videos at the same time so It's been a journey

Jeff Battersby (6m 16s)  

Jeff Battersby (6m 18s)  
Do you find any pinch points so and one of the things that that Tom and I have talked about I

Jeff Battersby (6m 24s)  
For the most part of a writer, you know

Jeff Battersby (6m 28s)  
IT guy in fact Tom and I met I was teaching Apple certification classes. That's how Tom and I initially

Jeff Battersby (6m 35s)  
Met and somehow he decided he wanted to be my friend

Jeff Battersby (6m 39s)  
but Yeah, you know, I most of what I do is writing and you know, you can use pages

Jeff Battersby (6m 46s)  
I don't use any of those apps for writing and I find it limiting You know the one app that I do use which you know, I've said a lot about here, which is Highland Pro

Jeff Battersby (6m 55s)  
They don't have an app that I can use on my on my iPad So I I for me that's pinch point and I need to I need a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air to do what it is That I'm doing. Do you have any pinch points or is it pretty smooth workflow for you other than you know What you're saying you're having to do development-wise

Riley Hill (7m 14s)  
Yeah, the coding thing, I do less coding outside of work these days than I used to, but I'm not going to turn down Xcode if Apple ever wants to put that on iPad, right?

Riley Hill (7m 34s)  
As far as pinch points, though, I talk about this sometimes.

Riley Hill (7m 40s)  
It's less about, I don't think I have any specific app, Pinchpool.

Riley Hill (7m 44s)  
But there are apps, the iPad versions of some apps aren't as full-featured and sometimes it's because of Apple, but sometimes it's because of the developer not getting around to it, right?

Riley Hill (7m 57s)  
I think I mentioned this before, I had a Teams call I had to jump on the other week,

Riley Hill (8m 2s)  
and then I plugged my iPad into my dock, hoping to use my external camera,

Riley Hill (8m 7s)  
and Teams has not been updated yet for external camera support on iPad.

Riley Hill (8m 11s)  
So it's

Riley Hill (8m 14s)  
So that wasn't ideal, but that's not...but that's a solvable problem, right?

Riley Hill (8m 19s)  
It's just, uh...

Riley Hill (8m 20s)  
There are things like that, but I don't have outside of Xcode-specific apps that so far have been a problem.

Jeff Battersby (8m 26s)  
All right, that's cool to know so and you're doing more creative work as opposed to you know

Riley Hill (8m 27s)  

Riley Hill (8m 27s)  

Jeff Battersby (8m 32s)  
Your day-to-day which you said you have to do on on a company

Jeff Battersby (8m 37s)  
Computer. Yeah

Riley Hill (8m 37s)  
Company owned, yes. I would add I guess for writing, which I also I do some on my site.

Riley Hill (8m 43s)  
I've been using Ulysses really for no reason. It's that I think it was the first thing that was recommended on a podcast and so I've just been using that.

Jeff Battersby (8m 52s)  
Yeah, Ulysses good stuff

Tom Anderson (8m 53s)  
It's been around a while. Yeah

Jeff Battersby (8m 55s)  
So is Scrivener and Scrivener, I believe has an iPad

Riley Hill (8m 57s)  
Yeah, Scrivener's another one.

Jeff Battersby (8m 58s)  
Yeah, I use a I use a straight-up. It's essentially a text editor It's it uses markdown to format this stuff and I don't even have to do the markdown It's it's like a regular word processor. So very distraction free, you know, I don't have to think about

Jeff Battersby (9m 13s)  
Other than what it is that I'm doing which is which is words, which is really cool

Riley Hill (9m 15s)  

Jeff Battersby (9m 17s)  
So why don't you tell us a little bit about your experience with these two?

M4 iPad Pros

Jeff Battersby (9m 23s)  
M4 iPad

Riley Hill (9m 26s)  
Yeah, so it feels like a future video about, like, the two iPad lifestyle, which I think other people have done, but with the mini instead of the 11-inch.

Riley Hill (9m 37s)  
But I've been really enjoying these devices.

Riley Hill (9m 40s)  
One of the biggest things I was looking for, actually, was the relocated front camera.

Riley Hill (9m 47s)  
Especially in the bigger one, that has been long overdue.

Riley Hill (9m 51s)  
But they've been a lot of fun.

Riley Hill (9m 56s)  
To use the displays are amazing.

Riley Hill (9m 59s)  
I, I was letting my friend use my 13 inch to watch the Netflix.

Riley Hill (10m 4s)  
She's like, that was the best screen.

Riley Hill (10m 6s)  
Like I've ever watched anything on.

Riley Hill (10m 7s)  
Like she was so blown away by it.

Riley Hill (10m 10s)  
Um, and the thinness.

Riley Hill (10m 12s)  
Then this man, I, I feel like it's unpopular, right.

Riley Hill (10m 16s)  
To want Apple to make thinner devices, but like, this is right up my alley, like making this substantially thinner, like keep it going right like that.

Riley Hill (10m 26s)  
Cause, cause you know, you are, especially like when I'm editing, right.

Riley Hill (10m 29s)  
I'm holding this thing.

Riley Hill (10m 30s)  
I don't use the mouse and keyboard for editing.

Riley Hill (10m 31s)  
I, I do all touch.

Riley Hill (10m 33s)  
And so holding it with your hands for a long period of time, you do want this thing to be as light as possible.

Riley Hill (10m 40s)  
So, you know, the, the weight shavings for me has been, been huge, really huge.

Riley Hill (10m 46s)  
Um, and so yeah, it's just really great.

Riley Hill (10m 51s)  
And now my iPad mini is kind of the odd one out.

Riley Hill (10m 53s)  
You know, it used to be the iPad I use like.

Riley Hill (10m 56s)  
When I'm in bed or whatever, but now the 11 inches slid in there and I'm like, I don't know what I'm going to do with the mini right now, you know.

Jeff Battersby (11m 1s)  
Very cool.

Jeff Battersby (11m 4s)  
And are you using, um, Apple's magic keyboard?

Riley Hill (11m 8s)  
I do, however, not as much as I think some, because I, especially the 13, I use a lot at my desk. And I mentioned I have a Thunderbolt dock here. Usually I have a magnetic stand,

Riley Hill (11m 20s)  
but none of them work right now with the new model. So still waiting for a good option there.

Riley Hill (11m 27s)  
So then I use it mostly with my, what do you call it, the NuFi keyboard and the, what's it,

Riley Hill (11m 38s)  
MixMaster 3S mouse. So again, just the stuff I use with like my work laptop,

Riley Hill (11m 43s)  
just plug right in and that's mostly what I use.

Jeff Battersby (11m 45s)  
So those are the same things that you're using across the board.

Jeff Battersby (11m 48s)  
So you're not, even on your MacBook, you're not using the built-in keyboard.

Jeff Battersby (11m 51s)  

Riley Hill (11m 52s)  
No, I am a clamshell mode guy. So if I, that's, that's a extra WWDC

Jeff Battersby (11m 54s)  

Tom Anderson (11m 55s)  
There we go.

Riley Hill (12m)  
wish for iPad is something like I would 100% do that.

Jeff Battersby (12m 3s)  

Tom Anderson (12m 3s)  
Now, you know, you mentioned there, uh, editing via touch and, uh, and I do that with the podcast.

Riley Hill (12m 8s)  

Tom Anderson (12m 10s)  
I use an app called ferrite and the Apple pencil to do that. And there is something

Tom Anderson (12m 15s)  
legitimately about that, that is, it's really pleasant, like to get hands on with the, uh,

Tom Anderson (12m 23s)  
Well, in my case, it's audio files.

Tom Anderson (12m 25s)  
If it's video probably, but, um, like, you know, I could do the editing and garage band.

Tom Anderson (12m 31s)  
I don't know.

Tom Anderson (12m 31s)  
Some people do it in logic and that's probably overkill, but, but I've gotten very quick with the pencil in particular, in fair, right.

Tom Anderson (12m 41s)  
And shout out to Steven Robles for that tip.

Tom Anderson (12m 44s)  
Um, he, I think was the first one that I saw top that.

Tom Anderson (12m 47s)  
And he's, he's a big fan of that.

Tom Anderson (12m 48s)  
I know Jason Snell does it too, uh, with his shows, but once you kind of get that flow down with touch.

Tom Anderson (12m 53s)  
I mean, you can really be quite a.

Tom Anderson (12m 55s)  
Efficient with that, um, and that's something you can't do with the Mac.

Tom Anderson (12m 58s)  
People always say, you know, the iPad can't do this and that, but you know,

Tom Anderson (13m 2s)  
there's things that it does very well that you can't do on a Mac either.

Tom Anderson (13m 6s)  
Uh, and so that sometimes gets lost, I think, in the discussion.

Riley Hill (13m 11s)  
I would say that when an app is actually designed for touch, when you try to use it with a mouse and keyboard, it feels not broken, but like I've tried Final Cut on the external display and it's fine, but I'm often pulling it back to the iPad display so I can do something with my hands.

Riley Hill (13m 32s)  
You can tell when people have put in that work to design an app that way.

Jeff Battersby (13m 38s)  
Yeah, and you coming from a development perspective probably see that more than schmucks like Tom and me who, you know...

Riley Hill (13m 44s)  
Yeah, I think that, yeah, we'll probably go into the development stuff later of what I would love to see on the iPad, but, uh, yeah.

Jeff Battersby (13m 51s)  
Yeah, yeah, we'll hit that, we'll hit that definitely.

Jeff Battersby (13m 54s)  
Cool, so you're lovin' it, basically,

Jeff Battersby (13m 56s)  
is what you're sayin', it's a...

Riley Hill (13m 58s)  

Riley Hill (13m 59s)  

Riley Hill (14m)  
I mean, if you're on a, I'm trying to think of someone who's not like as iPad, you know,

Riley Hill (14m 6s)  
obsessed as I am, but like if you're on an M1, I think it's worth starting to consider an upgrade maybe.

Riley Hill (14m 14s)  
When I pushed the M1, like I handled it, but it was getting a little pokey.

Riley Hill (14m 19s)  
So like, you know, maybe, maybe, maybe start thinking about it if you're, if you're, if you're that far back 2018 or 2020 for sure.

Jeff Battersby (14m 25s)  

Riley Hill (14m 27s)  
I think this is a slam dunk upgrade.

Jeff Battersby (14m 29s)  
It's too bad I got all my stuff.

Tom Anderson (14m 30s)  
Yeah and you mentioned in your video the especially for the 11 inch because of the big leap in display technology right?

Riley Hill (14m 35s)  
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah.

Jeff Battersby (14m 39s)  
Yeah, I was going to say, if somebody hadn't stolen my M1.

Tom Anderson (14m 39s)  
Yeah because it never never got the mini led.

Jeff Battersby (14m 43s)  
Oh, there we go.

Jeff Battersby (14m 43s)  
I'm sorry, Tommy.

Jeff Battersby (14m 44s)  
I'm interrupting you as I usually do.

Jeff Battersby (14m 46s)  
If, if, if I hadn't held my head, had all my gear stolen, I might be looking at that one now.

Jeff Battersby (14m 50s)  
Anyway, I'm sorry.

Tom Anderson (14m 51s)  
Yeah because you have what Jeff m2 right?

Jeff Battersby (14m 51s)  
I, I, I'm on the M2.

Tom Anderson (14m 54s)  
Yeah that's what I have too so yeah and those displays are pretty great with the mini led but

Jeff Battersby (14m 54s)  
Yeah, I have an M2.

Tom Anderson (15m)  
never got that and so going to the tandem OLED I mean that's got to be night and day for that and you mentioned you were using the iPad mini there for a while too and I had one of those I think it's the 6th gen is that the one we're on currently? I never liked that display and I can't imagine going from like the tandem OLED and looking at that iPad mini and it's like what decade is this thing from?

Riley Hill (15m 11s)  
Mm-hmm, yep, no

Riley Hill (15m 20s)  

Riley Hill (15m 23s)  
It really you hitting the nail on the head It's it really does feel like going back in time and it's just it sucks because right it's such a it's a nice size

Riley Hill (15m 30s)  
um you know, especially once these things get foldable, but um

Tom Anderson (15m 36s)  
Yeah, and there's a rumor this week that this year, next year, it's going to get the OLED.

Riley Hill (15m 37s)  
Yeah, just right now that display man. I just can't

Tom Anderson (15m 45s)  
So I may look at it again then, but some of the iPadOS interface wasn't optimized for it either.

Riley Hill (15m 50s)  

Tom Anderson (15m 52s)  
And it just really felt like a second tier device and I was like, "Yeah, I'm not gonna fool with that."

Tom Anderson (15m 58s)  
All right, excellent.

Jeff Battersby (15m 59s)  
Cool. All right. Thanks for that update and real hands-on, uh, real hands-on experience. That's

Jeff Battersby (16m 7s)  
way better than Tom and me. Um, so we're, um, actually, why don't you, I know we kind of did this at the beginning, but why don't you say again, uh, Riley, what your YouTube channel is,

SlatePad on YouTube

Jeff Battersby (16m 19s)  
and then we'll jump into our wishlist for WWDC.

Riley Hill (16m 23s)  
So the YouTube channel is Slatepad, S-L-A-T-E-P-A-D, is my YouTube channel.

Riley Hill (16m 31s)  
I also write at periodically.

Riley Hill (16m 35s)  
I'm trying to write more because I have a pretty big love of writing, even though I'm not a writer.

Riley Hill (16m 41s)  
But, yeah, so those would be the things to check out.

Jeff Battersby (16m 44s)  
Two places. All right, cool. Yeah, and lots of good content there. I have not seen your writing site So I'll have to hop there but the the YouTube channel is great

Jeff Battersby (16m 52s)  
So highly recommend

Tom Anderson (16m 54s)  

Tom Anderson (16m 56s)  

Jeff Battersby (16m 57s)  

Tom Anderson (16m 58s)  
So we are in peak tech conference season.

Tom Anderson (17m 3s)  
We've had open AI do a show.

Tom Anderson (17m 5s)  
We had Google do a show.

Tom Anderson (17m 8s)  
We had Microsoft's build conference and cross all of those.

Tom Anderson (17m 15s)  

Tom Anderson (17m 17s)  
I have a clip.

Tom Anderson (17m 18s)  
Here's a, here's a little supercut.

Tom Anderson (17m 20s)  

Tom Anderson (17m 20s)  

Tom Anderson (17m 21s)  

Tom Anderson (17m 24s)  

Jeff Battersby (17m 49s)  
Oh my go-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h...

Jeff Battersby (17m 54s)  
Seriously? Oh my gosh...

Tom Anderson (17m 54s)  
Yeah, yeah. So as we get into the wish list... No, that was floating around on the YouTubes. I don't have time to do that.

Jeff Battersby (17m 58s)  
Yeah, uh, and-and you-you built that yourself, pal?

Jeff Battersby (18m 3s)  
Okay, m-m-m-crazy, yeah, I was gonna say, if you've done that... man, you've upped your game!

Tom Anderson (18m 8s)  
But really, whoo, yeah I'd say. So obviously that is the the raging topic whether we want it to be or not. And there's been talk of, and I think Apple'sOur WWDC Wishes

Tom Anderson (18m 24s)  
that WWDC in a couple of weeks is going to be kind of they're coming out showing everybody what they've got for AI stuff. And so as we get into our wish lists where things we'll talk about, I figure let's start there just get it over with.

Apple & AI

Tom Anderson (18m 38s)  
And Riley, anything in particular along the lines of that that you'd like to see?

Riley Hill (18m 45s)  
The only thing, the biggest, I guess the biggest thing I'm looking for, having, you know,

Riley Hill (18m 52s)  
being an aspiring creator, starting in that space, I've started to use the subject lift feature in photos a lot, which works, but I'm finding maybe half the time, like, it works, and then I still have to touch it up, which is like, I'm, by the time I'm doing that, I'm rushing myself to, like,

Riley Hill (19m 16s)  
the last thing I want to do is, like, you know, I pull in the subject and then have to go clean up the edges, or, you know, it's not always as perfect as I would like, so I would like to see some improvement in that capability in the photos app. I think that technically kind of counts as AI, we're calling machine learning AI, I think, so, yeah.

Tom Anderson (19m 33s)  
Yep, yeah, I think that that would be good because I've I've messed with it a little bit for like making those stickers for messages that's about as far as I've gone but.

Jeff Battersby (19m 33s)  
Mm-hmm. Cool.

Jeff Battersby (19m 44s)  
Yeah, that's that's that's been the limit of my experience with it as well as sticker sticker making to be sure

Jeff Battersby (19m 52s)  
Yeah, so that's that's interesting. You know, it's funny. I surprised myself. I forget about that feature all the time So like if I'm looking at info on a photo and then it circles the subjects like oh, yeah

Jeff Battersby (20m 5s)  
Yeah, so it's not one of those things and and honestly that's hugely touted like on all the Google devices now It like every ad you see is them in turn

Riley Hill (20m 12s)  

Jeff Battersby (20m 14s)  
turning a real photograph into something fake.

Jeff Battersby (20m 16s)  
So which is as someone that does a lot of photography that you know while it's cool feature it also bothers me a little bit.

Riley Hill (20m 19s)  
Yep, yep

Jeff Battersby (20m 27s)  
But you know that I could I could see that the fact that you know there's I think it's a Google Pixel ad right now where you know they show the guy throwing a baby up and it's about three inches from his hands and then they toss the baby into the sky practically and then clear out all the people pretty quick.

Jeff Battersby (20m 45s)  
Those are cool features, you know?

Jeff Battersby (20m 48s)  
So I'm with you, it'd be fun to have that kind of stuff.

Riley Hill (20m 53s)  

Jeff Battersby (20m 54s)  
What it does for reality might be another story.

Jeff Battersby (20m 58s)  
One of the things you'll find if you listen to any of these podcasts,

Jeff Battersby (21m)  
Tom is on the AI game.

Jeff Battersby (21m 3s)  
I'm a little more reticent about it and remain so.

Jeff Battersby (21m 8s)  
In fact, I'm working on something right now that's an expansion of something else that I did.

Jeff Battersby (21m 14s)  
I haven't thought about it yet,

Jeff Battersby (21m 15s)  
but it is kind of about that crossover point in AI.

Jeff Battersby (21m 29s)  
I don't know, the place where the manipulation,

Jeff Battersby (21m 33s)  
both of image and of human by AI is a concern for me.

Jeff Battersby (21m 39s)  
But yeah, I will add my bit and then Tom,

Jeff Battersby (21m 43s)  
you can add yours.

Jeff Battersby (21m 44s)  
work, you know, if that's something that they can do with AI and do well with, I'd be happy about that.

Jeff Battersby (21m 52s)  
And maybe some tools built in that would detect AI more easily, you know, coming from the device itself, you know, as a means of saying, you know, this is maybe BS.

Jeff Battersby (22m 5s)  
Particularly since, you know, the recent stuff, I mean, I know Scarlett Johansson was the the big, the big lift and apparently that's now not Scarlett Johansson.

Jeff Battersby (22m 15s)  
that kind of sounds like, uh, like she does is, is the case.

Jeff Battersby (22m 20s)  
But the ability, like I, I heard, um, audio, uh,

Jeff Battersby (22m 25s)  
this morning I was listening to a podcast this morning, um,

Jeff Battersby (22m 29s)  
where they, it was robocalls and, you know,

Jeff Battersby (22m 33s)  
some previous election that made it sound, and this was cheesy AI.

Jeff Battersby (22m 39s)  
It sounded like Biden. It wasn't Biden. You know, it was phone calls going out.

Jeff Battersby (22m 44s)  
Man, that's gonna be, to my mind, problematic.

Jeff Battersby (22m 48s)  
So yeah, call me a Luddite, you can, I don't care.

Jeff Battersby (22m 52s)  
I'm not in it, but I would like those things to work better and maybe some detection capabilities built in, which I think would be a good use.

Tom Anderson (23m 3s)  
Yeah, Riley, you do much with chat GPT, perplexity, all those tools.

Riley Hill (23m 8s)  
You know, I dabble in CoPilot. I use that a little bit, but I haven't because, you know,

Riley Hill (23m 17s)  
like I said, I'm a developer. I'm actually mostly an iOS developer and since there's no,

Riley Hill (23m 23s)  
for another couple weeks, there's no AI, so to speak, in Xcode. I don't have much experience with it, but that should change. Like, I haven't used GitHub CoPilot in any meaningful way yet,

Tom Anderson (23m 34s)  
Right, yeah, and that's actually a great place for it because for developers or in my case like

Riley Hill (23m 34s)  
But that'll change soon.

Tom Anderson (23m 43s)  
I'm not much of a script writer at work, like I work in IT and we needed what ended up being just a simple little script to look to see if system settings was open and if it was, close it.

Tom Anderson (23m 54s)  
Right, nothing complicated and that's stuff that I do about once every five years and so I don't retain it like I do it and I just forget it but a quick little

Tom Anderson (24m 4s)  
you know line in perplexity and it was like here you go and we're great and I think those are good use cases I mean sure you could do it with the Google search but it just makes it a little easier and you know Google's having some search challenges here so they're helping themselves much with that but and so that and I agree with Jeff like for the AI side I would like to see Siri pick up some help we talked in the last episode I think it was

Jeff Battersby (24m 19s)  

Tom Anderson (24m 34s)  
the one before about that story in the New York Times where they said that the Apple executives tested chat GPT and and finally realized Siri needed a brain transplant I think was the quote we went back and forth on whether or not the accuracy of that part I mean I think they knew internally it had some challenges but I would like to see it pick up some stuff in particular I would like to see it since it their focus is always on your device I would like to them.

Tom Anderson (25m 4s)  
to do. So, I'm going to go ahead and do that. So, I'm going to go ahead and do that. So,

Tom Anderson (25m 32s)  
and it took like that whole collection of photos.

Tom Anderson (25m 34s)  
when she was 18 months up to four years or whatever it was,

Tom Anderson (25m 36s)  
but all playing around with water and everything, which is a demo.

Tom Anderson (25m 39s)  
Who knows how well it actually works?

Tom Anderson (25m 42s)  
But but things like that, and I think with calendar,

Tom Anderson (25m 46s)  
with your events and your tasks and email messages like

Tom Anderson (25m 50s)  
I'd love to turn it loose on email and say, hey, you've got five emails that look to be important.

Tom Anderson (25m 55s)  
Reply to those first or something like that to kind of get some of the noise out of there.

Tom Anderson (26m)  
I'd also like to see them make this stuff.

Tom Anderson (26m 5s)  
Available to developers through API so that third party apps that aren't just bolting, you know Chat GPT or something on to their app

Tom Anderson (26m 14s)  
it could use that that don't have a

Tom Anderson (26m 19s)  
AI stuff built in right now because I do use it fairly frequently like just to

Tom Anderson (26m 23s)  
Save some time like if I'm putting together a list like I'm working on something for for my site

Tom Anderson (26m 28s)  
That's kind of like a throwback corner

Tom Anderson (26m 31s)  
and I'm gonna show some.

Tom Anderson (26m 34s)  
old Apple stuff, some old Mac utilities and things like that.

Tom Anderson (26m 37s)  
And so I was trying to put together a list and I just went into Perplexity,

Tom Anderson (26m 40s)  
which I've been testing here for the last couple of weeks.

Tom Anderson (26m 42s)  
And I actually like it quite a lot as a service because for one, it sources where it gets the data from.

Tom Anderson (26m 48s)  
So everything's footnoted and you can click out and see the source.

Tom Anderson (26m 50s)  
But I used that to put together like a list of 30 classic Mac utilities,

Tom Anderson (26m 56s)  
Speed Doubler, Ram Doubler, Tech Tool Pro, all that stuff.

Tom Anderson (27m)  
all stuff I knew about, but it, you know, it took me.

Tom Anderson (27m 4s)  
30 seconds to do that.

Tom Anderson (27m 6s)  
And again, a Google search could probably do that,

Tom Anderson (27m 9s)  
but it's just that it was able to do it,

Tom Anderson (27m 11s)  
put it in a nice list, you know,

Tom Anderson (27m 12s)  
I could have it formatted as a table as I want to.

Tom Anderson (27m 14s)  
So that stuff is helpful.

Tom Anderson (27m 16s)  
So I'm hoping to see some things like that.

Riley Hill (27m 20s)  
But before we move off the AI topic, I wanted to ask both of you

Riley Hill (27m 24s)  
Do you have a sense?

Riley Hill (27m 26s)  
Is like there was there's an article

Riley Hill (27m 28s)  
month or so ago about Apple

Riley Hill (27m 31s)  
like their sales in China were falling and one of the reasons cited was like all the AI features in

Riley Hill (27m 37s)  
Competing Android phones are making the iPod phone less competitive. Like do you guys have a sense that normal people?

Riley Hill (27m 43s)  
Actually care about these AI features yet

Jeff Battersby (27m 47s)  
Other than kind of a talking point, I don't know of anybody in my sphere of normal people,

Jeff Battersby (27m 55s)  
you know, not weirdos like all of us, you know, who are, you know, kind of tech heady and thinking about, you know, thinking about these things.

Riley Hill (27m 57s)  
Right, right, exactly, yeah.

Jeff Battersby (28m 4s)  
I don't even think it rises to a level where they think about it.

Jeff Battersby (28m 10s)  
I do know people in higher education, friends of mine in higher education who...

Jeff Battersby (28m 18s)  
are concerned about it, but not from a technical level.

Jeff Battersby (28m 23s)  
And I don't think they ever think about it being on, say, their iPhone or whatever it is.

Jeff Battersby (28m 29s)  
I think they're more concerned about what it's going to do to both the level of thinking that gets done in their classes, which is really, you know, all the media to the contrary aside, you know, that's really what higher education should be about.

Jeff Battersby (28m 44s)  
education in general, if you ask me.

Jeff Battersby (28m 47s)  
teaching people how to think and reason and be able to be discerning, you know, if you have to write a paper and you have to write it on your own and you have to do the legwork and you have to go to the library and you have to pull up the information and you have to be able to put together a reasonable argument, you know, thoughtfulness and kind of put that together, you know, that takes effort and that creates channels in the brain, you know,

Jeff Battersby (29m 14s)  
that, excuse me, that are important and if you can just.

Jeff Battersby (29m 18s)  
and it looks, you know, reasonably, uh, you know,

Jeff Battersby (29m 22s)  
you just go through and kind of edit that stuff. You know,

Jeff Battersby (29m 25s)  
it, it changes what it is that we're doing.

Jeff Battersby (29m 27s)  
So I know that the people that I talk to that have concerns about it,

Jeff Battersby (29m 32s)  
have concerns about it on, on that particular level.

Jeff Battersby (29m 38s)  
Um, but average man, woman on the street, um, you know, I mean,

Jeff Battersby (29m 43s)  
I think they probably liked the feature where they could make the baby fly higher in the sky, and you can remove the--

Jeff Battersby (29m 47s)  
people from the photo, that's appealing.

Jeff Battersby (29m 51s)  
But I don't think they're thinking about it outside of that realm.

Jeff Battersby (29m 55s)  
I can't think of anybody in my family,

Jeff Battersby (29m 58s)  
frankly, that thinks about these things.

Jeff Battersby (30m 2s)  
So Tom, I took that whole time span.

Tom Anderson (30m 6s)  
You did. That was a good answer. And I agree. It's, I mean, you can look at the numbers that OpenAI reports for how many users they have, and it's a lot, but in the grand scheme of the world's population, it's not a lot. And so I think there are a lot of people who are into tech who like to stay engaged with kind of what's coming. They may have heard about it, dabbled with it a little bit, and I think too in certain areas.

Tom Anderson (30m 36s)  
see that start to dig in and get entrenched with medicine and things like that, with it being able to take all of these research studies and bubble up important information and things like that with specially trained models to do that.

Tom Anderson (30m 54s)  
But I do think once Apple dips into the game that that will obviously become more commonplace.

Tom Anderson (31m 4s)  
Apple's magic though is

Tom Anderson (31m 6s)  
to make it useful, not just a tech spec,

Tom Anderson (31m 11s)  
but make it a feature that actually provides benefit.

Tom Anderson (31m 14s)  
And so I think that that's really what I'm intrigued to see is kind of what their little bit of magic,

Tom Anderson (31m 19s)  
Apple pixie dust they're gonna sprinkle on top to make it.

Tom Anderson (31m 22s)  
Yes, it's AI, but it's not a chat prompt, right?

Jeff Battersby (31m 30s)  
Cool, cool.


Tom Anderson (31m 31s)  
All right, what do we have next?

Jeff Battersby (31m 31s)  
All right, onward.

Jeff Battersby (31m 33s)  
Mac OS, what do we hope for from WWDC for Mac OS?

Riley Hill (31m 43s)  
You know, I don't have a ton for Mac OS. I feel like

Riley Hill (31m 49s)  
my Mac OS is I mean that feature complete but like

Riley Hill (31m 53s)  
Day to day. I don't like it's doing everything I wanted to do

Riley Hill (31m 57s)  
so the only thing I came up with was basically

Riley Hill (32m 1s)  
the biggest complaint I've seen over the years is the window tiling like how

Riley Hill (32m 6s)  
Windows for sure you have like the snapping the various and they've enhanced that

Riley Hill (32m 11s)  
over the years and I know

Riley Hill (32m 13s)  
Linux there's a whole like subculture of you know window managers that implement tiling. It's the whole thing and you know Apple has a little bit you know they have the two-pane kind of snapping and you can use third-party utilities but be nice if they just enhance what was built into the system.

Tom Anderson (32m 31s)  

Tom Anderson (32m 32s)  
It's a little rough, especially when you reboot and your windows go everywhere if you have an external display.

Jeff Battersby (32m 34s)  

Tom Anderson (32m 39s)  
That's fun.

Tom Anderson (32m 41s)  
Yeah, so mine is somewhat specialized, I guess, because of what I do with work.

Tom Anderson (32m 51s)  
So one of the things that Apple has done over the last several years, of course, is they have put in these privacy protections.

Tom Anderson (32m 58s)  
You see them on iOS, like when you open up.

Tom Anderson (33m 1s)  
Instagram, and you want to do a reel for the first time,

Tom Anderson (33m 4s)  
it's like Instagram would like to access the camera.

Tom Anderson (33m 6s)  
Do you allow this?

Tom Anderson (33m 7s)  
You tap allow, and you get it on the microphone.

Tom Anderson (33m 9s)  
Yes, tap allow.

Tom Anderson (33m 9s)  
And so they've built these into macOS as well,

Tom Anderson (33m 13s)  
but there's more friction over there for those.

Tom Anderson (33m 17s)  
Whereas on iOS, if it comes up,

Tom Anderson (33m 19s)  
Instagram wants to use the microphone.

Tom Anderson (33m 21s)  
Do you want to allow it?

Tom Anderson (33m 21s)  
Yes, and it just does it.

Tom Anderson (33m 23s)  
On the Mac, a lot of times it was a open system preferences and go to privacy and do this.

Tom Anderson (33m 27s)  
And I'm like, I have no idea why.

Tom Anderson (33m 29s)  
They just don't make it.

Tom Anderson (33m 31s)  
I wouldn't like to allow it to do this.

Tom Anderson (33m 33s)  
And where that becomes frustrating for me and is, you know, working IT and higher ed.

Tom Anderson (33m 39s)  
And so we'll have people get their laptops,

Tom Anderson (33m 43s)  
they'll install Zoom because we use Zoom a lot,

Tom Anderson (33m 45s)  
or this would apply to Teams or even FaceTime or anything really, I guess.

Tom Anderson (33m 48s)  
But they go in, Zoom would like to access the microphone.

Tom Anderson (33m 53s)  
And then you go to system preferences or it gets lost behind the window for the application.

Tom Anderson (33m 57s)  
That happens pretty frequently too.

Tom Anderson (33m 59s)  
and people are like, "I, I..."

Tom Anderson (34m 1s)  
I can't get it to work.

Tom Anderson (34m 3s)  
And I understand why they've put these things in place and I don't really have a problem conceptually with it.

Tom Anderson (34m 8s)  
I think it is a little bit funny that they've turned it into Vista

Riley Hill (34m 14s)  

Tom Anderson (34m 14s)  
from years back when it was,

Tom Anderson (34m 16s)  
and they used to trash that when they were doing those Mac and PC commercials and they say, "Allow or deny."

Tom Anderson (34m 23s)  
And so it's the same thing.

Tom Anderson (34m 25s)  
But, and I get why they do it.

Tom Anderson (34m 27s)  
I just wish they would streamline it a little bit.

Jeff Battersby (34m 29s)  
Yeah, and there's some rumor that there's going to be an update to system settings, now they call it.

Tom Anderson (34m 31s)  
Yeah, I can't wait till they make it even worse.

Jeff Battersby (34m 34s)  

Tom Anderson (34m 35s)  
LAUGH Well, I thought system preferences was bad enough and then they did system settings and it was like, wow, it can't get worse.

Jeff Battersby (34m 38s)  
You've no faith, Tom!

Jeff Battersby (34m 42s)  
Yeah, uh...

Jeff Battersby (34m 44s)  
Trying to, trying to iOS it.

Tom Anderson (34m 44s)  
And again, that's another thing I understand.

Tom Anderson (34m 46s)  
Yeah, I understand why they did that.

Tom Anderson (34m 48s)  
But Mac displays are wide, they're not narrow.

Tom Anderson (34m 52s)  
So I don't know why they insisted in making it like an iPhone interface.

Tom Anderson (34m 56s)  
But anyhow, Jeff, what do you?

Jeff Battersby (34m 58s)  
Yeah, simple things. This is leftover from last year, by the way, that display menu in the menu bar. I'd like to have that, that capability, it's still not a possibility within baked into the OS, I already have, you know, a third party cameras called display menu or something stupid like that, that does what I would like the OS to do by default. And I'm like, Riley, I, there is very little other friction that I face in macOS in in what I'm doing on a

Jeff Battersby (35m 28s)  
day to day basis. I'm really happy with Apple mail. They're in a good way. Apple calendar is is pretty great. Gannon in one of his recent pitches on on on threads was talking about the use of reminders. And I'm finding reminders is fine for me to all these things that Apple's continuing to enhance in macOS is pretty good. I'm going to say this generally will start with

Jeff Battersby (35m 58s)  
macOS. But this filters down to all the other OS is that that we'll talk about. I want better iCloud storage for the same buck. I you know, I want I want to have I want to have access to more storage. It's it's we've talked about this a long time. And so have so many other people. You know, the five gigs at the baseline is stupid. Sorry, did I say was I too too?

Tom Anderson (36m 17s)  

Riley Hill (36m 23s)  

Jeff Battersby (36m 26s)  
I'm sorry.

Tom Anderson (36m 27s)  
I like it

Jeff Battersby (36m 28s)  
I should be I should be more diplomatic.

Tom Anderson (36m 30s)  
Why? Nah, it's stupid. It's 2024 almost in June. I mean

Jeff Battersby (36m 30s)  
It's not very good to have five.

Jeff Battersby (36m 37s)  
Yeah right.

Jeff Battersby (36m 38s)  
It's so anyway I would that that's a big thing I want to see.

Jeff Battersby (36m 42s)  
I want to see that across the across the.

Tom Anderson (36m 46s)  
Yeah, I think that would be good.

Tom Anderson (36m 47s)  
Riley, what iCloud tier are you on these days?

Riley Hill (36m 51s)  
you know, I was on the 200 gig for a while until I started making these these videos and

Riley Hill (36m 57s)  
You know, you know, I was on the edge and it just the prompts, you know upgrade upgrade just finally got to me so I'm on two terabytes I

Tom Anderson (37m 5s)  
Yeah, yeah, and you can get up to, what, 12, I think?

Riley Hill (37m 9s)  
Think yeah 10 or 12 or something. Yeah

Tom Anderson (37m 11s)  
Yeah, yeah, so I think we're on the two,

Tom Anderson (37m 14s)  
but it's shared through the family,

Tom Anderson (37m 15s)  
and we really don't go much below a terabyte remaining.

Tom Anderson (37m 21s)  
It dips down because of the podcast stuff.

Tom Anderson (37m 24s)  
Like, I've got all the files up there,

Tom Anderson (37m 25s)  
but then I archive those off to an external about every six months, and it goes back up, but.

Riley Hill (37m 30s)  

Tom Anderson (37m 30s)  
All right, iPad OS.


Jeff Battersby (37m 31s)  
All right, I'll jump in.

Tom Anderson (37m 32s)  
Riley, you're a big iPad man.

Riley Hill (37m 35s)  
I don't know it. I feel like I don't know maybe I should go last like yeah

Tom Anderson (37m 35s)  
We'll let you go.

Jeff Battersby (37m 41s)  
Here's the thing I'd like, and Riley,

Jeff Battersby (37m 47s)  
you can slap me around after that.

Jeff Battersby (37m 50s)  
I am one who would like something that's a little more,

Jeff Battersby (37m 55s)  
particularly around the Files app,

Jeff Battersby (37m 58s)  
more usable in a way that makes sense to me.

Jeff Battersby (38m 1s)  
I would really like the ability that you have presently on macOS, you know, some apps let you run,

Jeff Battersby (38m 8s)  
you can run some iOS apps and iPadOS apps on the Mac.

Jeff Battersby (38m 13s)  
Man, I would like that to go backwards to iPadOS.

Jeff Battersby (38m 17s)  
If I could run Highland Pro on iPadOS in, you know,

Jeff Battersby (38m 22s)  
whatever way that Apple manages that,

Jeff Battersby (38m 25s)  
that would be amazing for me,

Jeff Battersby (38m 27s)  
because then I could use the iPad to write.

Jeff Battersby (38m 29s)  
You know, that would be that.

Jeff Battersby (38m 31s)  
And that's again, a thing that, that I'd like to be able to do.

Jeff Battersby (38m 34s)  
So that, that would be something that I like.

Jeff Battersby (38m 37s)  
Um, and then I'll, I'll say one thing about the music app on iPad.

Jeff Battersby (38m 43s)  
That's most often where I'm playing music from, you know, I'm throwing on, uh,

Jeff Battersby (38m 48s)  
either radio paradise, which, you know, don't need to worry about.

Jeff Battersby (38m 52s)  
Um, but music, and I was just looking at this last night.

Jeff Battersby (38m 57s)  
And this is true on iOS and on iPads.

Jeff Battersby (39m 1s)  
If you look in macOS on recent, you know, recently added, you can go back in time to the very first album that you ever added or song that you ever added.

Jeff Battersby (39m 15s)  
You can only go back 60 and I put it bad OS and, and iOS and the truth of the matter is, I mean, I'm kind of a music nerd.

Jeff Battersby (39m 25s)  
I add music all the time.

Jeff Battersby (39m 28s)  
And sometimes I'm in my car in the.

Jeff Battersby (39m 32s)  
Maybe two weeks ago is not there anymore because it's tailed off the bottom of that 60 list.

Jeff Battersby (39m 38s)  
Now, some, some people might say that, you know, I'm as bad with music as I am with books.

Jeff Battersby (39m 43s)  
That's probably true.

Jeff Battersby (39m 45s)  
Um, but I would really, I really want those things to be the same.

Jeff Battersby (39m 50s)  
I want those features across all those devices.

Jeff Battersby (39m 53s)  
So I can say, you know, a month ago, yeah, I picked up this, you know, whatever new album I got.

Jeff Battersby (39m 59s)  
Um, you know.

Jeff Battersby (40m 1s)  
I just really want the ability to have that.

Jeff Battersby (40m 4s)  
So that's me.

Jeff Battersby (40m 5s)  

Jeff Battersby (40m 6s)  
We're going to let Riley go last.

Tom Anderson (40m 6s)  
Okay Well, I figure he's probably has the most to say so

Jeff Battersby (40m 10s)  

Tom Anderson (40m 13s)  
In fact, he's got a something there that I agree with I won't touch them, but I would like to see

Tom Anderson (40m 19s)  
windowing decoupled from stage manager

Tom Anderson (40m 24s)  
Because to get it you have to turn on stage manager stage manager I

Tom Anderson (40m 29s)  
don't really like a whole lot and part of this is because I'm 75 years old and

Tom Anderson (40m 36s)  
I'm just used to windowing working the way it works on the Mac

Tom Anderson (40m 41s)  
I'm not really 75 but close

Tom Anderson (40m 44s)  
And so I like the way generally that that the windowing works like I know in the first go-around with stage manager was very good But I think they made some nice improvements to it last year with the iPad OS 17 And so I'd like to see you to be able to just do windowing without just like can on the Mac without

Tom Anderson (41m 1s)  
Stage manager and then if you want the stage manager to help keep things organized that that's fine

Tom Anderson (41m 6s)  
It's something about that was the way those windows jump back and forth and you have to add things and I think you're gonna touch On this a little bit. So yeah, that's that's what I got. Maybe some background processes improvements to to to make it more

Riley Hill (41m 21s)  
So, um, I probably could talk all day about this, but, um, the key things I would love to see, um, you know, I talked about the developer stuff earlier and like, I feel like the most we'll probably ever get from Apple is an Xcode on iPad, which is fine, but like, you know,

Riley Hill (41m 42s)  
software development, right.

Riley Hill (41m 43s)  
It's so much more than writing mobile apps, right.

Riley Hill (41m 46s)  
It's the amount of the ecosystem of tools around web.

Riley Hill (41m 52s)  
There's so many just these command line tools you use that even if Microsoft was able to bring Visual Studio Code, for example, the iPad, like there's so many other things you need and so I'd like them to take some kind of a holistic approach to enabling developer workflows and whether that's through virtualization, who knows if that's through, you know, I propose something like a developer database.

Riley Hill (42m 19s)  

Riley Hill (42m 21s)  
So I'd like to see a broader developer story there.

Riley Hill (42m 49s)  
From a stage manager perspective.

Riley Hill (42m 51s)  
You know, we have that for window limit across the iPad and on the external display.

Riley Hill (42m 57s)  
If you're using one, you know, it kind of sort of makes sense on the iPad display.

Riley Hill (43m 3s)  
The windows are pretty big and the displays, even the 13 are small.

Riley Hill (43m 7s)  
So I can kind of see where that makes sense.

Riley Hill (43m 9s)  
But I have a 27 inch monitor here.

Riley Hill (43m 11s)  
There's no reason to limit that on the number of windows.

Riley Hill (43m 16s)  
And again, it's number of windows.

Riley Hill (43m 17s)  
It's not even number of apps, right?

Riley Hill (43m 19s)  
apps, right? So if you use the notes app and.

Riley Hill (43m 21s)  
You pull out three notes, that's all your windows in that space.

Riley Hill (43m 24s)  
You have to like that, that in itself is also silly. Um,

Riley Hill (43m 29s)  
there's the audio stream stuff. You know, I'm not a podcaster, so I don't,

Riley Hill (43m 33s)  
I know podcasters talk about like being able,

Riley Hill (43m 35s)  
not being able to record your audio while it's doing other things.

Riley Hill (43m 39s)  
I don't totally understand that, but just making audio streams better.

Riley Hill (43m 44s)  
And then, um, you know,

Riley Hill (43m 46s)  
and I put a link in the notes to this rumor that stuck with me for some reason.

Riley Hill (43m 51s)  
Things will randomly stick with me. I don't know why,

Riley Hill (43m 54s)  
but there was this leaker last year who was like,

Riley Hill (43m 58s)  
it's like a whole thing where like they found out who he was getting info from is like sister or something. And she got fired, but like, it was,

Tom Anderson (44m 3s)  
I remember that. Yeah, yeah.

Riley Hill (44m 4s)  
it was like a whole thing. But like he was, um, that leaker was, you know,

Riley Hill (44m 10s)  
I'm leaking some ideas that he thought was coming in iPadOS 17.

Riley Hill (44m 14s)  
Some of them did kind of trickle in, but it made me think,

Riley Hill (44m 18s)  
Cause like one of the things was like being able to have multiple

Riley Hill (44m 21s)  
audio and video streams in stage manager.

Riley Hill (44m 23s)  
And I remember when Mark Gurman leaked stage manager before it came out, he called it pro mode that their Apple was going to develop a pro mode for iPad.

Riley Hill (44m 32s)  
And so that idea, I'm like, so the idea of leveraging the stage manager environment, mode, whatever, to bring more of those computery features, like, you know, if they, as long as they're continuing to iterate on stage manager, I think that's probably the best way to do it so that.

Riley Hill (44m 51s)  
You aren't inconveniencing the users who are buying just like the $350 iPad and don't care about any of this right iPad OS can stay simple for them, but then you know turn on stage manager and for those of us who are more familiar we can do what we got to do right so I'd like to see I'd like to see more of a concrete direction of Apple treating stage manager as pro mode with some of those things that were in that list but.

Riley Hill (45m 18s)  
I'll stop there.

Tom Anderson (45m 19s)  
Yeah that'd be good.

Jeff Battersby (45m 20s)  
Cool cool like it like it a lot

Jeff Battersby (45m 22s)  
All right TV OS I'll jump in right on this. I use Apple TV all the time it is it is


Jeff Battersby (45m 31s)  
frankly It is a favorite piece of hardware. You know Apple TV for me It really I've gotten completely rid of cable don't have any of that just have internet love it. It needs a way better UI

Jeff Battersby (45m 46s)  
Its UI is not

Jeff Battersby (45m 50s)  
Really good. It's relatively friendly. They have done a lot to update it kind of under the covers and last probably three or four updates

Jeff Battersby (45m 59s)  
You know they've done some reorganization and made it look a little better, but the whole

Jeff Battersby (46m 5s)  
The whole interface is is still kind of a drag I'd like to be the ability to be able like you can with CarPlay

Jeff Battersby (46m 13s)  
Make adjustments on the device itself You know on an iPad or an iPhone to be able to make a rain, you know

Jeff Battersby (46m 20s)  
Arrange what it is that you have in it. Otherwise, it's it's kind of a pain in the neck still to manage So I'd like to see some other better means of handling that

Jeff Battersby (46m 29s)  
That's me. Oh

Jeff Battersby (46m 32s)  
By the way, just a little side note I'd also like Apple to allow any of the content that's being created for Apple TV plus to make bad guys use

Jeff Battersby (46m 42s)  
Apple devices

Jeff Battersby (46m 45s)  
You can't you can't have a bad guy with an Apple device

Jeff Battersby (46m 50s)  
It's kind of a lame, you know, they need to separate the anyway

Jeff Battersby (46m 55s)  
The advertising from the content. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Sorry. That was that was a total total side note

Tom Anderson (46m 56s)  
The product placements subliminal.

Tom Anderson (46m 59s)  

Tom Anderson (47m 3s)  
Riley, what do you have?

Tom Anderson (47m 5s)  
Are you a big Apple TV user?

Riley Hill (47m 6s)  
Um, I mean, I have one, I wouldn't say I'm a big user.

Riley Hill (47m 9s)  
Um, it is, you know, what I use, but I don't watch a ton of TV.

Riley Hill (47m 13s)  
Um, for me, you know, it was a couple of releases ago.

Riley Hill (47m 17s)  
They changed the default behavior of the TV app.

Riley Hill (47m 20s)  
So like it used to show you're up next, right.

Riley Hill (47m 22s)  
In the big kind of overview.

Riley Hill (47m 25s)  
And now it just kind of defaults to Apple TV content or something like, I mean, I get it right.

Riley Hill (47m 31s)  
The Apple TV at this point now is a vehicle for TV plus, but I miss that.

Riley Hill (47m 36s)  
The previous designs that maybe weren't shoving it as much in our face.

Riley Hill (47m 40s)  
And yeah, I'd like to see less of that, but I don't, I don't think we will.

Riley Hill (47m 44s)  
And that's fine.

Riley Hill (47m 44s)  
It's not a huge deal, but it's all.

Tom Anderson (47m 46s)  

Tom Anderson (47m 47s)  
Yeah, and I'm not a big user either.

Tom Anderson (47m 50s)  
I have, well, we got three in the house.

Tom Anderson (47m 52s)  
Kids have one each.

Tom Anderson (47m 54s)  
And then we've got the one on the main TV,

Tom Anderson (47m 55s)  
which I think we've turned the main TV on three times in the last 12 months.

Tom Anderson (48m 2s)  
But it's a 42 inch Visio from like 2007, eight.

Tom Anderson (48m 8s)  
And I just don't see the need to get another one.

Riley Hill (48m 9s)  

Tom Anderson (48m 10s)  
But I have one in the office and I usually run just the screensavers on it to have something to look at.

Tom Anderson (48m 16s)  
I would like to be able to add overlays on top of the screen savers, kind of like when you turn the phone, like when your phone is charging, and it goes into that standby mode and it can show like what's coming up on your calendar or something like that.

Tom Anderson (48m 28s)  
Is to maybe extend that over to there because I mean, it would make a great kind of large heads up display as I'm, you know, I'm in and out of the office at different times. And, you know, I can look at maybe glance at it.

Tom Anderson (48m 41s)  
You know, I can look up, maybe glance at it.

Tom Anderson (48m 44s)  
And I know a lot of conference rooms.

Tom Anderson (48m 47s)  
And we could maybe do something with it there too.

Tom Anderson (48m 50s)  
It's kind of a cheap digital signage type thing.

Tom Anderson (48m 52s)  
But I know they have apps for that,

Tom Anderson (48m 55s)  
but we're not using any of those.

Tom Anderson (48m 57s)  
So not using it much.

Tom Anderson (48m 58s)  
Yeah, I don't really have too much to request.

Jeff Battersby (49m 1s)  
Cool, cool.

Jeff Battersby (49m 2s)  
All right, Tom, we'll start with you with watch.


Tom Anderson (49m 5s)  
Okay. So watchOS 10 we dragged pretty good when it came out.

Tom Anderson (49m 13s)  
It was a little rough.

Tom Anderson (49m 16s)  
Well, I don't know if rough is the right word.

Tom Anderson (49m 18s)  
Some changes there that I didn't like and some people felt pretty strongly about.

Tom Anderson (49m 22s)  
To Apple's credit, they have done a pretty good job,

Tom Anderson (49m 24s)  
I think, of smoothing out some of that

Tom Anderson (49m 27s)  
with regards to like the timers app in particular.

Tom Anderson (49m 31s)  
They cleaned up a little bit.

Tom Anderson (49m 35s)  
And switching back and forth between apps with the button and that kind of stuff.

Tom Anderson (49m 42s)  
I still would like to see third-party watch faces.

Tom Anderson (49m 46s)  
And I think if they're not going to allow third-party watch faces, the onus is kind of on them to provide more watch faces and more capabilities in the watch faces.

Tom Anderson (50m)  
Uh, and so I would like to see them do that.

Tom Anderson (50m 3s)  
I doubt they will.

Tom Anderson (50m 4s)  
It seems like probably like a copyright trademark nightmare for them to kind of manage that.

Tom Anderson (50m 9s)  
But, but we'll see, uh, aside from that, a tiny little thing, and this one is super specific.

Tom Anderson (50m 14s)  
I would love.

Tom Anderson (50m 16s)  
to see some type of a timer in the workout app, um, the, you can do segments and stuff like that based off what you're working, you know, what type of workout it is.

Tom Anderson (50m 25s)  
Uh, but you know, lifting weights, a lot of times you'll do your set, you'll have a minute or two to rest and it's jumping back and forth between the workout app and the timer app.

Tom Anderson (50m 35s)  
Even if it just displayed the timer in the workout app and if you touched it, it just jumped over to the timer app and you had to link to get back, something like that.

Tom Anderson (50m 44s)  
And then the final thing I had is I've noticed like the background app refreshes for the watch a lot of times and I don't know if this is a watchOS thing or if it's a developer thing based on the application but like I use things and so I have it in the smart stack and I'll notice when I look at it and I see this with calendar 2 from from Apple is I'll be you know knocking things off of the things list as complete but it doesn't update in the smart stack or I'll change

Tom Anderson (51m 16s)  
something on my Mac on a calendar event that you know maybe the time change couldn't meet at one we had to meet at three while at 1250 I'll still get the notification on the watch hey meetings coming up in 10 minutes but it's really not because that just didn't get down and I think that comes from the phone so that's a little bit different but some of those background things I think just aren't as tight as they should be

Riley Hill (51m 37s)  
Developing for watch OS is terrible, by the way, like just a terrible experience, so it doesn't surprise me. I

Tom Anderson (51m 42s)  
That might explain some of it, yeah.

Riley Hill (51m 45s)  
Which I guess mine's really quick

Riley Hill (51m 48s)  
Although Tom what you just said made me think of just watch OS 10. There were those points

Riley Hill (51m 53s)  
Like getting in the app switch or getting the Apple pay

Riley Hill (51m 57s)  
That like didn't have that Apple polish right like at least for me you know when I double click the home button and like you see the home screen for a second or something and then the carousel comes up like that's.

Tom Anderson (52m 4s)  
Yeah, it's really weird. Yeah

Riley Hill (52m 7s)  
So I like that it seems a little better I was just testing that but really for me it's the music app which I want to use more on the watch but maybe I just use it weird but like I hate I've always hated that if I go to a playlist it just starts playing instead of letting me pick where in the playlist I want to start.

Riley Hill (52m 29s)  
I just feel like the whole home view like is in sync across my like my Mac and my iPad and fun, but when I get to the watch, there are things missing.

Riley Hill (52m 37s)  
And I don't know the albums missing that should be there in playlists, and I don't know why that is.

Riley Hill (52m 43s)  
So I think the music app needs a rethink on the watch, because that is my iPod on my wrist,

Riley Hill (52m 51s)  
so I should be better at that.

Riley Hill (52m 53s)  
And really just the ability to leave the phone call interface when you're on a call would also be great.

Jeff Battersby (53m 1s)  
Um, for me, uh, not a lot.

Jeff Battersby (53m 4s)  
I, I will say, um, I'm, this will be interesting to you, Tom.

Jeff Battersby (53m 10s)  
Um, I'm back in the land of, uh, watch ambivalence.

Jeff Battersby (53m 15s)  
Um, I like it.

Jeff Battersby (53m 16s)  
I, what I love it for is, is exercise related, hiking related, you know, doing

Jeff Battersby (53m 21s)  
all the things that I like to do.

Jeff Battersby (53m 23s)  
Um, but I'm catching myself of like going, Oh shoot.

Jeff Battersby (53m 26s)  
I don't have my watch on.

Jeff Battersby (53m 27s)  
Um, which is, that's kind of new.

Jeff Battersby (53m 30s)  
There are other things that I.

Jeff Battersby (53m 31s)  
Really like I have taken to sleeping with it.

Jeff Battersby (53m 34s)  
Um, but, uh, so I'm, you know, capturing some of that data, uh, but there's not a lot in it for me that I find, um, you know, particularly compelling.

Jeff Battersby (53m 48s)  
So I don't know, maybe what I want from watchOS is something that makes wearing the watch more compelling for me.

Jeff Battersby (53m 57s)  
Um, all right, onto iOS.


Jeff Battersby (54m)  
I've already kind of said what I wanted.

Jeff Battersby (54m 2s)  
in iOS, which is an update to the music app.

Jeff Battersby (54m 4s)  
So we can, we can jump past me on this one.

Jeff Battersby (54m 6s)  
Riley, how about you?

Jeff Battersby (54m 7s)  
What do you want in a, in iOS?

Riley Hill (54m 9s)  
want a reason to buy a Plus or Pro Max. I've been on the bigger phones before and when the 6 Plus came out, everyone was like, "Oh man,

Riley Hill (54m 21s)  
it's like a little iPad," right? And Apple added that landscape home screen and it was like, "Okay, they're gonna go all-in on this," and they didn't. So for me, if you're not taking that larger size seriously means having basically a more like iPad style interface.

Riley Hill (54m 40s)  
a meaningful landscape support, otherwise, like, I just don't see a point.

Riley Hill (54m 44s)  
So I always get the regular size, but I'd like a bigger effort on landscape layouts.

Tom Anderson (54m 51s)  
Yeah, that would be good.

Tom Anderson (54m 52s)  
And I think you kind of touch on something there that extends into iPad conversation too, where people are a bit of a, that can be cynical.

Tom Anderson (55m 1s)  
I'll admit that.

Tom Anderson (55m 2s)  
But a lot of these things like you, like you just said, they, Hey, well, yeah.

Jeff Battersby (55m 4s)  

Tom Anderson (55m 6s)  
You mentioned the landscape on the phone and people, Oh, it's a little iPad.

Tom Anderson (55m 10s)  
And Apple was probably like, hell with that.

Tom Anderson (55m 12s)  
We can't have that.

Tom Anderson (55m 13s)  
And no, no, no, no.

Tom Anderson (55m 14s)  
You want an iPad, you buy an iPad.

Tom Anderson (55m 16s)  
You want a Mac, you buy a Mac.

Tom Anderson (55m 18s)  
And I feel that some of the decisions.

Tom Anderson (55m 21s)  
Are definitely made to to limit the functionality just to upsell you on the other thing and in fact, which I think it was Joswiec said that in the last week or so week or two because all that noise came up again with the m4 iPad release that I'll put Mac OS on it, which is really a cry for just please get some of these silly limitations out of the way and I have pad OS is fine.

Tom Anderson (55m 43s)  
It just doesn't do everything you need to do, but he was like, oh yeah, we see that most iPad users have a Mac to.

Tom Anderson (55m 51s)  
Not for them, but for us, it's not a problem for them. They're happy to sell to you, but I mean iOS for me. I touched on it there just a minute ago with the background refreshes and everything. I mean, it's pretty good. We talked about Siri stuff, but that goes across all the platforms, so that's about all I have.

Jeff Battersby (55m 53s)  


Jeff Battersby (56m 12s)  
All right, Tom, VisionOS, that's you, the nothing.

Tom Anderson (56m 13s)  
Jeff, what would you like envision OS my friend perfect? All right next.

Tom Anderson (56m 21s)  
For me, I would like to see that and I'm sure this is coming.

Jeff Battersby (56m 21s)  
Not interested.

Tom Anderson (56m 28s)  
Envision OS as it is today when you arrange your window layout because of the spatial nature of the device, you can put Apple TV plus on the bedroom wall. You can go out and have the music app in the living room. You can put the settings app in the garage, whatever you want to do.

Tom Anderson (56m 45s)  
Oh right with the other tools, but when you restart the device, all that's lost.

Jeff Battersby (56m 46s)  
With your tools.

Tom Anderson (56m 52s)  
And so I'd like to see them come up with some way to come up with some type of maybe a spaces thing where you can configure these things to be more persistent. Yes.

Tom Anderson (57m 1s)  
Organizing apps is messy. You just get like the list and you just kind of slide through them and bug fixes like it's still pretty glitchy at times, especially with the keyboard. Even if you have a Bluetooth keyboard mouse, which I do when I do use it, that virtual keyboard still will pop up sometimes and it'll go go away.

Tom Anderson (57m 21s)  
So you start typing, but it'll still pop up and that that's kind of annoying.

Tom Anderson (57m 24s)  
And then just content I did see. I don't know if you guys saw this. They updated. So they've got this little video on Apple TV, the app for the Apple immersive and it's like three and a half minutes long.

Tom Anderson (57m 39s)  
And I think it's the one they showed during the demo when you go and do the demo, but they've updated it.

Tom Anderson (57m 43s)  
And they had some court side footage from the NBA all star game. They had some on field footage from the Super Bowl, mostly during the warm ups.

Tom Anderson (57m 52s)  
That is really what I want more of. And I think that's why my usage has dropped off some because Jeff, you asked the other day how much I've used it, which hasn't been a lot lately.

Tom Anderson (58m 2s)  
But when I use it a lot towards the end of the football season, if I watch baseball, I probably would get into some of that too.

Tom Anderson (58m 12s)  
But yes, so content, I don't know why they're so slow coming up with content. They still have those immersive scenes.

Tom Anderson (58m 22s)  
They've got Yosemite and a couple of others and they still have some that say coming soon. It's like, well, how soon? Your soon is different than my soon. But yeah, that's what I'd like to see there.

Riley Hill (58m 30s)  
The only thing I would say is just it looked like there were still a bunch of core apps that were iPad like core Apple apps that were iPad ports that should probably get updated to be full Vision OS apps. I'd love to see that.

Tom Anderson (58m 41s)  

Tom Anderson (58m 45s)  

Tom Anderson (58m 48s)  
Yeah, they only did a handful and so I'm sure they'll

Tom Anderson (58m 51s)  
add another one or two. This feels like it'll take them about four years to get that done just because

Tom Anderson (58m 57s)  
they've probably got higher priorities.

Jeff Battersby (59m 1s)  
All right, bonus items.

The Bonus Round

Jeff Battersby (59m 3s)  
I'm gonna say this again.

Jeff Battersby (59m 4s)  
I really like what Apple's done with keychain and passwords,

Jeff Battersby (59m 8s)  
and I'd like to see that broken out of,

Jeff Battersby (59m 11s)  
I'd like to see passwords broken out of system settings.

Jeff Battersby (59m 16s)  
I'd like it to be a standalone app,

Jeff Battersby (59m 19s)  
but more obvious to non-technical users,

Jeff Battersby (59m 22s)  
which it's not presently.

Jeff Battersby (59m 24s)  
You know, most people don't even know that that thing exists.

Jeff Battersby (59m 29s)  
A break out of that, that would be a big thing.

Jeff Battersby (59m 32s)  
I would like the default in the Photos app to be not over-processing.

Jeff Battersby (59m 37s)  
I would like it just to take a nice, cool, raw photo that you can choose to process after the fact.

Jeff Battersby (59m 42s)  
That would be really great if they did something like that.

Jeff Battersby (59m 46s)  
And continued improvements to CarPlay.

Jeff Battersby (59m 49s)  
Really, I use CarPlay every single time I drive my car.

Jeff Battersby (59m 52s)  
I really do like it.

Jeff Battersby (59m 53s)  
I think it's had some big updates.

Jeff Battersby (59m 56s)  
I'd like to see some other.

Jeff Battersby (59m 59s)  
Options in, in there.

Jeff Battersby (1h 1s)  
Um, for example, it would be nice to be able to run a shortcut, you know, where it prompts you, ask you a question and, you know, spits that stuff out.

Jeff Battersby (1h 9s)  
But, uh, since it's all running on the phone anyway, you know, there's no reason it, it couldn't do those kinds of things.

Jeff Battersby (1h 15s)  
I do understand that, you know, Apple doesn't want people driving into trees.

Jeff Battersby (1h 19s)  
Um, so that's a, you know, that's a reason maybe not to do, to do those things, but I would like to see, I would like to see that.

Riley Hill (1h 27s)  
My bonus items calculator calculator for iPad. I'm so tired of hearing that complaint like just just do it, you know

Tom Anderson (1h 32s)  
Yeah, and they'll, they'll get burned for that to be like, "Oh, finally."

Tom Anderson (1h 40s)  
But yeah, I don't know why they haven't done that yet.

Tom Anderson (1h 43s)  
For me, I would like to see a quick note API for other apps.

Tom Anderson (1h 48s)  
Um, I don't think they're obligated to do that by any means.

Tom Anderson (1h 51s)  
That's a notes feature.

Tom Anderson (1h 52s)  
I get it.

Tom Anderson (1h 53s)  
I don't use notes a ton.

Tom Anderson (1h 54s)  
I use bear and I would love for bear to be able to, I'd like to be able to just to do a quick note from the lock screen or something from bear, um, little

Tom Anderson (1h 1m 2s)  
in there and maybe some work on the backup options for, for iPadOS and iOS,

Tom Anderson (1h 1m 9s)  
uh, to make it a little easier to get something back if you just need to

Tom Anderson (1h 1m 13s)  
recover a subset of data and not restore the whole phone.

Tom Anderson (1h 1m 17s)  
Um, and I didn't mention this earlier cause I didn't put it on the list,

Tom Anderson (1h 1m 19s)  
but, uh, I think it be good to have some type of a time machine iCloud version of that, because people don't remember to plug in their external drives,

Tom Anderson (1h 1m 30s)  
especially with laptops.

Tom Anderson (1h 1m 32s)  
I think it would be good to have,

Tom Anderson (1h 1m 33s)  
I mean, I use Backblaze to cover that for me,

Tom Anderson (1h 1m 35s)  
but that's kind of like the AI conversation,

Tom Anderson (1h 1m 38s)  
ask somebody, hey, you know about Backblaze?

Tom Anderson (1h 1m 40s)  
Yeah, I have no idea what that is, don't care.

Tom Anderson (1h 1m 42s)  
But if it's built in,

Tom Anderson (1h 1m 44s)  
and they could choose their services revenue with a higher cloud storage.

Tom Anderson (1h 1m 48s)  
So you always have to tie that in for Apple to do something.

Tom Anderson (1h 1m 52s)  
So that's what I got.

Jeff Battersby (1h 1m 53s)  
Cool, hardware.

Jeff Battersby (1h 1m 55s)  
Tommy, you had an interesting hardware choice.

Tom Anderson (1h 2m)  
I did.

Tom Anderson (1h 2m 1s)  
So, you know, many years ago,

Tom Anderson (1h 2m 3s)  
Apple had their own wifi routers.

Tom Anderson (1h 2m 5s)  
The airport, airport express, airport extreme.

Tom Anderson (1h 2m 9s)  
They had the time capsule,

Tom Anderson (1h 2m 10s)  
which was kind of like a local cloud backup really.

Tom Anderson (1h 2m 13s)  
When you, when you think about it, it would,

Tom Anderson (1h 2m 14s)  
you'd set it and it would back up to the router,

Tom Anderson (1h 2m 18s)  
which had a hard drive in it.

Tom Anderson (1h 2m 19s)  
It would back that up as a disk image.

Tom Anderson (1h 2m 21s)  
It's kind of janky because it,

Tom Anderson (1h 2m 23s)  
the disk image files would get corrupted about every three months, it seems.

Tom Anderson (1h 2m 27s)  
It's not what you want.

Tom Anderson (1h 2m 29s)  
Not for your backups, but with mesh networking technologies and things like that and Apple stands on privacy and, you know, home kits and all of these different types of things.

Tom Anderson (1h 2m 42s)  
I would love for Apple to do a modern take on airport and bring that back because right now I think I'm using the TP-Link, it's one you recommended, I think, Jeff, after we got off the Euro love affair we had there for a while.

Jeff Battersby (1h 2m 47s)  
Mm. Yeah, yeah.

Tom Anderson (1h 2m 57s)  
which was good for a--

Tom Anderson (1h 2m 59s)  
it was very Apple-like, and then Amazon bought it,

Tom Anderson (1h 3m)  
and it wasn't quite the same.

Tom Anderson (1h 3m 2s)  
So, yeah, that's what I was thinking with that.

Tom Anderson (1h 3m 4s)  
I think it would be an interesting product.

Jeff Battersby (1h 3m 7s)  
Yeah, sure.

Jeff Battersby (1h 3m 13s)  
Any hardware wishes, Riley?

Jeff Battersby (1h 3m 16s)  
You got the best in the game right now.

Tom Anderson (1h 3m 17s)  
He's like, "I just spent all my money on iPads. I don't need any other temptations."

Riley Hill (1h 3m 20s)  
Yeah, a cheaper Vision Pro, but I know that's coming eventually. That's all I'm really looking for at this point.

Jeff Battersby (1h 3m 28s)  
Yeah, and I got nothing on hardware either.

Jeff Battersby (1h 3m 31s)  
I'm happy with really my whole current ecosystem other than the complaints I had previously.

Jeff Battersby (1h 3m 39s)  
We always like to throw in a Hail Mary, I got one for you.

Jeff Battersby (1h 3m 43s)  
I'd like to see Apple put a better focus on software.

Jeff Battersby (1h 3m 49s)  
I'd like them to kind of tighten the reins in that way.

Jeff Battersby (1h 3m 54s)  
They have a huge, they have a huge software ecosystem.

Jeff Battersby (1h 3m 59s)  
So I get how difficult that is,

Jeff Battersby (1h 4m 2s)  
but I really would like their mindset to be software

Jeff Battersby (1h 4m 11s)  
as opposed to services, focused company,

Jeff Battersby (1h 4m 16s)  
tied to their very brilliant hardware.

Jeff Battersby (1h 4m 18s)  
So that's my Hail Mary.

Jeff Battersby (1h 4m 20s)  
Unlikely to happen, but would be awesome if it did.

Jeff Battersby (1h 4m 23s)  
That's where I'm at.

Riley Hill (1h 4m 28s)  
The biggest one would be just side-loading options for iPad.

Riley Hill (1h 4m 33s)  
I've kind of written about this before, the whole side-loading thing in the EU, it's fine for iPhone, but I feel like iPad desperately needs that.

Riley Hill (1h 4m 45s)  
I think more people say iPadOS is the problem.

Riley Hill (1h 4m 49s)  
I really think the App Store is more of a problem.

Riley Hill (1h 4m 50s)  
I think those restrictions are really what's "holding iPad back."

Riley Hill (1h 4m 58s)  
Even just going back to the developer story, right?

Riley Hill (1h 5m)  
Like, okay, they don't wanna make Xcode.

Riley Hill (1h 5m 3s)  
They shouldn't prevent someone else from making something similar, right?

Riley Hill (1h 5m 7s)  
That's kinda where my head is.

Riley Hill (1h 5m 8s)  
So I think loosening the reins on iPad from an app perspective,

Riley Hill (1h 5m 14s)  
availability would be great.

Riley Hill (1h 5m 16s)  
But again, probably they're fighting tooth and nail on that stuff, so unlikely.

Tom Anderson (1h 5m 21s)  
I agree. It would be nice. And I also agree that it's unlikely, unfortunately, which that was different. But yeah, and mine's kind of along the same way you guys are talking about, but it's more with the apps, the Apple apps or calendar notes, so forth. I understand why they do it. And technically it would probably be very difficult, but it would be nice to have more of the apps broken free from the OS update cycle, dependency to get updated, like pages, number of keynotes,

Tom Anderson (1h 5m 52s)  
or keynote they have in the app store. I think Freeform is an app store app. So they have some.

Tom Anderson (1h 5m 59s)  
And if those were to be split out and maybe updated a bit more frequently, but I'm sure that's not very high up on their list. And I could probably understand why, but it just seems like sometimes things are slow. And I know we're talking out of both sides here. We're saying things are slow, but yeah, things don't work very well. So do it faster.

Tom Anderson (1h 6m 21s)  
But yeah, easy for us to sit here and pontificate. That's it. That's all we're good for. Yes.

Jeff Battersby (1h 6m 26s)  
Of course, that's why we're here.

Jeff Battersby (1h 6m 28s)  
It's the whole reason.

Jeff Battersby (1h 6m 30s)  
Pontification Central.

Jeff Battersby (1h 6m 33s)  
Alrighty, we have toasted another hour plus of your time,


Jeff Battersby (1h 6m 37s)  
but special occasion.

Jeff Battersby (1h 6m 39s)  
Riley, really great to have you along.

Jeff Battersby (1h 6m 41s)  
Thank you so much for taking the time to spend with us.

Jeff Battersby (1h 6m 47s)  
We really appreciate it.

Jeff Battersby (1h 6m 50s)  
Look forward to seeing more of what you do.

Jeff Battersby (1h 6m 51s)  
So thank you very much for for showing up.

Riley Hill (1h 6m 54s)  
Thank you for having me. This was a lot of fun and you guys do good work, so thanks.

Tom Anderson (1h 6m 59s)  
Yeah, appreciate that and echo what Jeff said there. Appreciate you coming along with us.

Tom Anderson (1h 7m 2s)  
We will link out to your site and everything in the show notes. So it is Slatepad on YouTube.

Tom Anderson (1h 7m 8s)  
Jeff, where else might folks go to see us? Don't forget about our text message thing we just got added.

Jeff Battersby (1h 7m 13s)  
- Yeah, yeah, you can, so now within if you,

Jeff Battersby (1h 7m 16s)  
whatever your podcast platform is,

Jeff Battersby (1h 7m 18s)  
you can send us a message directly from,

Jeff Battersby (1h 7m 21s)  
it's on the show notes, it'll show up in the show notes,

Jeff Battersby (1h 7m 23s)  
but it essentially sends us a text message.

Jeff Battersby (1h 7m 25s)  
Please feel free to do that.

Jeff Battersby (1h 7m 27s)  
We can't send you back a message directly,

Jeff Battersby (1h 7m 30s)  
but if you want to get some information back from us,

Jeff Battersby (1h 7m 33s)  
all you have to do is put your email address in that little feedback text message.

Jeff Battersby (1h 7m 40s)  

Jeff Battersby (1h 7m 43s)  
Like that.

Jeff Battersby (1h 7m 44s)  
And, uh, you know, then we're on all the kind of socials, anti-socials.

Jeff Battersby (1h 7m 50s)  
Um, the, uh, you can get us on, on, uh, X now for real.

Jeff Battersby (1h 7m 56s)  
I hate that I'm still going to call it Twitter.

Jeff Battersby (1h 7m 58s)  
Um, and, uh, threads were basic AF show, right.

Tom Anderson (1h 8m 2s)  
Yep. Yes.

Jeff Battersby (1h 8m 5s)  
On, on each one of those.

Jeff Battersby (1h 8m 6s)  
So @basicafshow.

Jeff Battersby (1h 8m 8s)  
Reminder that our show music, Psychokinetics, which we're really grateful to self...

Jeff Battersby (1h 8m 13s)  
Yeah, thanks so much, Riley.

Tom Anderson (1h 8m 28s)  
the best. All right, I think that is it. Guys, thank you both. It was a good time. Appreciate it.

Riley Hill (1h 8m 36s)  
- Thanks, thanks for having me.

Tom Anderson (1h 8m 37s)  
All right, and we do thank you for joining us. As always, we know there's a lot of

Tom Anderson (1h 8m 42s)  
selection for these types of shows so that you would spend some time with us. We do greatly appreciate it. And until we meet again, have a great rest of your day, rest of your night.

Jeff Battersby (1h 8m 50s)  
See ya!

Outro Music (1h 8m 51s)  
I don't wanna know about your imperfections, dude Prefer to leave you on a pedestal so I'll improve 'Cause if I'm finding out you're normal then I'm just like you That gon' smash my whole world, lost in the loop ♪ Gon' smash my whole world, lost in the ♪

Riley Hill (1h 8m 52s)  

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